Wednesday, 20 February 2013

House Beautiful March 2013 issue - Part 1 of 2

House Beautiful US edition is one of the many
magazines I subscribe to. 
It is a staple for good and achievable design;
not crazy and elaborate but they demonstrate good, solid tips and delineate decor methods succinctly.  

House Beautiful March 2013 issue

I started to subscribe to them because
they do a great monthly section about paint colors.

For instance, they do things like this often.

And sometimes they do features that was about unexpected color schemes that work like the one below.

So when they came out with this latest issue headlining
 color combos, I was rather excited.

Sorry to tell you guys who don't have a subscription that this issue might not really be worth purchasing...

I was expecting a decent exploration of color with some diametrically opposed  and unique color combinations.  
Instead they gave me this.

So choosing the color celadon means you are a good listener?
Adding gray suggests one is a stable influence?
I just thought it was a classic Nordic color combo scheme myself.

I thought purple and yellow were at the opposite ends of the color spectrum so that was the resonance...
I did not know it meant it could turn you into Mystic Meg.

Wait a minute, so has House Beautiful just gone into a house and started psychoanalyzing people? 
( I thought we just did that quietly in our own head.)

I am sure it is no fault of Kate Smith, the color expert,
because the editor is the one to choose content but this is the angle House Beautiful is taking? 

I can't be polite about this picture in any way whatsoever.
This is okay in a civilian home but featured in HB?

The flat tonal primary colors and the general decor is reminiscent of the first wave of home redecoration TV shows in the 90's where decorators had an hour to create a new look.

I have learned nothing from this except my house might have a shot to get into a future edition of House Beautiful.

There were no inspiring shots, in fact, 
they were conspicuously mediocre.

The most interesting thing about this is the cushions.  

This reminds me of those model show homes where they stick 
an apple pie in the staged dining room hoping you get a 
Pavlovian reaction and buy the house in the hope your grandma is waiting for you in the attic.

Am I the only one who finds this creepy?  
It looks like someone's stalker snuck into the bedroom with a 
spray can of paint.

This is cute and quaint but looks like it's from a DIY project blog. 

So this is part one - I will post part two tomorrow.

Part of me worries I am being too critical, 
but I feel like I pay good money and 
I pay for inspiration and their expertise.

These days with decor blogs, instagram and pinterest, 
magazines really need to up the ante...

Otherwise, I am slowly going to reconsider all my subscriptions.

This has made me think about posting about colors and its effects. 

I used to work in marketing and there were so many subliminal powers colors had and I find it quite interesting so I will be posting sometime soon on the subject. 

Hope you guys join me tomorrow x


  1. Gray and mahogany is such a beautiful color combo:)!

  2. agree - very uninspiring overall. The comment they've made on yellow is interesting. You're "bold" apparently.... which is interesting as a yellow room is causes adults to fight and argue more. So that is clearly would make you bold. In the wrong way. Would love to hear what you were told about colour theory xx

  3. I understand what you mean here. We expect to be really inspired by these magazines and as you say there is a lot of competition now with Pinterest etc. I like the grey with mahogony and also the muted violet and pale yellow.

  4. Hi guys,yes grey and mahogany is really soothing and rich isn't it?

    @Heidi, yes - yellow also makes babies cry - never paint a baby's room in yellow! Will get out my old books to refresh my memory.x

  5. I'm a sucker for a good colour combo but I love that chevron rug!

  6. Yes that is a good magazine there was a home designs gazing called Domino that I LOVED but alas it is no more and Blue Print was really nice. I still want to check out the HDTV magazine

    Ali of

  7. hate when mags dissapoint like that - i feel ya!!!

  8. @ a little slice - I like the chevron rug too - i keep worrying the trend will end soon but i am still loving it.

    @ Ali of Dressing Ken - I still have old issues of Domino! I liked Met home as well - so sad when mags close down...

    @Erika- ;)

    @Miss b - yes the grey and mahogany is popular!

  9. I love gray. Always have. Always will.

  10. @christine - i love gray as well - one could decorate a whole house in different tones.

  11. Oh I missed this post! How funny, my comment for your previous post said I was eclectic, so I love these colour combos for the house. The base for most of my house is magnolia with accents of pink, brown, blue, green depending on the room - don't be sick! I should probably consider incorporating some of these colours in to my fashion style as I tend to live in black.

    ooh don't give up on the subscription just yet - show your support lol. But then I guess it depends how expensive the subscription is.

  12. @colleen - yes i will continue supporting - and ps i think you might be able to get an aga easily but only if you stop buying shoes!!! lol x

  13. Morocco vibes, white marble and lavender and chocolate and gray are fabulous! This is my fave magazine, too!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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