Sunday, 30 June 2013

June 2013 Instagramy-y Part 2

Years ago there was outrage and demonstrations when the 
Notting Hill Post office closed down.  Yes, the UK has gone through such hard times that it had to close down a basic utility in what is probably one of the "wealthiest areas" in England. 
They still haven't found a proper use of it but lately it is being used as an art gallery.

At least it's free.  ( To look at.)

The Law Society seems to be upping its game. 
You're tired and cranky and you are going home to..?

It's illegal to drink alcohol in the tube now so there was some illegal activity and I was at the scene of the crime.

So glamorous no? 
This is what Kronenbourg beer doesn't want you to see.

Friday, 28 June 2013

My Latest Hermes Scarves from SS 2013 Part 2

I normally try and get one Hermes scarf every collection so two a year.  As with most fashion, there are seasons where I don't particularly like anything and some collections just make me feel greedy.  The SS 2013 Hermes scarf collection was one of those.

I would have liked Pique Fleuri de Provence in this colorway.

or even this color...

Hermes scarves usually sell their scarves for up to three seasons if they aren't subject to a specific rabid trend like the C'est la fete scarf and the Coup de Fouet in certain colors.  But once it's sold out, 
it is gone and while they may reprint the design itself they will never repeat color combinations in any style. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

My latest batch of Hermes Scarves from AW 2012 and SS 2013 Part 1

Before I start, I just wanted to remind you that next Monday is the end of Google Reader.  I only just discovered it but I already have got quite attached to it in the short time.  I have noticed that there are quite a few new ways to follow your blogs.

I won't bore you but these are the following choices you may be wanting to change to and if you wish to continue following 
Coulda Shoulda Woulda.

Bloglovin' or via Facebook

But there are other channels like
Feedly, The Old Reader, Newsfire, and even on Flipboard.
I don't know how this will affect blog rolls but I am sure it will be fine. We have all lived to tell the tale of the Millenium bug right?
One of the things I collect is Hermes scarves.
It's a bonus that I can wear them.
As I am in a slump of mojo attire, I depend more on ever on my scarves to jazz up and polish off a simple shirt and trouser.

When I purchase my scarves, I have my own methodology as 
I wrote about here.  

I also look at it from a perspective of potentially framing as art for the wall or even a cushion cover!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

We need to talk about Gwyneth and jealousy while we are at it.

I thought I'd write about this after the media hype died down a bit because things can get flared in the heat of the moment. 

Gwyneth was recently voted 10 most hated celebrities in a poll by Star Magazine and even topped Chris Brown to #1! 

 Very soon after she was voted by People Magazine as  the Most Beautiful Woman in the world.  


Personally I thought both titles were quite over the top but depending on your personal opinion of her one or both of them could be true!

But I didn't understand the outrage from the numerous bloggers that wrote in her defense from being voted most hated. 

The lighter, superficial prism of celebrity/fashion life liberally and creatively uses words.  It is -est, -issimo, and as Rachel Zoe says beyond.  But we don't quibble with her saying that beyond is actually a preposition and not an adjective therefore not appropriate 
to describe a jacket and only just qualifies to describe
 the fourth dimension.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Elle Decor June 2013 Issue

So here is something for the weekend for you to browse through.

This month's issue is slick.

It has great architectural features, styling and superb photography.

I adore this room in every way but I do wonder if there is a misfit in the household because there is a chair on the right facing the wall.

I want to try and recreate this bedroom if 
I get a bedroom layout like this. I adore the draped walls and 
that specific treatment on the drapes.

Monday, 17 June 2013

26 Old Bond Street - The biggest Chanel boutique in the world

Chanel opened the largest Chanel boutique in the world on the site of the former boutique last week and I popped in today to have a look  as the press was reporting about the new store all week.

The new store is now the whole building!
You can click on the link for Vogue's pictures.
No need to compare because funny enough they took pictures of different things than I did so do have a better look!

So many stores don't allow photos so I nearly didn't end up bothering to ask but they let me take photos of most things except for jewellry and certain accessories.

