Sunday, 11 June 2017

French Vogue June / July 2017 issue

Don't you love French labour laws?

No, I am not being sarcastic.

I am not talking about flooding motorways with turnips or burning tires to block tunnels.

I am referring to clumping June and July issues into one.

You gotta love that they take the life / work balance so seriously so people can get a proper summer holiday.

There is a lot of reclining going on here.

I always did find Helmut Newton a bit repetitive.

I like this picture in its simplicity.
I am always amused at Chanel branding sports equipment.
Can't wait for the Chanel kettle bells.

Pre-Berlin Wall workouts are very much in vogue aren't they?

This girl's tan lines are going to be messed up.

I guess this girl is using diamonds to intensify her tan instead of aluminium foil.

Weak picture composition here.
Neckline detracts from necklace, earrings in shade, 
bracelet cropped, and too many shadows.

Editor Alt loves the spread crotch shot with eyes looking up shot.
It's the upmarket fashionista version of catalogue model trying to catch a cab pose.

Giselle was the last of the first name supermodels.
Sorry but Cara Delevigne doesn't make the cut.

I remember her breakthrough editorial on Allure.