Friday, 25 January 2013

Mad about Mad men

Do you remember that guy you used to have a huge crush on at school?

He was a few years older than you, going out with the prettiest girl with a perfect ponytail and you thought about him all summer long and you couldn't wait for the first day of school just so you could see him again?

Not that you would ever have a chance in hell of going out with him - even after the nose job you were going to get for your 16th birthday present.

Well, this is how I feel right now. 

I introduce to you my crush that will never eventualise and not just because he is a fictional character.

Don Draper - the Don.

Well, Helloooo.

Peggy, oh Peggy. 
She is too complicated for a quip.  
* Puts down pom poms *

Is it wrong that I want Don and Joan to have a one night stand?
Just the once. 
Admit it - you would love to see that.  
But obviously we all want Roger and Joan together forever.

Only reason Bert Cooper deserves to be in the photo is because his character had the foresight to buy a Rothko but otherwise I never quite see the point in his character.

Ken Cosgrove - he is another rather displaced character - but I guess even in Mad Men - you need some padding.

Harry Crane - just don't like the guy but he is the depository of our psychological residue so I guess he needs to stay.

 It's coming soon guys!

April 7 - well for the US anyway but still - Whoop whoop!

Just when I was still in mourning about the end of Homeland season 2... 


  1. i don't watch that show - but i guess i should get into it?!

  2. @Erika - You have plenty of time to watch the previous seasons and seamlessly join the rest of us for season 6! I promise you - you will love it!!

  3. hehe this is cute, I’m loving the high school analogy.

  4. I like the bad boys too - at a distance.

  5. I love this show! It makes me want to smoke, drink multiple cocktails and have an exciting tryst.


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