Monday, 2 July 2018

Beginnings of Summer 2018 Miscellaneous

This weekend was a few days of misunderstandings and clashes.

Apparently, this summer is meant to be rather volatile and heated in more ways than one.

Going by this past weekend, I am going to try and lay low.
Our summer mews party was fun as usual 
but there was a bit of drama.
I am going to sage the street later tonight 
so no one confirms I am nuts.
(You see what I did there?)

London has been so hot the past week and you can really tell the heat wave bc the parks looks parched.  
I really wish London had better outdoor pools at times like this.

 I love the Connaught.
 Everything about it and their dosas for breakfast.
 Mexican for me is a summer food.
 But I can get carried away with the margaritas - salt and ice please.

Been doing all kinds of study this year with no plans to stop.
 It is like my second wind of university but 
this time it is purely for the love of learning 
rather than gaining a certificate.

You know how some things just look good but taste terrible?
 This cake was like an Eton Mess inside and so delicious.

You know what I really dislike?
Bad facials plus those entrapment freebies 
like beauty treatments at department stores 
which are only veils to bombard you with sales pitches 
while you have goo on your face.
 My brother gave me this gag gift.
I couldn't even feign gratitude for this Clarins gift voucher.
They all laughed at lunch at my reaction.
My real present came later.

 Avignon where I went to for a quick Provencal getaway has some world class museums that are practically empty.
 Really like the town more and more.
 In fact, I think that from here on end I will most likely go at the beginning of summer to say hello to the three towns I like.
 Here is a beautiful bathroom in Arles.

 While others diet for the summer, I do the reverse. 
 I eat at the pool.
Why do I do this!? 
I blame my sugar levels.
Vicious circle...

I love a terrazzo floor.
Whatever you do on top just seems to work even better.

 Inadvertently went to a pool party as the hotel 
I was staying at was hosting a disco.
Discovering new music ( for me - love Tyga now by the way), 
figuring out who is gay ( for my friend), 
seeing which people are getting pushed into the pool and 
observing desperados try to pick up was entertaining.
Plus the party ended at 8 pm. 
So my style!

 Nimes has a museum of Roman antiquities.
I would recommend that people interested in gladiators and the like go visit Nimes instead of Rome.
 Reason being, Rome has so much that the museums are stuffed but not curated.
In Nimes, there is a lot of explanation and information about the objects.
 Also Nimes, has a lot of Roman artefacts of museum quality.

 I also found a home decor store just by the 
Temple of Venus in Nimes.
 Old school and they had items that aren't easily seen on the high street or online stores.
 I bought a straw cushion but now I don't know where to put it.

 Apparently, Nimes isn't that popular but I still love it.
 It has one of my favourite restaurants.
 It looks like Lisa Vanderpump copied the decor.
 Food is ridiculously simple and good.

I love art as you all know but I am ambivalent about this structure in the middle of the Serpentine. 
 It just jars the greenery and the artifical colors are not what I need living in an urban area.
I want more natural green.
 This is the annual temporary Serpentine museum structure.
 It is what it is.
 This was a part of the floor where it went from to wet floor.
 I did a quick walk through but will go back to "feel" it.

 Still thinking of Masterpiece.
 I just love walking around the stalls.
 I did a few kilometers in there.
 Imagine only have a drawing like this to remember your loved ones if they went away on a trip?