Sunday, 23 February 2014

French Vogue February 2014 Part 1

I decided to share the February issue of French Vogue with you instead of the March US edition.

I gotta tell you guys that I downloaded the issue the other day and Rihanna was on the cover.
Now please don't mistake this as a dislike of her because 
I think she is stunning and a talent of her generation. 

But this isn't Rolling Stone is it? 
Or is it?
I feel like I am being so negative and I was left rather flat that I won't bother reviewing that issue. But for those who are interested, 
I will pin pages from it to my Vogue Pinterest board
( Just give me a week or so.)
So meanwhile, you can browse French Vogue with me.

The cover girl was Emily Didonato.
She is not an actress. ( Yet. )

She looks like she is in good old fashion supermodel league.
Amazing feline features and going through her photos on her instagram,  she also has chameleon virtues.

For those inclined to read the letter in French from the editor, 
Emmanuelle Alt, please click to enlarge.
Otherwise, the tone of the letter wasn't about stars of Hollywood perse but she seemed excited about the female Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo and Benazir Bhutto's niece and her legacy.
I appreciated how she assumes we must be fashion enthusiasts but most women are layered and can be interested in other topics 
albeit at different depths and breadths. 

THE cult minaudiere by McQueen with this season's trend of fringing everything

The word Minaudiere ( please click on link for an article about it) 
is rarely used in Vogue of other countries which 
I always found odd considering one has a captive market and 
fashionistas love a new word to throw around to civilians.
But it was created in the 1920's by Van Cleef and Arpels.
It was a cross between a purse, evening bag, and a bejewelled cigarette case but it was meant to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand for evening social engagements.

I thought I would include their beauty page as France still does get certain exclusives ahead of other countries as French women do have very high standards and they do spend more money on certain types of cosmetics.  
Christian Dior is coming out with a new system of a perfume kit that one can layer and mix according to one's own mood and one can control the "sillage" which is the perfume world's way of saying how long a perfume lingers.

Plus the architect Peter Marino has also gotten his paws on the refit of the Guerlain store alongside Chanel
I do wonder how he manages to handle and accommodate all his clients who compete against each other! 
I do respect him for his diplomacy along with his obvious talent.

This was a bit surprising as Vogue used one whole page 
to promote the David Bailey exhibition at the 
National Portrait Gallery in London, not Paris.  

They also promoted another exhibition of Richard Deacon at the Tate in London. Plus there was a review of a biograpy of Marguerite Duras of whom I am a fan.  If you don't feel like reading her books, then please do try watching a movie which still captures the mood like L'Amant or The Lover.

As the Eurostar is 2 hours and 15 minutes to Paris from London, 
the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition at the Pompidou center might be a good excuse to go for a day trip.

How refreshing is it that you have no idea who they are and
 you just appreciate the mood and the fashion?
Plus that male model is a thing of beauty 
and out-pouted his fellow model.

Well it is a business after all so they had to flog that 
graffiti Chanel backpack.  But I remember having roller skates 
like that when I was 6 years old.
Frange ( sorry I have a UK keyboard so can't do the 
flecks over the E's) means fringed.  
I think we are going to see everything with fringes on them.

Vogue France also does it outright flogging of goods 
in the context of being fashionable,

going out in the evening,

and for the weekend or as they say week-end.

Don't know why but I could hear Donna Summer's - 
She works hard for the money - in the background.

No prices on any of these pink diamond "objets."
Like they say, if you have to ask then...

French Vogue don't mess about do they? 

The insurance and security for this photo shoot 
must have been a logistical nightmare.

I was zooming into those rings myself so thought I would blow up this picture as big as I can.  

They followed this editorial with a proper article about 
pink diamonds and a chart of the color grades for them.

This editorial was in contrast to the high value advertising of pink diamonds and showcased clothes of a budget that is found on the high street.  I find that Vogue USA don't feature many affordable clothes so this was appreciated.

The concept of the editorial was of the Parisian Titi.
The French seem to like its diminutive social typecasting.
BCBG - bon chic bon genre, Bobo - bourgeois boheme.
The Parisian Titi  isn't so much a fashion tribe but someone who is a dinky-di Parisian and not necessarily posh.  I say simplistically
 it is like the Parisian version of Oliver Twist.


Edie Campbell is very much the hot model of the moment - 
she was also in the US March edition.
Another interesting thing of note is that Emmanuelle Alt who is the editor in chief still takes time to take care of a few fashion editorials which Anna W. hardly ever does.


Don't you just love a classic fashion editorial with awkward posturing and black clothes on a neutral background?
 One rarely sees this anymore.

This issue feature many of the latest top models.
I will admit that apart from Kate Moss and a few others like 
Gisele that I don't know the names of models anymore.

So think of this keeping us up to date or au courant as the 
French would say.

Part two will follow shortly but hope you enjoyed a change of pace!


  1. I luff your reviews! I do want a pink diamond. I wish Mme C would come to the cinema here…. Meanwhile stay warm x

    1. Ta FF! Mme C isn't here either and sometimes Oz gets stuff even before UK! Xx

  2. Gorgeous rubies and pink sapphires! They look so happy.

    Did you know that titi is short for ouistiti, meaning little monkey, and can be used as a cute nickname.

    1. They do carry an injection of color and even for someone like me who is careful with red - I do feel very attracted by those rings. I love the ouistiti word - I might start using it for the puppy!

  3. That was good to see. Thank you.

    1. Good to compare and see a different Vogue's eye other than Anna's no?

  4. Parisian Boho
    I like your description the Parisian Oliver Twist. The look is kinda cute

    1. Yes - a little exaggerated but not too overly done.

  5. The light pink emerald shaped diamond is beautiful, as is the model she reminds me of someone but I can't think who right now.

