Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Frieze London 2018 - Farcical.

I went to the very first Frieze when the concept of pop up and art fairs were still novel.

I enjoyed my first Frieze and the last few years I missed out because I was always in Asia -off topic best time to go to East Asia!

I was quite excited to go and the English autumn was just perfect the day I went.
It is located in Regent's Park and they had an external installation of sculptures.
Not much to share but this was the only thing I liked because it reminds me of the billboards in small towns and neighbourhoods in the States.

I will cut to the chase.
These were probably one of the few pieces I liked.

I only went to the main Frieze - not the Frieze masters which was another pavilion.

But most of the work was worse than this painting below.

Doesn't it look like the rough draft for the Pink Floyd album?

This frog ballerina is just horrid.
No composition, no technique, no color blocking.
Not even a statement regardless of political leaning which is boring but at least there is a naivety in those works.
Just crap.