Wednesday, 7 September 2016

September 2016 - Carpeted items, doggie paraphernalia, and missing Princess Di

Summer is symbolically over for us in the northern hemisphere.

I didn't ride the pedal boats this summer but I walked around the Serpentine a few times.

Don't you love this British sign - 
it is a "polite notice" to would be thieves.

I love this person's faith in humanity.

Physics says - action results in reaction.

Design wise I think seeing so many curated and styled out fashion, interior, and art vignettes have made me crave the naff and wonky.

If I had the space I would have bid on this carpeted folding cupboard.
Utterly useless but would have been enough "off" for any room.

It must be in the waters because Miu Miu had a carpeted table in their windows.

Furry slippers is huge this season and you know they were channeling Cookie Monster who was my favourite Sesame Street character when they did the blue pantone option.