Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Just because you are a decorator in Architectural Digest...

David Collins is quite an established name in the decorating world.

He has the usual coterie of billionaires and 
five star hotels that form his clientele.  

He has decorated some of my favourite London spots.

The Connaught Hotel Bar is relaxing whilst being elegant. 
Great place for a drink.

The Wolseley, London's best all day eatery.  
Consistently good food and great atmosphere.

Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel - one of the original bars in London that one could go to for a drink without having to go to the pub.

I used to hold him in great esteem
but following this remark from him quoted in the latest 
Architectural Digest, I was just left bemused.

 Sorry mate, but it ain't even that beautiful. 

It looks like a grasshopper - 
not a shape naturally geared towards sitting. 

And for $ 4000 minimum, you expect to sit on it.

It looks like you would need the chiropractor if you 
read one magazine in that chair. 
( You said it, David.  Not me.)

Can you imagine if I hired him without knowing this?

"Oh dahling, you are going to love it.  
Can't sit on it, but it's beautiful, no? 
Like life, dahling.
 Oh, and here's the bill."

Actually, what does this even really mean??

Mr Collins, the only time this dictum applies is on shoes.


  1. I LOVE the Blue Bar! It was actually one of my first blog posts ever! Lucky you who can pop in any time! Great post! xo Caroline

  2. I'm hoping to organise another trip to London in the next couple of weeks and fit in an afternoon tea - The Wolseley would be nice.

  3. HA! You're right...that chair doesn't look comfortable OR beautiful, unfortunately. His other spaces are beautiful, though. Have you seen the new design for the mega Walgreens? Your post made me think of it.

  4. I wasn't familiar with this decorator, so thanks for introducing him to me. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to employ him for my own home or business one day. By the way, what do you call a person who would not buy this chair from Ikea, but would buy it on the basis of the information in this post?

  5. This space looks so inviting. I'd love to hang out there.

  6. Hideous chair - but the other spaces are great!

  7. This designer is so so so to die for!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  8. Oh, I can think of a few more items of attire, besides shoes, where this dictum applies.
    I guess, for some design devotees', pride feels no pain, even in a chair.

  9. Just finding your blog through Bourbon and Pearls. Great stuff! Beautiful spaces. I'm with you though, this guy lost some cred with that statement. I love a beautiful item, but if it's a chair, you have to want to sit on it!

    Loved your post on the fashion at all ages. You are so right..We need more models in their 50-70s who look good and inspire!


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  11. @Inner-outer Beauty - yes it is nice to have the option but you live in the trendiest country in the world!!

    @miss b - yes but their breakfast is always so satisfying - morning tea is fab there

    @Danie - that almost looks like the Wolseley! Thanks for the link

    @Colleen - I would call you honest :)

    @Fashion-isha, Fab Spot, Lauren - yes he is an amazing designer bar the blip about the chair.

    @Slim Paley - Welcome, If I knew you were coming, I would have dusted and bought some flowers! ;)

    @Kim - Thank you for dropping by - so glad I am not alone in the enthusiasm for these beautiful older models - they are "babes" no?

  12. There's so much of this in design... I'm not sure when it's ever a good idea to put in an uncomfortable chair, unless you want people to leave your house/ bar etc. The places he's created though are quite spectacular, strange chair notwithstanding! xx


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