Saturday, 31 January 2015

French Vogue Part 1 - Fashion Accessory for 2015

I will be posting a review on the French February issue of 

Vogue but just wanted to point out the latest trend styles by the editor and 
street style blogger Emmanuelle Alt herself.

Can you see a little pattern?

Yes, it's the rope belt. 
Looking at the photo credits the rope belt has been produced by Hermes, Isabel Marant, and a brand called KLJ.

It's nice but you could just go to your local hardware store.

You could also get some tools to store your shoes a whole new way.

Now you owe me a few drinks after I saved you so much money.

P.s. Doesn't this "sweater" below definitively prove that 
Phoebe Philo definitely did all the heavy lifting while 
Stella and her  were in Chloe? 


All photos from the French edition of Vogue

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rainbow Tulips

Just got back from Amsterdam.

Short share post.

Holland is known for these tulips.

Amsterdam is known for this.

Those two hooked up one night and these are their love babies.

PS I probably won't be able to replying to comments because I just got back and have to go to the dentist again today!

PPS Here are some pics I posted on Instagram but 
you can view here via webstagram for those of you who are not on IG.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Colefax Fowler Sale and Headboard Update

Unlike last year when I went to the Osborne Little sale
I didn't really need anything.
I eyed the toile wallpaper on the left but there was no matching fabric.
I was looking for a bargain, another option fit my headboard, 
and an addition to my stash for future projects.
Rolls and rolls.
But as is the case with these things, your brain becomes mush and the shopping list becomes a distant memory.

There were a lot of classic fabrics but the bargains were not as good as at Osborne Little plus they didn't include VAT which is 20%.

My father always warned me not to go broke saving money.
But shopping with an industrial trolley make you think it's Ikea.
I wish I had a need for the MC summer palace wallpaper in plum with gold.

This fabric is Saskia by Manuel Canovas.
I have loved this fabric for ages and so I got a few meters.
I have draped it and hung it everywhere and 
it doesn't go properly with any room in my house but tulips are one of my favourite flowers so I will enjoy it regardless.

Meanwhile I chose this Jane Churchill embroidered fabric that just brings calm to the room. It's not punchy or a design statement but even Mr CSW is pleased with it.
Have a lovely weekend x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Let's take a commercial - give me a - break.

The chances are that if you are reading my blog 
then you know who Joan Didion is.

 I was reading
this article on the Guardian from Hadley Freeman
( please read if you can) about the latest ads for 
Celine featuring Joan Didion.
I was scratching my head and verbally disagreeing with her out loud like an old man who hasn't left his armchair in 3 days.

Mind you, 
it's my fault because reading an article 
about a luxury brand in fashion on the Guardian is like 
reading a hard hitting article about politics in US Vogue.

Righty oh.
*rubbing hands*

There were the usual words that feature heavily in the Guardian on a regular basis such as "exploit".
I normally don't mind the whole being contrary thing.
That basically sums up my youth.
I was one of the many advocate players of the devil 
but in this case I could not join the opposing case.

If you haven't read the article the author feels Joan Didion, 
one of the authors that feature mightily in the modern anthology of American literature, 
might have lessened her strength in the "artistic roll call".
She should not have lowered herself to peddle sunglasses for a fashion conglomerate.

No, no, the North London mafia intelligentsia say.
 A true artist is underrated and known by the select few 
to be dissected and fawned over on dinner tables 
that serve chardonnay with irony.

  Well one can never please everybody.
 I couldn't believe a Guardian columnist was complaining about replacing an otherwise safe, formulaic, young and slim woman with an older, accomplished woman who was celebrated for her intellect.
Shock horror!

Some Chinese teenage fashionista in Shanghai, 
a fashion blogger in Brazil, 
and a real housewife in a suburb of Detroit 
is probably googling who Joan Didion is instead of taking another selfie right now.
They might even get her book.
I can't see a down side.

To spread the word of Joan Didion literally in this case to an audience that would otherwise not know who she is or her work through a Celine ad is akin to spreading literacy.
Bravo I say. 
I hope a cosmetic company poaches her next!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Are you a Yew or Non Yew Gardener?