I was expecting to fall in love with the contents but I was completely overwhelmed by the decor.  I mean look at that chandelier!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Instagram-y June 2013 Part 1

June has been a bit busy so 
I decided to do this month in two parts.

I finally got to see Book of Mormon.  
It was everything everyone said and more.
I rarely LOL as they say but I was slapping my thighs, mouth ajar with no sound coming out type of laughing.  It is a musical and to be fair, the songs aren't memorable but the plot, cast, lines, and overall message is brilliant.  Please go see it!

I understand why they wouldn't want pictures or filming during 
the show but I do wonder why the theatres now are so vigilant 
about taking any sort of pictures at all. 
I got told off for simply taking this picture.

We finally had a few lovely days that I almost was reluctant 
to spend the evening inside.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blogger trouble...Paris pharmacy post take two!

Hello everyone.

Blogger must have had a technical issue because it hadn't updated my latest post so I am posting this again with a link below.  

I would have just copied and pasted except 2 people already commented on it by accessing via facebook or bloglovin.

She has seen it now - what next?

Many thanks.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Already seen the Eiffel tower? Then go to Paris for the pharmacies.

She has seen it now - what next?

I am going to be very controversial for a few of you and then there will be those who will be high fiveing me cyber-spacially.  
But I am not that crazy about Paris. 
Anymore that is. (Gasps, I hear?) 
We all have different experiences of any place right? 
I loved it when I was 17.
Mind you I loved Renoir then as well. 
Things change.

Pun very much intended.
( To any Parisian readers, I apologize and I am sure you are the exception.)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

10 books you get judged for reading

I was reading my daily dose of The Age
the daily Melbourne newspaper.

There was an article that made me smile and nod.

It was about books that you will get judged for reading in public.

C'mon, we all do it. 
Judging that is. The item is incidental.
I don't judge people's clothes. 
( People who live in glass houses and all that...)
But books? Oh yes.
I would rather be seen reading Playboy than certain titles.

Below was their selection.

50 Shades of Grey sounds so much better in Spanish.
 At least in another language the reason you didn't get 
the plot is a lot more understandable.
This book has not only spawned the obvious theme of discussions but more importantly the spelling of grey or is it gray?
 That spelling dilemma was a lot more layered than the characters.
50 shades?  Yeah, of boredom.  
If you want a fun read then do read the Amazon reviews for the book.  That alone was worth reading the book for!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Elle Decor preview bonus issue

I got this issue for free on my iPad and it had some great editorials so I thought you might also like to browse.   I thought this was a stellar issue and will be filing some of these looks and wanted to share this issue with you guys.
Sharing is caring right?

I have noticed that the photography in Elle Decor now often has the Vermeer lighting effect.  The light is always filtered by windows and while it is lovely I find that it can create a biased perspective though I would love it in my house as it might hide dust.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

House Beautiful June 2013

The June issue of House Beautiful was a little bland and not very memorable either way.  If I were you and not a subscriber, 
I wouldn't go rush out and buy a copy.

I liked the animal theme on wallpapers.  I liked how it illustrated the repetition of any motif is effective and can be soothing.
I love Scalamandre and they proved how good they are by making me want ( is that octopus or a squid?) on my walls.

Apparently, instinctively humans like repetition in most things including routine and even in landscapes.  Anything new back in the cave days meant disaster so it plays into this primal need.
One cow or one giraffe would have looked odd but in a repeating pattern, it now seems perfectly doable.

I suppose one can take inspiration from anything. 
If you do match your dining area to your porcelain, then make sure they are never in the dishwasher.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weird crushes

We all have a crush.  
Mind you it may not be all consuming, 
it may only be one of those dinner party questions.  
But I have had a crush on someone who I thought was completely normal and popular but at a dinner party I was made to realise that perhaps it was an odd crush to have.

Mine is King Charles II.  

via wikipedia

Not this one.

Mind you I did say King so there was no real need to clarify...