Thursday, 31 January 2019

January 2018 Miscellaneous Recap


Still can't reply to any comments so if I don't reply it is Google's fault.

But I thought I should try to post regardless.

I feel that they are doing this to phase blogging out...

But those who know me know that I love a theory of any kind, conspiracy or not.

Isn't this perfect because it is so true?

Self explanatory.
 I posted on IG but I know that many are not on IG.

I would have bought these but
 I already have too much stuff I don't use.

I am really enjoying this book because you can just read a few pages about a specific color: reason why it is called what it is respectively, source, and history.

This is a train carriage placed on top of a building.

Guys really do have it easier when it comes to clothes.
 Look at the lining choices for a suit my brother is getting made.
Millie was so well behaved while my brother disappeared into a special room where they scanned his body with software instead  of someone measuring his elbow to his wrist etc.

Did I tell you that the pool where I stayed in while 
I went skiing in Flaine did not allow swimming shorts? 
My brother was told to buy speedos. 
He refused so he wasn't allowed back in the pool!

I would suggest Flaine as a ski destination.
I was originally reluctant to go somewhere new.
I like where I usually go because I have my routine.
 But my brother and his friend said Flaine had good off piste and as I was only a dabbler ski bunny that they would get precedence of choosing.

Flaine is a purpose built ski/hiking town that was a project of a very wealthy couple.
Most of the buildings have the 1960's architectural bent mostly designed by Marcel Breuer.
 I went on a tour on a poor ski day.
I found this open kitchen which still is very avant grade.
 There were a few listed fireplaces dispersed around the town.

Everything was thought of.
The planners didn't like cars even back in the 60's so they made 2 funiculars to easily travel to the upper and lower tiers of the town.
 Yes the  buildings  are very brutalist but the  indents were there to celebrate light and shadows.
 This is a chapel that is now a listed monument in France.
It isn't always open - there is a guided tour one day a week. So make sure  to  check before you go.
The antenna is just in case aliens want to make contact!

 The lighting fixture is also listed.
 The tables and candlesticks were also designed by Marcel Breuer who was also the designer for the Wasilly chairs.
 It isn't the prettiest at first sight.

But then there is outdoor public pieces of art to make up for the concrete facades.

It opens Saturday, February 2nd.

I will try and upload the pics today. 
Just having IT issues. 
For a change.


  1. YES, GOGLE is having problems!I cannot COMMENT on MANY BLOGS due to the comment box not opening Nor liking THE BUSES I choose or FIRE HYDRANTS!
    IF you contact SHE MAYBE ABLE TO HELP YOU!
    PLUS you will LOVE EACH OTHERS WRITING!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello CSW, Thirty books? Is she insane? I have more than 50 books just on my desk right now, and the only place they are going is on the shelves, provided I can make room for them!

    Thanks for the tour of Flaine. Those pool restrictions are too much--but I prefer swimming in lakes and rivers anyway (it's the Ohio in me manifesting itself). The architecture is handsome but a little on the chilly side, especially for a ski resort. Even the fireplaces seem chilly!

  3. Jim touched on all the right points...I think "Marie Kondo" is a name Tom Wolfe would assign semi-literate wife of social media mogul in a Bonfire/Vanities sequel.

    GSL's dimples and cleft chin are there to celebrate light and shadows.

  4. That kitchen is rather mysterious. How do you get inside? I'm guessing there's a secret door but when you're bone tired after a day of skiing, it's not very generous to be given puzzles to solve at the end of the day.

    I read that Colour book as well and rather enjoyed it. I do like a book of interesting factoids. Doesn't mean I'm good at stuff, so Contessa's bold declaration that I'm able to solve your comments difficulties is delightfully misguided. I just switched some settings off and on again a few (dozen) times, like an IT guru, and that fixed it.


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