Thursday, 29 August 2013

Vogue September Issue 2013 Part 2

Grace Coddington styled this editorial.  
Don't you just love Grace?
The unexpected breakout star of The September Issue
I haven't read her book yet but am saving it for the winter.

I love her stories behind her shoots.
I always wonder when looking at the editorials which pictures or dresses didn't make the cut!

I would have the reverse problem of the model below.
My bum would split the dress...
As much as I envy her problem, 
I am surprised that this angle was shown...

But then again, Anna Wintour devours hunger.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vogue September Issue 2013 Part 1

I don't buy Vogue every month like I used to but the 
September issue sets the tone for the whole year; 
it's the preview yearbook for the fashion world if you will.

Do you remember when Vogue was one of the last magazines not to have a celebrity but an actual model on the cover?  
Even Vogue has succumbed to the celebrity craze...
I like Jennifer Lawrence but I miss the era of the supermodel.

An important part of the issue is the new ad campaigns that all the fashion houses debut. The ads are almost just as important and for some brands even more that being featured in the editorials.

Not every designer is going to be featured in the editorial for various reasons. The press department between each respective company might not get along, the advertisers might not have a huge enough budget to have precedence with the magazine to get chosen. There are all sorts of reasons. 

Kate Moss scrubs up so well.
For instance, this Versace coat didn't make and probably won't feature at all in any Vogue editorials this autumn so the only way to your psyche is a full page ad.  
The coat isn't on trend as the one below.

Little red riding hood inspired?
Berry colored coats are definitely the trend for AW 2013.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Belated July 2103 Instagram-y Post

I am so late with my July Instagram post but better late than never right?

As most of you know I was in Austria for most of July.
Part of the reason why I am faithful to the Mayr clinic is partly due to its location.  If the clinic was located in Buckinghamshire, 
I will admit I would not be as loyal. Nothing wrong with Buckinghamshire perse but I just love Austria.

The view while eating my last substantial meal before the cure.
My favorite Austrian beer, a schnitzel, and a salad. 
Took this picture right after dinner but 
before my first dip in Lake Worthersee.
I never, ever get sick of this sight.
Wild flower meadow.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Madonna, can I have a quick word?

It's actually all my fault...
Serves me right for reading the Daily Mail website 
but it is called daily for a reason.

Madonna, I was going to ignore all your photo opportunities of late like Dominique Strauss Kahn's ex-wife ignored all his sexcapades.
But like a woman who doesn't leave a spouse because of an extracurricular liaison but for leaving a dirty sock a few inches of the laundry hamper, I can't handle it anymore.

No, not your grill but mine.
That's right Madonna, you have managed to get up in my grill.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Buckingham Palace Tour ( kinda) - London staycation

As much as I would have loved to go away to chase some swimming in a lake or beach, I had some mundane tasks to attend to 
so decided to make the most of the decent weather of late and be a tourist in London. 
They get up to all sorts when Queenie isn't around.
I had never been to Buckingham Palace before and decided that I should finally visit it during its limited opening season as they also had a special Coronation exhibition on where you could see the Coronation gown.  Let me safely tell you that the Queen had a fabulous figure with the smallest waist and quite a bust.  
I am sorry to tell you that there was an absolute ban on photos inside and the stewards were vigilant so there was no way I was going to risk the royal family's wrath.
If you would like to see pictures of the interior, you can click here.

What I can show you is pictures of some of the items in the gift shop.  There were so many people and queues of shoppers 
at the till that I was thinking that the this gift shop was 
the true source of their wealth...
Tin plates for picnics and children with designs of Sevres porcelain used at Buckingham Palace.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Elle Decor July / August 2013

Before I start, I have some blogging issues.  
The irony is that those affected may not be reading this because my Feedburner hasn't been working and emails haven't been sent 
and I didn't realize.
I am trying to rectify this but it is taking me some time...
I might also have to start splitting these posts bc I think 
Feedburner rejects them due to the amount of pics.
Please bear with me and I apologize to the email subscribers.
Here is another issue that I thought I should share with you or as I sometimes personally refer to it as a filler.

I wasn't going to get this issue but then I ran out of magazines in Austria and the local magazines didn't hit the spot or rather 
Ich spreche kein Deutsch so I downloaded this.

