Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lonny Mag Jan/Feb issue synopsis

I always look forward to the Lonny Mag issues -
 it really is one of the publications that I can not believe is free.

This time though it seems like they had a different slant than usual and they had a massive reshuffle editorial meeting.  I know they got bought by Zimbio but this issue definitely had a different flavour for me.

I didn't save as many pictures or feel like I had to reread the magazine several times as I normally do.

But I still really enjoyed it - here are my favourite bits of the issue.
This is classic Lonny style - patterns,colors, light.  Almost like a mini Matisse picture.

Love the mix of motifs: zebras and chain links porcelain ring tray from Hermes.

Love this story about a rental and the potential of making it really homely and not sterile.

Ultimate living room test - makes you want to sit down and relax.

Displays of objects stacked in groups make a nice point of interest:  Cartier jewellry boxes, LV bags.

I like how it is not solely from one designer and was naturally decorated.  Bric brac and Hermes.

There is that Hermes chain link porcelain again - features twice this month but separately.

This is the newer aspect for Lonny - there was a big pictorial chunk dedicated to art.  I love art but I was a little bit disappointed so much was dedicated to this instead of home decor.   
But lovely all the same.

This section had the stylized content of the magazine,
 "World of Interiors".  

Once again, nothing wrong with that but just a conspicuous change of tone. 

 Check out the rest of the issue here.

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