Sunday, 10 June 2018

Chairs and their Anthropomorphic Personas Part 3

Your social media lurker who doesn't officially follow you but accidentally hits like on a post from 2013.

The one who isn't a "loser" but finds life a little harder.
Not IQ issues but EQ matters.
The person who is always improving themselves 
by way of most common postmodern means 
of physical or spiritual honing and other self help methods. 

They function but 
you wouldn't depend on them for any real support.

Your friend in law.
 You have had better conversations with strangers 
at an airport lounge than the awkward pleasantry exchanged 
when your mutual friend goes to the loo during lunch.

The person who just leaves the party without saying goodbye, disappears from most modes of communication for a certain time period, and is bipolar in the most affable of ways.

Just be warned.
They are either a spy, 
a recovering addict, 
or simply an extroverted introvert.

The person who repeats their anecdotes the amount of times 
toddlers ask you to reread their favourite book.
Yes Linda, you have told me about the time when...
Yes Linda, you did tell me about your...

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  1. Was kinda hoping you'd have the: 'Bitch, Please' Chaise.

  2. The friend-in-law chair is my favourite! Love this, dying laughing. xxx

  3. The wood/Lucite chair is a somewhat unsettling and unstable-looking combo. Robsjohn-Gibbings predicted completely clear acrylic Chippendale chairs as a ridiculous extreme in his book Goodbye Mr. Chippendale (and wonderfully realized by illustrator Mary Petty), but as usual reality exceeds fiction.

  4. Love the chair that repeats anecdotes and the colour of the chair!
    Thank you for this post. Have loved this series. Den xx
    Ps think you’d enjoy Vivid in Sydney this year (the installations in the Botanical Gardens were simply wonderful).

    1. I will check out some photos on the net - Thanks Den xxx


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