Monday, 25 July 2016

I Have Baggage and Issues

We all have our "favourite" item in whatever category that may be.

This simple, black, nylon tote has been my most used bag since 2009 when I got it.
I didn't think of it as a favourite as it was free, simple, and highly utilitarian.
I mistakenly thought that one of my many other bags in my collection would have ranked higher than this black tote.

My most obvious "favourite"bag would be my Picnic Kelly bag.

But this bag is so weather dependant and even though I got a raincoat for it - it is just too high maintenance for my liking.

This is my other wicker bag that I got in Japan but there is no covering so not very useful nor secure for London.

I love my garden party tote but it starts to change shape 
if you put more than a 1 kg ( 2.2lbs) in the bag.

I do love my evelyne cross body bag but I can't really bring myself to fling and thrash it about like my other workhorse bag.

I do take them all my bags out for a spin now and then but between my pockets and that black tote, it tends to be a once a fortnight appearance for them on a rotating schedule.

But I am in a crisis right now.
As you can see, my black tote has seen better days.
The zippers have either fallen off completely or come of one of its tracks and the inside lining is completely ripped.
I even put some red ribbon on as a pull that had fallen off three years ago and I was complimented on my stubbornness to use this bag by my mother.
But now that the bag actually has holes opening up at the bottom of the tote.
Not just one side - but one burrowing a hole steadily on each side. 
I only found out because a pen fell out a few months ago.
But this bag is no longer in production and I am now panicking that I may have to retire my tote making me realise how much I have depended on this bag.
My only real option is the Longhcamp "pliage" bag in nylon but 
I can't bear to get another bag when 
I have a few languishing on the shelves.
I can't fix the world so I am trying to make the best decisions within my control! I shall let you know how I go.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nancy Lancaster's Yellow Room and Bowie at Sotheby's

I heard that the Colefax and Fowler Mayfair office which was the home to Nancy Lancaster was going to shut down during summer so I made a point of going to see it before I went away on holiday.
These are the pics I took in June.

This two pics are the room just before you enter the famous yellow room on the 1st floor.

As this is an actual showroom for the antique division of the design firm, this famous Yellow Room tends to always look so different.  ( Please click on link for other pictures by another visitor.)

This corner is on the ground floor and what doesn't come across very well is the trim and the execution of the fabric covered walls.

This is the latest window by Charlotte Olympia.

So I thought today I had to go to see the famous yellow room one more time.

They had this sign out and the lady inside says that it will close around October so if you are in London please do go and have a look around as one isn't sure what it will become after the showroom closes.

I took some more random photos for your viewing.

This room is on the ground floor and I am not sure what its original purpose used to be.

My friend and I got to go into the garden which is usually closed off but as it has been so hot the last few days they had opened the doors.

This space is not special on its own merit but more wondrous when taking into account the location.

Some lovely garden furniture and accessories also available for sale.

This staircase is the rear entrance from the garden to the famous yellow room.

Once again the yellow room looking different but yet always the same.
There is a sale being held in the showroom so it is holding a lot of product.

But still beautiful.

I took a friend for a tour after lunch with me and as expected she loved it.

We also went to have a look at the David Bowie pieces at Sotheby's.

His pictures on the wall were beautiful and I now forget who they were taken by.

His art was surprisingly bourgeois and wouldn't have looked out of place at a wealthy white collar worker's home.

Sorry for the slack editing but if I try and make it look professional which this blog isn't then I wouldn't publish it and there are times when I just want to share some posts I think some of you may like without me yapping as I have nothing to add except for - ain't it lovely!

Have a lovely weekend x

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Newly Burgeoned British Tribes - Brexiteers and Remainians

If you didn't follow the British EU referendum then 
this post won't really mean anything!


 Instagram on June 24th ( the day after the referendum ) 
when it was mistaken for Twitter

Remanians on Instagram June 24th 7:30 a.m.

A fallen star. Broken dreams.

OMG - so sad. I miss my European compatriots already but I hate 52% of stupid British voters because they have ruined my life.

The Brexiteer on Instagram on June 24th 9:30am

People were like orthodox Jewish mums with 4 children on Xmas day pretending like it was just another day...

Gosh, I wish hydrangea season would last forever!

Thank goodness the sun has come out!

The Neverendum Remainiac Petition Signer

Due to security reasons, this person never used Autofill for forms on their iphone but with all the petitions, they are making an exception.  Just signed 2nd EU referendum petition, the recount of the first referendum results petition, the keep having referendums until we get the result we want petition.  

They also went along and signed the make London its own city state petition but had to begrudgingly stop at the off shoot campaign to make just Zone 1 a British Monaco regime because Richmond is zone 4.  Soooo busy.

The Chattering Classes Remainer

Their teeth aren't chattering because of their chat but because of Project Fear.