I can't help but want to share something if
I find it very - insert relevant adjective - here.

I was shifting through my books to keep or put in the charity pile while trying to sort out my life house.

I love how anything in Britain can be turned into a social algorithm.

Gardens are no exception.

I wish I had a garden now so I could tick and compare notes for a laugh but having no garden I am a gardener non grata...

I must be as usual a split personality as I love all 20 features.

Remember a few posts back where it demonstrated what one says is not what one means? You may think you speak English but alas one needs subtitles in this country to extract the true meaning.

Bobby Charlton for those who won't know was a football legend. Not rugby but soccer which is not really yew even though your posh child may be a Liverpool fan.

As I am not a gardener I will admit some of these references passed me by so sharing for those in the know.
Please explain?

Meanwhile here are some gardens to visit in person to hone your horticultural knowledge.

If you want to start a proper collection besides this humorous book then here's your shopping list.

Is Gertrude Jekyll like the Elsie de Wolfe of gardening?
She says things that sound like common sense but what do I know?
Oy - I heard that. 

The gnome issue was squashed and they were given human rights last year at the Chelsea flower show although it did take HRH Prince Hazza to introduce the two parties.

Rumour has it that it went down like this,
"Gnome, this is Chelsea flower show.
Don't worry my bodyguards are here for your safety not mine.
These gardeners have respect for me."

One plant I do have is a rose so better get cracking to see if 
I have the correct rose!

Have a great weekend! x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I Miss the Cold War

Just a quick hello.
Still can't wrap my head around and 
digest the events in Paris last week. 
There has been every nuanced and every shade of opinion on the matters so I have nothing new to add.

But I miss the Cold War damnit.

If you are too young to remember it, let me tell you, 
it was the good old days of an ideological war.

 There was this thing called Star Wars - 
perhaps inspired by the movie - 
but both sides stockpiled weapons and the race was having the biggest pile.  

Sometimes it spilled onto the Olympics and the wrestler / swimmer / runner was not just the winner but the victor that championed either the "west" or the Soviet bloc.

I must have been channeling and reminiscing the Cold War  because I saw this on the tube the other day.

Dude, the cold war called.

They want their classified documents filled 3 number lock briefcase that even James Bond rejected in 1968 back.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Do you speak British?

This is a snippet of an article I read in the Times a few months ago.
I found it so funny I took a picture of it and am now sharing with you especially in the light of my previous post about hipster baristas and Heidi's post about tea on Adelaide Villa.

It's funny because it's true.

My personal favourite is "Sorry" which means many more things that stated here but the editor must have had to limit the various possible interpretations.

But the Times isn't always so astute.
Following this article was a "Style" advice column.

They pretended like they could explain "casual chic" without any pictures at all and in a paragraph and somehow squeezing in Asos.  Then another clueless reader was looking for a pair of smart everyday loafers for a budget of £300.  They answered once again with no pictures.
I think Rupert could afford to give the journos either a raise or raise the budget to include some pictures already?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Hipster Coffee Barista - Modern Day Equivalent to the Snooty Maître d'

Do you remember when maitre d's had the worst reputation?

Especially at French restaurants?

Well the modern equivalent is definitely the hipster coffee barista!

I was in a well known coffee place in Shoreditch today and 
the attitude was laughable. 
And has been most times I have been there.

I didn't ask for something like the cartoon below.

And I am not any of these types below. 

I walk in, order my coffee without hesitation, 
offer my name before they ask for it.
I smile, I am polite and open to chit chat but don't bore them to death or try to start a fake deep and meaningful conversation.
I tend to have the correct amount and 
if I don't I know this is not the best time to be paying the bill by giving them 15 coins of 20 pence pieces.

And yet they are all...

And just because I didn't order an espresso special blend but a pedestrian latte, they internally sneer.

I used to get that same look when I thought I was the only one who ordered the second least expensive wine on the menu trick.


Alas I am addicted to coffee and don't worry, 
I won't be writing a letter!  
However, I am thinking of making up a fake blend of coffee
 and vocally raising concern that 
they don't carry the latest bio dynamic blend 
from the lost gardens of Babylon.
Bottoms up!