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Royal Chelsea Flower Show Part 2

Part 1 of my post on the Chelsea Flower Show was about the show gardens but this post is about the two other sections of the flower show.  The show also has a huge exhibition in the Pavilion and there are Artisan gardens which are the other two judging categories.

This lily stand won gold medal because not only was the overall effect amazing but each individual flower was perfect.

This new feathery, frayed lily is my new favourite variety.

Everywhere you looked inside would make you walk towards each respective stand that we ended up doing a zig zag inside.  
But Avon Bulbs was one of the best and of course won gold.

Rhododendroms were one of the most popular flowers 100 years ago and the same nursery are still exhibiting a century on.
They won gold as each bloom was perfection.
I am not a huge rhododendron fan but one could not fault these.

These grasses didn't have the color and wow factor  but I liked the variety of the various ones you could choose as a border.
I have clematis in my glorified light well so I am always stunned it grows even with neglect so I am always so touched when I see them in bloom.  
I I have a thing for these little flowery caverns.
Every other minute, something over yonder kept grabbing my attention. My head was constantly like what's that over there?
This stand by Warmenhoven won a deserved award.
Look at that stand!

And look at the amaryllis hanging upside down!
My friend isn't a huge gardener either but this stand inspired her to read about the soil conditions needed for the plants.
Alliums look better than they smell.
We both couldn't stop looking at the flowers.

Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries had a fantastic garden of all sorts of flowers that also won gold.
The flowers matching the outdoor furniture.
Flowers get most of the glory but shrubs are the supporting actors!
Tulips are one of my faves and this stand blew my mind.
Of course, Blom Bulbs won gold.
Just look at that shade and each petal.

Next year, I am going to be at this stand on the last day of the show when they sell off the flowers at massive discounts.

McBeans Orchids have been showing for the whole 100 years of the 
Chelsea Show and they won gold.

I am normally a David Austin fan and I still am. But now I am an equal Peter Beale fan as I was so taken by this stand 
by Peter Beales Roses.
I surprised myself and my friend by liking such a traditional and 
old fashioned garden.
I loved the hat in the background.  
That was the hat that belonged to the late Peter Beales...
I felt sorry for some stands as the flowers and 
the display was rather stoic.

These hyacinths were so cute and they reminded me of the guards in front of Buckingham Palace.

I love the formality and clean lines.

But it was in contrast with the wild gardens.

I kept thinking Kate Busy was going to pop up and start singing.

I was surprised at how few peony stands there were.
But what was there was amazing.
Picking your favorite type would be like picking your favorite kid.
But not all stands were amazing and rather average.

Mind you, the stand selling gold medal Nemesia were doing a roaring trade however.

My favorite section of the whole show was the Artisan Garden row.

Le Jardin de Yorkshire not only won gold but also the People's choice award but I reckon that had a lot to do with Alan Titchmarsh and the "Yorkshire mafia."
The Tour de France is starting from Yorkshire next year and the towns the race is going through the towns listed.
If you look just bottom center of the pic below, you will see a native orchid of Yorkshire.  Yes you read that right.

The bottom was the silver medal Walkers' Pine Cottage Garden.
The pic below was the gold winning One Stone garden.
The designers were two young guys in their twenties and it was good to see the younger generation do so well at the show.

I will be honest and say that the dolls were a bit scary in the
I adored this crofter's garden
Having been to the Hebrides, I found this a lovely interpretation.
I had a soft spot for the Get Well garden.

The best artisan garden went to the following which 
was not at all surprising.

I wonder who the lucky person is who got this!

Now not all things were designed for huge gardens and unlimited budgets.  There were a few ideas that I took away with me.
I loved the planting of succulents and other plants in between the stone and wooden fencing/border.
I might just about be able to lean this against my house.
I hope you got a feel of what the flower show is like and hope that some of you book your tickets early for next year's show!
Thanks for joining me!


  1. Some of these stands are absolutely amazing, so much hard work must go into producing them. I would have been freaked out by the dolls. I love the tulips, especially those dark purple ones, they remind me of black cherries xx

    1. I liked the idea of the childhood garden but I just wish they chose better dolls! Those tulips were crazy gorgeous xx

  2. Lovely flowers - particularly liked the tulips with the frayed edges. Can't believe they manage to get them all to open at exactly the right point and exactly the right time. There must be some attendants with hairdryers individually employed on each bloom to get them to that stage. Gorgeous dry stone walling too. Just love stone in a garden like that. Thanks for the visual overload - just beautiful! xx

    1. Those tulips were one of my absolute faves! Funny you mention hairdryers bc apparently that is exactly what they do in an emergency! And we civilians thought it had to do with plowing and watering...xx

  3. Wow this is so artistic! I love flowers, I always have some in my house, it gives a spring feeling even if it's raining outside!!!!

