Monday, 7 January 2013

Taking the waters - at home.

I look at baths as one of life's big equalizers.

There are anecdotes of calming people who are about to meet or deal with famous people asking them to imagine them on the loo or without clothes on.  It is a very simplistic way of reminding some that everyone is human.

So easy to add a few flowers - if you are so inclined.  Very photo-shoot ready.

I look at baths in the inverse way.  It is one of the few pleasures that most people can manage.

Miners after a long day at work.
It's an aquatic massage.  The levity, the buoyancy, and warmth enveloping your body is enjoyed by both a labourer and a hedge fund manager at the end of a long day.  I take one every day as a form of meditation: either shutting out the world or running through the day's events.

Not many things are better than reading in the bath.

What makes that extra boost to this ritual is bath salts.  It's up there with candles.  But they are actually rather good for you!  I know some of you are thinking that a bath is just wetting the skin but bathing in water full of the right amount of minerals creates reverse osmosis.  Skin is a very porous material so the bathwater can actually pull salts and toxins from your body.  Try to take a bath at least three times a week.

People used to "take to the waters".  They would go to hot springs or to the ocean for mineral rich waters for the healing powers.  With these bath salts, you can make your own mineral rich healing solutions.

Don't hate - she is actually busy "taking the waters".

Here are the three types that I use for different occasions and different purposes.

Himalayan Bath Salts

My absolute favorite is Himalayan bath salts.  This really is the caviar of bath salts.

As the name says, the salts are mined in the valleys of the Himalayan valleys and consist of one of the oldest mineral formations on earth. Just make sure you don't mix this with any other products or oils in the bath.

This is the brand I use.  Compare costs as they vary wildly!! I get mine for £6 per packet but can go for quadruple that.

- It is very rich in natural goodness: calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.
- It has traces of 84 minerals and elements.
- It is a great soother of any bites, muscles aches, and arthritis.  
- It also is beneficial for dry skin, psoriasis, and acne.
- It also promotes sweating so perfect if you have a cold or the flu.
- If you want to get hokey poky - it reactivates your body's electric current and you feel re-energized.  I do.

I get mine from this company - Saltylamps.  I think they only deliver within the U.K. but every country will have a supplier.

A fairly recent discovery that I am going to be very loyal to.

This is a stronger version of Epsom salts - more of that to come soon.
This is mined from the subterranean strata of Northern Europe that is one mile below ground.
One needs extra magnesium when one is tired, over exercised (not me), hungover, and after menstruation.

She is orally and transdermally imbibing many solutions.  Not recommended.

The beauty of this product is that one can absorb the mineral transdermally - through the skin so no pill popping and just soak in the bath!

- It is great for skin inflammations and disorders.
- It is great to restore balance in muscles.
- It relieves PMS.
- If pregnant, relieves premature labor.
- It helps form healthy bones and teeth because calcium is more easily absorbed with magnesium.
- Magnesium is depleted through stress so needs to be replenished.
- It also helps produce serotonin - the happy hormone - allowing proper relaxation.
- It encourages production of ATP ( adenosine triphosphate ) which increases energy and stamina.

Epsom Salts

This is the tried and tested.  There should be no excuse for most of you not to try this as a bath salt if you haven't already.  This product is easily found and should be part of any home's medical supply kit.  This is essentially magnesium sulphate.  This is in fact a mineral and not a salt.

I miss the huge cartons of Epsom Salt that you can get in America.  I get a dinky cup size in London.

It really has so many uses.  But for the purposes of bath salts, the minerals in Epsom salts are also easily absorbed through the skin.  So easily found everywhere!

- It detoxifies and pulls toxins through the skin.
- It eases migraines as it is a dilator of blood vessels.
- It prevents hardening of arteries and blood clots.
- Proper magnesium and sulphate levels increase the effectiveness of insulin.

Not bad, huh?

Happy bathing!


  1. Love this post! I just spent and hour and a half bathing:) and love to try new things, but haven't tried that kind of bathing salts! And I bathe like 4-5 times a week during winter (it's cold in Sweden during winter:) so this I must try out,
    xo Caroline

    1. You are like me - I stay so long I end up like a prune...But yes, let me know which salt is your favourite x

  2. Do you know what I haven't had a bath in probably 10 years.....wait for it I'm not finished, I'm a shower girl. I'm not really a bath person, but this looks tempting and you know I'm all about health! will let you know if I try it out x

    1. Colleen...! Please please try it - you really will so relaxed. Start slow and maybe once a week? x

  3. Hi Doll!
    What a fascinating look at bathing! My fave is the woman in the ocean who looks so ethereal!!! wowzers over this post!
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Thanks Lauren! You should totally do a water shot for the summer xx


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