Saturday, 5 January 2013

Finally have a chandler! Not the one from Friends.

As you all might have guessed, I really like candles.  
It is something I use everyday and I can't believe it has taken this long for me to find a chandler.  I like saying that word - chandler -  or otherwise known as a candle maker. 

Through a friend, I discovered Rachel Vosper - a proper artisan and chandler.  I love that in this day and age there are still craftspeople out there producing products in store.  She has the cutest boutique that would not have been out of place in London during the 1700's.  I took some pictures for those of you who might be too far away to visit her store anytime soon.

How cute is that - you can sit on the chairs while deciding which candle you want.

It is located opposite one of my favourite resturants, Salloos, and next to a cute pub.

She has an amazing range of scents that are distinct and her range of glassware is diverse and original.

The vessels themselves are beautiful and would make a lovely decorative addition to any home.

How beautiful is the long white one - perfect for the dining or coffee table.

Images taken from her website where there are more beautiful options with many unique scents.  
You can even design your own!

But what really sets her apart is her refill service.  
This is truly revolutionary.  
I know I have so many empty glasses once the candle is done.  
I think almost everyone I know including myself and most blogs I read have an empty Diptyque or Cire Trudon candle that doubles as a makeup brush holder.  But you only need so many utensil holders right?

I love glass as a material - I collect it in many forms.  

I have this gorgeous green whiskey goblet that I adore but as I don't drink whiskey I end up just looking at it.

I took it to Rachel so she could do her magic. 

Before the makeover but still pretty right?

This glass does not have a bad side.

So after a few days with Rachel - she turned it into a beautiful French Lavender scented candle.

I love that I had a big part in making this unique candle.  
Here it is - Voila!

She is so clever she used two wicks for more even burning.

Action shot - isn't the two flames pretty cool?

She really can refill most vessels - if unsure just bring it to her and she will let you know if she can make it into a candle or not.  She is so nice that she even refills empty candles from other brands so don't worry about bringing them into her. 

I have already decided on my next new candle which is this soup tureen!

Soup tureen from the Nil pattern collection from Hermes

I can't wait to show you after it becomes transformed. 
She is having a sale at the moment - 25% off candle refills until end of February so now is a perfect time to try! 
 If you don't live in or near London, you should find your local chandler and see if they can transform a piece in your home that is staying idle.


  1. haha, yes, my boyfriend vowed to make better plans for next time we go. Congrats on getting a chandler!


  2. Just found your blog, how great it is! And I loove a good candle:) shall we follow eaohother via gfc?
    Also, could you please tell me what font you are using in the blog posts? Is it Sorts Mill Goudy? What size? I really like it anyway!

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your kind words - it means a lot!! I have put you on my blogger follower thingy - to be honest, i have read blogs for yonks but behind the driving wheel, I am still very much learning. I can't figure out which font I use...I just use the default one. Isn't that terrible and lucky all at once : ) But I will figure it out with some help and get back to you. This is still very much a work in progress! Love your blog too by the way - am Denmark mad - especially TV shows!

  3. I love candles too. By any chance, is your blog name inspired by Sex and City episode?


  4. Hi Visceral Maze! I got the name because it's something I say to myself when I think I could have or should have done something if I had known...But I am sure I saw that episode of SATC bc I have seen that whole series at least twice over ; )


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