    1. It really is the best in show and I need to plant more flowers instead of buying them as they last longer! xx

  4. I loved it all - you are right the fake child is scary!

    I love allium and dahlia and hope he bulbs I planted pan out! What a wonderful show! I am going to have to think about this for next year!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the tour - and imagine - this was the edited version but I do hope you go on the link to explore further. If you are planning to go - please do remember that you need to buy tickets asap! x

  5. Oooh, flower shows and Hermes scarves! coulda shoulda woulda indeed!:)

  6. So so delighted to see all these photos. Beautiful presentations, all. Thank you for the tour. xx's

    1. Thank you Marsha for coming along on the tour xx

  7. Just looking at your wonderful photos makes me wonder why we have never been to the Chelsea Show - maybe we shoud get ourselves organised for next year. This was a lovely tour and my favourites have to be the peonies (ours are still in bud in the garden), the amazing hyacinths, the alliums and of course the purple and white tulips.. Great post!

    1. miss b, you have been practically everywhere! I wished there were more peonies but I would like to plant some hyacinths now...Yes you must definitely go next year - you won't regret it!

  8. How good to be given such a comprehensive visit to the show. I've been a couple of times in the past and marveled at the skill in putting these displays together. (Have also been overcome by desire for Irish leather boots and every auricula on the Lockyer stand!)
    Glad that you approve of gardeners!

    1. Those displays are unbelievable and I do feel sorry for those gardeners who just can't get their plants to cooperate. Yes, I have a whole new respect for gardeners indeed!

  9. wow, incredible flowers lovelie, i love them!


  10. Wow - the scent must have been amazing. How in the heck did they get them all to bloom at once like that!

    1. My new favorite roselily natalia smelled like a mix of roses and lily. Cra-cra as they say. PS they use special heating lamps and adjust it at a certain temperature so that it peaks on judging day. Not too much because apparently they can start wilting if the judges don't come your way until late afternoon so there is a science to these things!

  11. I honestly don't know what to say as a small bunch of tulips or lilies in a vase already takes my breath away...I probably would've fainted there from extreme admiration! This is sensory overload for me!

    The photos are great, the flowers come alive!

    I really feel like I went there also :) but at the same time am raring to go next time.

    Love it xxx

    1. Ms Madge - It lowers the blood pressure and your nose get detoxed with the smell of flowers! Book now for next year! xx

  12. you had us at david austin roses.

  13. I'm not much of a flower person, although I certainly don't refuse if I'm bought some, but I must admit these look stunning. I definitely appreciated the ones with the formality and clean lines more than the more wild displays.

    Those gardens look amazing, but you're right, the dolls are a bit scary. Did you get to meet the two young designers of the gardens - I'd be interested to know what guys in their twenties who do this look like.

    So you'll be going back next year then lol! xx

    1. it's bc you are still so young! ;p

      those two guys were so cute and hip - alan titchmarsh move ovah! xx

    2. hee hee - "still so young" - I'm only 7 years younger than you (I think). Nah I was just curious because you don't get too many young 20 somethings interested in this level of gardening - well not that I know of anyway - in fact what do I know lol!

    3. They were really young but I like the vibe they brought - ironically they are the ones who did the rock garden so they did bring a new vibe to it and so your views are spot on - you know more than you think!!

  14. Excellent coverage of the CGS!!.... I felt as though I was there... and you managed to get some magnificent photos! This has definitely inspired me to go next year ... I was last there about 5 years ago.. and it is magic. I only wish with all of my heart that one could get the quality seen here in Australia. The variety of Parot Tulips for example.... I adored the hanging amaryllis .... I love growing them and am moderately successful. My idea of heaven would be to have a table in the garden filled with Amaryliss in terracotta pots!...Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny! I need to get a better camera but that means lessons on how to use it but I tried...I do find it funny that Oz won best show garden but considering the sun and resources they don't do a garden show that matches CGS. Maybe you should start it? Amaryliss upside down was so cool! x

    2. After losing my beloved camera in the taxi ... and having bought a new one... I am REALLY mourning the loss... this one is complicated and will definitely require lessons.... wah!!!!

    3. Use your phone to take pictures and learn lessons later!! Just have fun :)

  15. What a presentation!
    Being used to wild flowers, and receiving only occasionally some cultivated cut flowers, all this is about too much for me to digest.
    What an enormous amount of time building up this show must have taken.
    What an enormous amount of patience picturing all of this for us has taken.
    Thank you!

    1. I think wild flowers are beautiful as well and to be honest while I was there I just didn't know where to look - it is like the Las Vegas for flowers!!

  16. Wow gorgeous photos! I love lilies so much; they're definitely my favourite flowers :) xx


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