Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Would Carrie wear these shoes?

We all take some chances in fashion but 
one rarely sees a huge gamble in shoes.

If anything, a gamble might be Reeboks or Crocs.

A heel might have an unusual width or length but 
otherwise most people are rather safe in their choices.

But this collection of shoes might test even the 
foot fashion bold among you.

Dolly Parton's first pair of high heels?

Probably made from her brother's sling shot back 
in the Smoky Mountains. 

I love slides so this could actually work, in a different color.

This would be a huge hit with kindergartners 
trying on Mommy's heels.

I think I could wear this in the inverse - black jug with milk poured.
Or the jug of custard might do.

Your heels would go clickety quack-quack.

Perfect for an evening at the ballet - 
I won't insult your intelligence,
you know what I am going to say.

David Attenborough might find these sexy.
I see Miss Piggy wearing the pink pair.

The second pair might be perfect for a trip to Marrakesh - 
you could match the divans.

The action shot shows it in perspective - 
kudos to the designer for getting inspired by litter.

Hey stilleto, Mick Jagger called.
He wants his tongue back.

Some family in Denmark is either missing their high heel clogs or 
their Tulip Saarinen stool.

Walking these puppies will be easy - no pooper scooper.

If you are single, 
buy these 
and get thee outside.

I think this is known as a "conversation starter".

Would Banana Republic dare?

Pictures from themetapicture.com
Shoe designers are unknown.


  1. Wow, these shoes are amazing. Gorgeous!



  2. How fun! Not sure if I would rock any of these, but they're definitely amusing!

  3. Hello dear beautiful your blog .. I'm your new follower. .AND YOU FOLLOW ME? Thank youvery much, waiting you in my blog kissessss <3


  4. Hahaha these are fabulous doubt I could rock any of them though xxx


  5. What a fun post! Thanks for the giggle. These shoes are all incredible / crazy !!!!
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  6. I love this post! I actually found myself thinking about which clothes in my wardrobe I could wear them with. As long as I could walk in them from the car to the restaurant I would wear them all! Why not turn heads - they would turn mine.


  7. Well, they're certainly, um, interesting. You'd definitely attract plenty of attention in them too..... not sure it would be of the "doesn't she look elegant " kind though! xx

  8. Ok, I do love a high heel, but....I do not think even Carrie would go there in any of those. Artful as they are....ok, I did really like the puppy pair. Such a fun post...there is just so much creating out there!
    Thank you for your comment on my vignette post and for following me on Bloglovin'. Me & you makes 2!! You are Naomi, correct? So say Naomi would it be ok with you if I added you to my "kindred spirits" blog roll?

  9. Haha ! such a cool post :)
    I love crazy shoes like these ones.
    I think my weirdest shoes are a pair of golden italian ones.Best description would be "a pair of Renaissance shoes"


    Wish you a lovely day,


  10. Hi Sofia, They are pretty crazy right?? I was kinda hypnotized by them ; ) Have a lovely day too-
    Thanks for coming by!


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