The cover had a lot to do with me getting this over 
Architectural Digest.
That disco ball-esque light juxtaposed between those windows against that view beckoned me.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Martha Stewart Living - July / August 2013

I just noticed so many magazines just did a double month issue over the summer but then again the editors need a holiday as well... I put the most useful and fun things from the issue for your viewing.

Well isn't Martha just the smarter but less frivolous version of Marie Antoinette? I mean they're both privileged women who love pastoral pursuits as leisure and got sent to prison.  
I bet those two would have tons to talk about over lunch.

This month we are invited to see her beehive. 
I must say I have never tried honey straight off the hive. 
If it is anything like fresh eggs then I am missing out.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Mayr Cure at home

This is going to be a post telling you how to do the Mayr Cure without having to go to Austria.  For those not interested in this subject, I apologize and I will get to my other various topics soon so please do excuse the rest of us.  Last one I promise!
( Please remember highlighted words will have links to related points.)

Remember that this is me just being the messenger and sharing the knowledge I have learned over time with you.  I just know I feel better when doing the method.  I have been to many spas and done many detoxes but this one was the most effective - for me.
The philosophy of the cure is a very Teutonic principle; 
that health begins in the gut.  Digestive health or lack thereof is the source or the cause of many issues according to the cure.

The aim is to cleanse the intestines, reduce any inflammations, and reduce acidity and lower the pH level in the body.

But one must also oxygenate the body with walks or swims in clean air and water. One must also remember not to overdo it as strenuous exercise can also increase acidity.

Doing exercises like yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are also encouraged to increase the flow of chi or energy.
Rest is also a huge component of the cure.  They believe in the different nervous systems and how it affects the mechanism of detoxing and repairing the body.

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Mayr Clinic - Why I go again and again

Some of you may know that I have recently spent several weeks at the Mayr Clinic in Austria.

Via ( My camera got boxed up somehow so I had to use someone else's pic.)
Now I have been there four times and the reason I keep going back is because it works - for me.  But this isn't that unusual as the Mayr clinic also has one of the highest return rates out of any spa /clinic.  I met someone who has gone every year for 40 years!!

I have already written about what happens there and the daily regime in these posts.

I must say that what I am about to write is purely my own experience and if you are interested in it then you should talk to your doctor about it or ask the Mayr association directly about any serious questions.  I am only sharing my time there but I will try and answer any questions you may have to the best of my knowledge or direct your inquiry accordingly.

The first thing I have to stress is the Mayr clinic is not a fat farm! 
If you want to lose weight then I urge you to go to something like Weight Watchers which has the best proven track record for weight loss.

The Mayr Cure is a detox method.
I will write about the methods and how to do your own Mayr Cure for those who can't make it to Austria in my next post.

I will also be giving away three books also in my next post I got at the clinic but in the meantime I will be sharing my results.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

TV Series Picks August 2013

Some of us may not realize right now but 
I think we are in the golden age of television.


I used to silently and meekly nod when people would say 
in an erudite tone they do not watch television as it is all rubbish 
but no more.  

I can't pinpoint when the tide changed but I hardly go to the cinema anymore.  How the heck does anyone expect me to meet someone and then care about their lives after only spending an hour and a half with them?? 

 I think it started with the Sopranos and Sex and the City when we started connecting directly with people on shows like they were our actual friends. 

 I know I complained about Don Draper in the latest series of Mad Men but we go way back people.  
And don't forget people change and he might come good again okay?

I have become one of those box set people.  
I immerse myself and the TV version of Spock beams me to various time portals and helps me do some tele-visual astral travel.  For instance, I am saving Game of Thrones for the next British winter so I have something to look forward to and balance the ecological real world misery and enter a sci-fi world to escape the cold. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

How was Mercury Retrograde for you?

So we have all survived gone through another Mercury retrograde period.  Now for those of you who are not well acquainted it is one of the two astronomical /astrological things I take note of,
the other being a full moon.
Mercury retrograde is one of those things that even die hard 
anti-astrology people tend to heed.
The planet Mercury literally goes back on its own orbit about three to four times a year and it lasts about a month and it usually creates a bit of havoc, delays, and wires get crossed. But it's not all bad, it is a good chance to catch up on things and people and regroup. 


No I don't believe in werewolves but if the full moon can affect oceans then I don't see why it is odd that being mostly water ourselves we are also not influenced by this.  Even the police and emergency services always keep abreast of the moon's cycles as accidents and also happy incidents such as births peak on a full moon.