Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Frida Kahlo : Making Her Self Up at the Victoria and Albert Museum

I was lucky enough to go to the preview 
this morning of the upcoming 

It was much more in depth than I expected.

It had paintings of course.

And drawings.

And personal letters she wrote to her family while she was in America.

 But there were more intimate and unexpected artefacts and souvenirs such as her back braces.

Up close, they were so well crafted that they were reminiscent of couture level items.

Also included were plasters before she wore her back braces.

This was the plaster when she was expecting.

She wore it so proudly.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Chairs and their Anthropomorphic Personas Part 3

Your social media lurker who doesn't officially follow you but accidentally hits like on a post from 2013.

The one who isn't a "loser" but finds life a little harder.
Not IQ issues but EQ matters.
The person who is always improving themselves 
by way of most common postmodern means 
of physical or spiritual honing and other self help methods. 

They function but 
you wouldn't depend on them for any real support.

Your friend in law.
 You have had better conversations with strangers 
at an airport lounge than the awkward pleasantry exchanged 
when your mutual friend goes to the loo during lunch.

The person who just leaves the party without saying goodbye, disappears from most modes of communication for a certain time period, and is bipolar in the most affable of ways.

Just be warned.
They are either a spy, 
a recovering addict, 
or simply an extroverted introvert.

The person who repeats their anecdotes the amount of times 
toddlers ask you to reread their favourite book.
Yes Linda, you have told me about the time when...
Yes Linda, you did tell me about your...

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Paris Vogue June July 2018 and RIP Kate Spade

I love a summer cover.

I remember when an ice cube as considered risque after 9 and a half weeks.
But we are all so desensitised to sexual imagery 
I just think she is a bit thirsty is all.

Why is Victoire de Castellane constantly being peddled when all that publicity the past two decades is only because she holds editorial clout with magazine advertisers?
I just answered my own hypothetical question.

More and more we are being peddles products that are ok in themselves but represent a whole menagerie of lifestyle symbolism.

I really do not like picnics so will not be buying this 
Ralph Lauren picnic set.

Meanwhile, this Supreme Remova collaboration was so huge 
that I saw lines going down Bond Street the other month and 
it was for people lining to get one of these suitcases.

These shoes are cute.

I really like that Kate Spade alligator straw bag.
I was really shocked and surprisingly sad about her death.
I never knew her but she was part of that generation who entered fashion by being their own fashion brand manager and wasn't formally schooled in a niche.

There is so much to say about the circumstances in which a lot is still unclear.

But I will say this.

I inwardly squirm when people say "first world problems" after someone discusses a personal issue.
As if many of us have to walk 5 miles twice daily to fetch water from a well.

Conversely, there are those who proudly wear their problem as either a tribe identifier or social currency to cash in to play any anthropological social games.

I do wish people would be more layered in viewing difficulty and am surprised after thousands of years of myths and 
women's weekly magazines that people still generalise 
financial success with guaranteed happiness.

RIP Kate Spade

One of my heroes is Hedy Lamarr.
She was 10/10 in looks and talent and brains.
She was one of the main engineers to pioneer the foundations of today's internet.
She is a true goddess.

Feel good summer photos to lighten the mood.
 Sequinned pants getting wet would cause all sorts of skin issues - poor model.

 Pouffes are back.
I will tell my friends who never knew they weren't fashionable.

 Regardless of your opinioin on the Hadids, I was a bit disappointed that French Vogue would bother discussing this.

I want a bit of typical French 
anti American / anti reality TV show ethos.

But I think I am only saying that because I found her a dull housewife.
When your fridge has more personality than you, that is a "tell".

 Let's end this the way they end the magazine with an item of trendy fashion.
This is just another ellipse in the current trend that I call shoe acrobatics.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Wedding, and other thunderstorms

London is having epic thunderstorms recently.
 It was midwestern USA level of lightening.
This was the calm before the storm.

Millie does not like the storms.

I really feel for her.
If it continues, I am thinking of getting her a thunderstorm jacket to comfort dogs.

But on the day I visited Chelsea Flower Show, the weather was superb albeit there were those flying thorns all about poking everyone's eyes.

This year there were more bonsai stands than other years.

The standout plant for me was this wisteria bonsai.
I am surprised it didn't win an award though the stand as a whole did get a gold.
This year was better than last year but there were many more selling stands and the show and artisan gardens were still lacking in the numbers and were replaced with people flogging man caves, greenhouses, and champagne.
We all love a Japanese garden but each year they seem to go OTT in the Japanese token tea ceremony hut. They really throw every single element and now I find this a bit schmaltzy.
The one thing I noticed this year as a trend was the sparse planting with lots of visible dirt.
I think they refer to it as Queen Anne planting?
It isn't my thing.
Seeing dirt like that makes me feel a little flat.
This winter has been tough so was just thankful that my plants came out.
Except for my jasmine which only bloomed one flower so I am nursing it.
 Native roses always do well.
Hardy stuff those roses.
Clematis came out but I find them a little complicated.
Meanwhile, the sunken garden in Kensington Palace is really becoming a feature more and more.
 These boughs brought in a while back is really coming into its own and I love walking through them.
 Such great vantage points from each aperture spaced about 5 meters apart.

 This year they opened a tea cafe on the far side of the sunken garden.

It is very touristy but it does give you this view of the palace and gardens.
 Speaking of royals, I went to watch Harry's wedding at a club.
Think kind of like a sports bar but for weddings.
 It was a chic central London club but this duster broom stood out to me.
 The duster looks better face on - its good side.
Don't have anything too unique to say about the wedding.

But then I don't buy into kool-aid nor hopium.

As you all well know.

It was very entertaining to watch but when people were saying things like,

 "Oh my gosh - look how he looks at her! He must love her!"

I did wonder how many weddings these people had gone to where the groom punches the bride?

But the U.K. has gone all weird.

Look at this poster I saw on the tube.

Holy crap.
Most of us don't bother talking to some family and friends.

On one hand, think tanks and government funded initiatives are trying to make us speak to each other.
But about what when everything is twisted, accusative, and one is constantly being told rather than engaged to speak to one another?

According to an article in this weeks FT, 
asking a working woman with a family how she manages to do it is to be added to the long list of things you are not allowed to mention.

Sorry about the pic alignment here.

Apparently, Uranus is in Taurus which is a huge thing.
Don't know what really - I am learning.
But Kim Kardashian is speaking prison reform with President Trump.
Can you believe that KK will be the Jacqui O of her generation?

I might have to watch all the backlog episodes of the Kardashians!

Hope you had a great May and see you in June x