Friday, 4 January 2013

Enough pillows? Enough already.

Let's get back to basics.

Pillows actually have a utilitarian purpose.

They support our necks and backs. They provide a cushion and a padding so we are comfortable in our chosen stance.

They are not meant to constantly get in the way.

They do not exist solely for the purpose of bedroom photography shoots for magazines.

Why? Oh why, do they have so many rows of pillows on beds nowadays?

Everywhere I look - it's at least 4 rows of pillow!

Check it out.

And this is the guest room - you will be sleeping between Rows 3 and 4.
11 pillows! Including the one on the floor. 
Are you serious?
Is Octo-mom sharing her bed with all her kids or something?

Psuedo minimalist look.  But pillow fell on the flooooor.  Nah nah nah nah nah.
The lone pillow out front is so prevalent everywhere, I bet there is a special word for that now in the decorating world.  
Checkmate pillow perhaps?
Almost looks inviting until you have to move all those pillows before you go to sleep.
Please tell me this belongs to a family of Turkish farmers who can only afford one bed.
Someone letting go and slowly seeing the error of their ways - pillows at the end of the bed...
The only time so many pillow are necessary -  if you are an artist renting a room in a French renovated barn with a crappy mattress -  then totally understandable.


  1. Each room does look really cosy though! x

  2. One can never never have enough pillow! Remember the scene in Polly with the fight over the just for show pillows!? LOL~ it was a cute movie with Jennifer Aniston!xx
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. Ok guys, I might be alone on this one eh? : )

  4. Haha, you're very funny! This is so true but I confess I have 8 pillows on my bed and we only use 2! Crazy!! I'm following you, follow me back?

  5. @A Little slice - already followed - i will double check the clicks went through but did it when i first visited : )

  6. You just read my mind with this post! I definitely agree! it's all about home staging tricks! who could ever live in a bedroom like that! And what about the precious time you spend with arranging all those pillows!! I just can't waste all those precious moments.... on a bed. Every other spicy plan would go up in smoke ;-)

    1. Ha! Glad you agree - I like cushions don't get me wrong but it is becoming a social problem like you said :p

  7. Oh yes. Pet peeve. It looks so idiotic.
    And calling cushions on furniture other than beds pillows is another one!

    1. I get so confused about the wording because it doesn't seem to be the case anymore!
      But honestly, this pillow thing is out of control.


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