    1. I feel like freezing raspberries in ice cubes and wearing them as rings. Yes I thought that the spread was very reminiscent of one of Tatler's jewellry spreads about a decade ago. Old school but works well.

  6. Thanks for your review. I really like the French and British Vogue issues but they are so expensive here. I just received my fat March US Vogue and feel the same way, don't feel like thumbing through it. I have Rihanna's music on my gym playlist but I do not think she is interesting enough to be the cover for such an important month. Hasn't she been covered by that mag many times over? They should stop putting celebrities on the cover but I guess they sell more issues. Just hope Miley Cyrus is not next in line.

    1. Marie - I think you have just picked who will be on the cover in either April or September and no I am no joking. Anna would get so much publicity...I would love to know the difference in sales figures for celebrity covers vs model covers bc there must be a financial reason to justify her decision.

  7. I just got my fashion fix for the weekend from you my friend. I always enjoy your reviews. I still have the US Vogue sitting table side mostly because I've had a mountain of post vacation laundry to tackle. Thanks for your kind comments on Stylemindchic on the loss of my longtime friend. Your words are comforting.
    Have a great week!
    xx, Heather

    1. Thanks Heather - and I hope you are feeling better xx

  8. All those pink cabochon rings are divine! Thank you for the vicarious read. And I agree about US Vogue. I really wish the fashion magazines would return to supermodels.

    1. I also have been bedazzled by the rings myself! And yes let's hope they take the lead from the European Vogues?

  9. You read magazines in French? You are clever.
    I would love to take a little side trip to Paris with you, when I come to Londres.

    1. Only when it is a special edition! But always on the eurostar - when you coming to Europe?

    2. Hopefully this year! Maybe september time. When PhD/work/finances allow...

  10. I also like looking at the British and French Vogue issues to get a different perspective. Love those pink diamonds, as well as 'les titis parisiens'. Why Rihanna, yet again??? This has got to be the third time she has been on the cover, and it just feels stale.

    1. I think French Vogue is a little more "fashiony" and sometimes British Vogue is a bit boring but in a different way from the US edition. But honestly Rihanna is a little overexposed that if I were her I would take a break...

  11. Wonderful review Naomi! I like your commentary. Those pink diamonds are lovely and .. yep, she must work hard for her money;) Emily Didonato is very pretty and the "unknown" couple are very attractive and he is very much out-doing her pout. xxL

    1. Thanks Leslie and I need to learn how to pout like that! Hope you are doing well xx

  12. I completely get your feelings towards seeing RiRi on the cover of Vogue. RiRi has her place, there is no denying that, but not on the cover of, or, in fact, inside of Vogue. I love the classic fashion editorials but I wouldn't want this to dominate the magazine because I find it difficult to relate in any shape and form.

    I haven't read Vogue in a while. In fact there are a lot of things I haven't done for a while. You've probably noticed my absence in the blogosphere, but I'm just a little pre-occupied with things at present so despite the fact I only blog once a week, I'm officially on a blog break. In fact I'm taking a full blown sabbatical from life. Whoopie dooh! xx

    1. We all need a break sometimes and I think there is something in the water though Colleen!! I have taken many sabbaticals and I haven't regretted any of them! Hope you are ok though xx

  13. French Vogue. Ma Chere Naomi! J'adore French magazines. This was a lot of fun and you saved me $21 which is the newsstand price! Merci beaucoup!

    1. They are good once in a while to change it up non? I am glad to have saved you some dosh Connie!!

  14. Thank you SO much for this review. I never read French vogue so it was wonderful to know how it compares to US vogue (which I subscribe to and have been very disappointed in it's fashion editorials recently...Kate upton...just no!).

    I really like the look of French vogue this stunning was the diamonds model? Loved the black against white spread and the "Parisian Oliver twist" as you say. So much fresher and less celeb focused!! Anna Wintour is just not appealing to me with her celeb adoration of late...

    1. You are most welcome and I am glad you enjoyed it! I really liked the model for the diamonds too - beautiful and classic and a model! I like seeing a blank canvas rather than thinking - oh i didn't like her in that movie etc.

      I think Anna is succumbing to power but you would think she was tougher than that!!

  15. I join the chorus of thanks for featuring French Vogue this month. It's certainly refreshing and "cooler" than US Vogue (been so boring lately.) The celebrity craze is just so frustrating, and the day that Kanye gets his way and gets Kim a cover I'm thoroughly done! Dare I say (I feel like I need to practically whisper this, as it's blasphemy) does US Vogue need someone new?

    1. I am glad to know that I am not alone in the saturationof celebs in all sorts of mags nowadays. You are right US Vogue has been so boring of late and I don't know if there are budget cuts or the new management is onto something else image wise? If Kim makes it on Vogue I think there would be a revolt!

  16. we Also did a take-au-double when seeing the US Vogue in the mailbox here in west hollywood.

    it did feel a bit too RS (although RS would kill to get that much advertising - even if it is from not-exactly-high-end-advertisers anymore *meow*)

    loved your journey through Paris Vogue.

    a welcome change of pace.

    when's the next shelter-porn-one? we do *chuckle* at your commentary on the artful throw over the sofa arm.

    1. Mind you remember when RS used to be cool? Like Vogue?? Arch digest is coming up soon TG - as you know we do take requests as well :) x

  17. ouh lala le Vogue Francais ! j'adoooore et ...merci, as Connie, saved me 160 HKD :) french press here in HK is just trop cher ;)
    ...anyway la minaudière c est tres chic, especially when it's from Mr Alexander...bisous

    1. This was a great issue - Part 2 coming - and I will email you some articles!! xxx

  18. I need to know who that male model is! I think I'm in love hahaha xx


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