Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Belated Happy New Year or early Happy Lunar New Year

How have you all been?

I have hibernated.

Actually, I am not done.

I now get why old people move to warmer climes because I am really suffering from this weather.

If I didn't have such travel fatigue and an aversion to airports and adjusting to new beds, I would have gone somewhere hot but I couldn't face jet lag either.

Instead, I went into the fire and went skiing.

Only went because I had paid for it ages ago and it would have been a waste not to go.

Oddly, it was warmer there or it could have been that I looked like Michelin man.

Conditions were perfect or too much snow that it was a blueish white and I got massive motion sickness because there was no horizon and yet I was going fast.

Odd sensation.

I haven't posted because my blogger app is not working nor uploading and these were the only two pictures up.

Then I thought I should post anyway because this blog is hardly National Geographic so get a move on woman - I told myself.

New year resolutions?

If you missed January 1, then go with Lunary New year in February 16.
If you miss that then go with the spring equinox.

I have decided to read more.

I always read.
But I realised I hardly read actual books anymore.
So I am concentrating on that.
I have also decided to lessen social media because it is a time vacuum.

You can descent down a rabbit hole of links of feeds and hashtags and it's not like I am even searching through a potential love match's ex girlfriends feed or anything.  Plus I am finding Instagram really repetitive and it is ruining my visual palette. Not to mention that every 4th picture is an advertisement.  Why does Zuckerberg and his algorithms ruin everything? I now go on Facebook once a week to make sure everyone is safe and well.

Even though I am in no need of a visual palette perse,  I no longer open my World of Interiors magazine with gleed anticipation.  And that makes me slightly sad.

Odd thing is like Oprah who made a fortune on television rarely watches the stuff herself.
Steve Jobs wouldn't let his kids have an iPad.
Designers I have heard get their assistants to like people they are following so it looks like they are involved but mostly they just post pics and leave.

Plus I am trying to find a way to be productive in life.
I might be going through a mid life crisis.
It is overdue but I tend to procrastinate so much that even my mid life has been slow to start.
Thing is I don't want a Porsche nor do I have a gardener so how else to manifest a mid life crisis?

Anyway, I will continue with fiction and taking classes.

But mostly I can't wait for spring.