Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shoe compromise? Not really.

I have been wanting to scratch the new shoe 
in the form of velvet slipper itch.

I craved these Kitty flats by Charlotte Olympia at Xmas.
I will meow for you all day long for almost £500.

Then I discovered these slippers that you could customize slippers in this post.

Bespoke slippers at Myslippers.co.uk

Rather adorable but at that price I would rather go on holiday and see real wildlife than on my feet.

As I could not justify the prices for flat shoes - 
yes, there is a different rationale and economic formula for high heels - I just put this idea on the backburner.

Then I went to - drumroll please - Forever 21.

I had a few friends, neighbours, and some bloggers enthusiastically mention this brand. They all said it was the new Primark / H & M / Topshop rolled into one. But for some reason it just went into the miscellaneous knowledge file in my brain until I walked past it this weekend with a spare half hour.

It was the usual retail sensory blitz of bright lights reflecting off every surface and I was hesitant to explore.  I am not a good forager.  I would have died if I were alive during the caveman era.  

But I gravitated towards the roomiest part of the shop floor which was the new arrivals area as people were crammed in the sale section.

Then I saw them.  

It's been a while since I fancied something at first sight so 
this made me feel all teenager-y again.  
For that reason alone, I purchased them.  

I present you my new crush.

I love grey - tick. I love flannely cotton - tick.  I love pearls.  Hat-trick.

My good girl - proper posture pose.

My "Amelie ", coy, Bon Chic Bon Genre pose.

And they were less than twenty pounds!  
Don't tell anyone but I would have paid triple that for these.

Here is the proof!

Receipt does say 19.75 and shopping bag.

To check them out and other great shoe bargains - 
check them out online here.

I hope you find your bargain : )


  1. Your post made me chuckle! I think it was a good compromise - if you told me they were Charlotte Olympia I would have been none the wiser!


  2. I adore those Charlotte Olympia flats :)

    Forever 21 is so great for stylish pieces at bargain prices - and good choice on those grey beauties!

    Jennifer x

  3. sweet deal - i know the CO are amazing but INSANE $$$$$$

  4. Oh I agree with you on myslippers, wanted to customize but a little bit too expensive to just wear at home...
    And thanks for the great comment on Terry concealer, I agree with you and I don't use YSL anymore since I got too dry under my eyes. Must check ByTerry out, last time was two years ago in London...xo Caroline

  5. They're lovely! We have a few things in common, I love grey and pearls too! xx

  6. I love your grey shoes. I have a similar pair in black from Suite Blanco having searched all over. I'm drawn to grey too at the moment! A great winter neutral!

  7. great idea! love the ones you chose

  8. Nice!! Been loving this look, you got a great bargain <33

    Also, I am holding a Soprano Racerback Tank "GIVEAWAY" on my blog.
    I would love for you to come check it out and enter for a chance to win, as I am picking TWO winners!

    Have a lovely day :)



  9. I love those kitty Charlotte Olympia's!!! We all need a pair of kitty slippers!!!

    Big hug
    xxo Beckerman sistas


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