Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mews News Update Part 7 - Wallpaper Edition

It has been months since I did a update on the house.
But it had also been months since anything was done to the house.

This is a part of my semi cheating walk in closet which is L shaped against a wall in the biggest bedroom. Might write about that later bc it has worked out well considering I did it on the cheap.
I am a schlumpadinka for reasons I shan't bore you with here and just have lost my verve sartorially speaking the last decade.
But in an effort to make an effort I chose a specific wallpaper to serve as a daily reminder.
This is the entry to my walk in closet.
And this is what it looks like to the right.
Life is a stage and all that.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lovely London Day Out

I was only going to have a quick morning coffee with a friend.
But then I thought while I was in the area I would go to West Elm. The American store opened less than a year ago and I hadn't had the chance  to check out their furniture.  I got their catalog and wanted to see a mid century bar cart with brass legs in person.

I wanted to buy the cardboard white decorations but 
they weren't for sale.   Why is it that half the time
 I just want what isn't for sale in the stores?
The scale of all the items were so big and definitely for American homes as the bar cart was the size of some European dining tables.

We then went next door to Heal's and saw this dog bone bench.
The colorful seating for childern next to it was nice and 
thought it might make nice chairs for parties but 
it didn't carry a child like price tag.

Managed to leave the stores without a purchase and decided that we were hungry and headed to Soho through Bedford Square which at one stage was a new build housing development over a hundred years ago of course.

After lunch we decided to have another quick coffee and general chit chat about life while people watching
at the outside table at the legendary Bar Italia which was made easier with overhead outdoor heating.

The shot of caffeine would have been wasted going home so we decided to head to the Moroni exhibition at the Royal Academy 
but en route decided to check out the latest addition to the 
Firmdale group of hotels - the Ham Yard Hotel.

If you haven't been - run don't walk.
As with most hotels of this group they tend to have a comfy library area with an honesty bar.
The owner of the hotel group Kit Kemp is also an interior designer so she always add her own touch to the decor. The ikat lamp shade for the library ladder floor lamp is fun.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Chanel's Emperor being Karl Lagerfeld's Clothes

This is the latest Chanel ad campaign featuring a barefoot model wearing a patchwork of fabrics made into an outfit from the latest ready to wear collection.


I have to preface this by saying I love Chanel. 
Adore it.
The AW 2014 collection has a few covetable pieces but there are some that make me scratch my head.
It's my top five favorite brands but I do wonder the editorial paths Kaiser Karl is taking.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Kyoto Katsura Imperial Villa Garden Tour

I wanted to share with you another important garden in Kyoto that has had not only a big influence in Japan but also in the west.

In Asian terms, the garden is rather new having only been established in the mid 1600's.

Bamboo fencing is an art form in Kyoto and different knots and designs are almost like crests that belong to a certain shrine or temple.
The garden that was visited by many foreign travelers and explorers that is often referred to in historical garden texts is the gardens of the Katsura Imperial Villa.

I started the tour from the beginning which is at the outside of the entrance.
The planting of the tree at the center is a way of being coy and not allowing the person to see the garden from one vantage point.

This garden is purely a stroll garden with the obligatory areas to enjoy tea but has no religious overtones and is simply an example of an aristocratic style in Japanese gardening.

This is one of the rare straight paths which is often avoided in Asian gardens because it doesn't engage the mind while walking but on an esoteric level it allows bad energy to travel easier.

Each stone was placed with purpose on this path.

The path leading to the tea house with the central vantage point.

Little islets with bridges leading to these mounds of earth has the most delightful effect.  
Bridges symbolize connection and harmony.

What I love most about Japanese gardens is that a few steps along the path make all the difference to your view and perspective.

I was able to see a few more buildings on the other side of the lake once I passed the islets.

Standing in front of the tea house looking out at the view and then looking in.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Snow Ski Bunny Stereotypes according to French Vogue

It's soon to be ski season for us in the Northern hemisphere.
And the latest issue of French Vogue did an editorial on extreme winter clothing with the pretext of being at a ski resort.

Is it me or are all the fashion editors channeling Game of Thrones in their features?

The funny thing about skiing especially in most European ski resorts is the that there are many "types". ( as with any life activity)

The snow version of the Playboy reader - 
I don't care about the apres-ski and 
I really do come here for the skiing type.

The - crap, I gotta go get the kids from the ski school now so I can't go to the pre dinner drinks at an acquaintance's chalet because I legally had to give my nanny a holiday type.

The - I am going to pretend I just bumped into the hedge fund guy I met in Geneva last week/architect I met in Paris last month and freeze my butt off here stalking my targets all day type.

The - I am going to conspicuously pose for my selfies with no shame whatsoever type. 
Not only are all her Instagram followers going to know she is in Gstaad but the whole resort must notice her too type.

The teenager who hates family vacations no matter how
 nice they are and just wants be with her boyfriend 
who is back home in England but doesn't realize 
she will forget all about him when she meets some cute Italian boys doing their military service in the mountains type.

The - I will do whatever it takes to snare a man and I grew up in Siberia anyway so this is actually mild weather type.

The I bought Chanel skis and what use is it to ski on them and whiz past you because then you won't know I have them type.