Thursday, 28 February 2019

Lee Bouvier Radziwill - The original Pippa

Vale Lee.

This was a post published in 2013 but am reposting now.

The New York Times is running a fantastic  piece on Lee Radziwill.

There are several notable contributors to this article: 
Nicky Haslam, Sofia Coppola, Peter Beard, etc. 

It reads more like a proper in depth Vanity Fair article.
It's meaty and will go great with your Saturday brunch.

It also features a video interview with Sofia Coppola speaking to her about topics as diverse as her relationship with Peter Beard to her childhood - Onassis was off limits though.

You can click here for the link.

Fabulous cover of the T Magazine.
I didn't know I was such a fan until this picture.

Cute as a button - both of them.

Cecil Beaton anything is ok with me.

 A modern Matisse-y / Cecil Beaton / Vogue composition.
As you do.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Dior Fashion Exhibition - Designer of Dreams at the V&A

The exhibition opens Saturday, February 2nd and is on until July.

This is for those who do not plan to come to London for the show.

For better pictures, please do try going on relevant hashtags on IG and of course the link I have on the first sentence on this post.

 The exhibition was in a new section of the museum and 
it was the first time I saw any exhibition there.
 I never ever get sick of the Dior silhouette.

 This is a famous dress but it was only in the exhibit that 
I learned that the embroidery was straw!

 Galliano is lauded but apart from his sculptural quality, 
I just can't see how his designs were flattering with the exception of one outfit coming up below.

 I call these three dress the Dictators' wives section.
 Love the red outfit.

 This room had some of my favourite dresses but also the room was decorated with paper cut wisteria and other flowers.
 These pics do not do this feather dress any justice.

These three dresses were my favourite of the exhibit.

The left on is the iconic lily of the valley dress and the right ensemble is the only piece by Galliano I love. The sculpted jacket and the purple dress makes up for the other pieces by him I don't really enjoy.