Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring, Sotheby's Auctions, Dogs, and Alberto Pinto's refurbished rooms at the Lanesborough

There is a definite change in the air and people coming out of hibernation.

The Queen's various departments use the park for training and I did wonder what this royal horse carriage is in aid of.

My friend and I had our first coffee morning outside in the balmy 13 degree weather.
Even the doggy was happy.

I dog sat him one day as well and French bull dogs have the most gentle temperament.

But yes I know they are the marmite of canines.
You love them or hate them.

Curious to see what one of the rooms designed by the late Alberto Pinto at the refurbished Lanesborough Hotel looks like after it shut down for two years? 

It was funny because the friend who isn't into decor was saying how there were Chinese people looking at him on the walls and 
it was all Asian.

I had a good laugh over that.

I like the chair but am not partial to public space industrial carpets even though I know they are a necessity.

It's nice enough and this was one of their suites but truth be told I wasn't bowled over.

The public spaces also were a bit erratic with traditional English club design
but then clean and streamlined stone.

This is their breakfast room which has spruced up all its Regency detail.

I like leopard but don't know if this works but it was parked on Brick Lane.

But I do love Shoreditch more and more and if it wasn't for the fact it doesn't have proper green spaces I think I would move there.

The nearest park near my brother's flat is this one that has the vestiges of gang warfare with shoes hanging up a tree.  
My brother was talking to the guy who does this as he doesn't like the gentrification of the area and wanted this as a reminder of the "good old days" apparently.

Lucky I like graffiti art.

Back in west London, there was a great buzz in Sotheby's with all the auctions it held.

There was a lot of bouffant hair which I always appreciate.

But it is equally sweet and sad to see a certain generation attend these events and overhear their conversation of reminiscing.  
Downstairs there was another design auction at the same time as the Duchess of Devonshire one.
It had ball gowns and draft drawings of jewellery of all the important design houses.

Meanwhile, just after all this they had another fantastic array of objects from the Pelham galleries.
The items ranged from dresses to gates to mirrors.

It even included one of the most beautiful sewing box kits I have seen.
Martha would have approved.

I have no need for this but I have a black and gold chinoiserie cabinet like the one below on my wishlist. In fact, I wish I could have just bought the whole vignette outright.

Corners are tricky unless you have objects like this.

If you are into chairs and Marie Antoinette, then this is for you.

This chair belonged to and was made specifically for the milk maid Queen.
Do you see her initials on the top?

Yes she was immature but the hate campaign against her was truly awful and shameful.

Another reason to go to the V&A| is...
There were two rooms and the first section was modern interpretations and art based on the artificial muse that was Botticelli.

I really was not impressed and regretted coming initially.
That is - until I went to the next section with all the original Renaissance versions.
This is a triumph.

The curation and selection was exquisite and I am going to go again.

This is a far picture of the lady but I though it was so apt that a auburn haired lady was sitting alone in the center of all the Botticelli's as she was the modern version.

These are the descendants of the London parakeets that escaped the zoo in the 1960's.
FYI - they are most easily found near the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens..

Yes I am dog mad if you haven't noticed.
Crazy I don't have one myself.
This dog was a rejected army dog that didn't pass training so now hangs out in the pubs.
Funny how not getting through was actually a blessing in disguise!

Went to a dinner party and I love this ice cream with sugared sunflower seeds and sunflower oil.
So darn good.
You should try it and if you want the kids to eat it just tell them the oil is syrup!

Hope you are all having a good week x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Are You A Fashion Victim Quiz - Part 1

In this forever changing fashion fangled world where there are no demarcations of fashion seasons nor dogmatic trends, one would think that fashion victims are slowly going the way of the dodo and becoming extinct.  

But the turban is still a fashion fragile item to be handled with care otherwise you could be a fashion victim.

Want to take a quick quiz like the ones you used to do in magazines when you were a teenager?

Well you are in luck as I made a very rough one for you to take. 

Are you a wearing a turban for religious reasons?

Are you wearing one for cultural reasons?

Are you Sophia Loren playing a part in a movie?
Or are you a Vegas showgirl pretending to be like Sophia Loren in a turban?

Did you just get out of the shower?

Are you an Ottoman sultan?

Are you the girl in the famous Vermeer painting?

Are you a ballerina in a Diaghilev Ballets Russes production?

Are you a celebrity going incognito like Grace Kelly was when she wanted to play civilian?

Are you trying to fade into the background because 
you vant to be alone.

Are/were you the editor of Vogue?

Are/were you on the cover of Vogue?

Are you part of a cult and/or a fashion intern told that ponytails are barred within a 100 meters of Kaiser Karl?


Is the turban you are wearing a vintage piece from one of the first collections of Yves Saint Laurent?

Are you the incredibly beautiful,
head turning
The Spanish princess confused that an older woman who weighs more than her can be so stunning.
bombshell that is the Sheikah Mozah of Qatar?
She makes Carla Bruni like KMid during her St Andrews days.
If you answered no to at least three of these questions then commiserations...
because that means you are a fashion victim.

But you know that those quizzes in those magazines meant as much as this one did so don't you worry your pretty turbaned head over it.

PS I am making an exception for the Vintage Contessa :) 
You're just having fun!