Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nate Berkus through the AD Keyhole

I looked at this photo a few months ago in the Architectural Digest featuring Nate Berkus' home.

There was something that made me stop but I couldn't articulate or figure out what made me pause.

I kept a copy of the story as I am inclined to do and had another look and figured out what was bothering me. 

This next picture is what I call Pseudo OCD / Neat Freak
  Someone that organized would never put shoes inside past the hallway and into the inner sanctum of the home.  

All that dog poo and gum on the bottom of shoes. 
You put everything away but you hang your jacket on the chair?

 Come on Natey. 

You have gone through all that trouble 
so just put away your bag as well. 

This is stunning don't get me wrong but the vibe is really posh, expensive therapist who conducts group therapy sessions.  
Deliberate, slightly forced, calculated casual, clinical chic.

The waiting room.  (Not really - one of his sitting rooms.)

"One to one session room" - aka another one of his sitting rooms.

Let's eat?

Love the folding screen room dividers as headboard.

This is his guest room - no fights here because this seems to be 
the only room that has a TV.

His kitchen before the makeover. -Nice but pretty standard.

Nate works his magic. He tends to paint old cupboards in high gloss and it works every time.

Simple but effective.  Fornasetti - subtly loud and clear and oh so connoisseurly expensive.


  1. Hi Love!

    I don't get a chance to look at AD so I'm enjoying and swooning over this post! What I would do for this closet! And I agree some is a little forced and trying a little too hard! I love his idea of the headboard and the use of high gloss paint to turn tired cabinets into dazzling transformations!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. I dream of closets like that. Is it shallow of me to say that it is one of my ambitions to have one like this - wherever it is in the house.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog

  3. I adore Nate Berkus! And that closet! xo Caroline

  4. Oh yeah I love those rooms! But that first closet? SWOON! Come say hi and let's follow each other!

  5. Thanks guys for your comments! But what I really love about his closet is that he is not in it and I can't see any skeletons ;) x


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