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Emmanuelle Alt - distinctly fashionable?

Emmanuelle Alt is the French Editor in large of French Vogue.

She only recently took over from Carine Roitfeld who was editor for ten years and stopped two years ago.  I say stopped because the circumstances of her departure are disputed. 
She says she resigned but the open secret seems that 

Taken when Carine was still editor and Ms Alt was fashion editor .

Apparently, there was always tension between the two but 
I feel like that is one of  "those stories".
People have been saying that for years about Anna and Grace but they are still working together despite what it seems.

I guess because that's because you know who's boss.

She is the one of the king makers in the fashion world.

She is also known for her own distinct style.
 Shirt, belt with slim trousers, non clunky shoes.
 Shirt, belt with skinny jeans, non clunky shoes.
Juxtaposed next to a white sneaker,  capri pant wearing,  messy pony-tailed civilian.
 Shirt, belt with skinny jeans, non clunky shoes.

Yep, you can say she has a "uniform" and a few quirks that are unique to her and have become her trademarks.

Via Chanaristyle.wordpress
Now I must preface that I am an avid reader - 
I read newspapers, magazines, blogs, back of jam jars.
And out there in the ether and cyber space, 
it seems no one says the obvious.

But I am a civilian and a mild fashion enthusiast and I have nothing to gain or lose from her so I have the luxury of saying what I think.

I expect that because she is so immersed in the fashion world - 
she wants to keep it simple.
I don't know the reasons exactly but you know when you read articles on Michelin super star chefs and 
they get asked,"What would be your last meal?"

And then they say something really anticlimactic like,
"Roast chicken and a salad."
I always get a bit disappointed.
I think this is the fashion equivalent.

People rave about her.
I was reading Garance Dore yesterday.
I like her but she does run a business...
There was the usual fashion week ode to Ms Alt -
about how her style was discreet Parisian restraint - which it is.

But every other Parisian girl dresses this way so what makes her so special other than she can make or break your career?
Oh yeah, there is that...

Then today there was another article on Garance Dore.
They were once again - sycophantic - 
and they actually had the gall to ask the following.
(Gotta give them credit for "Altfit" though.)

Click here to go to the site.

What would Emmanuelle Alt Wear?


Let me tell ya.

 The same bloody thing she always wears.

But of course - no one mentions it.

Anna Wintour gets a lot of flack but I personally am more worried about Ms Alt.

I have a funny feeling that she has a bit of a fashionista mini me syndrome thing going on.

 Have you seen how all her junior editors at 
Vogue dress like her?


Personally, to me it seems a bit like that game, 
Where's Waldo?

Via repeatcrafterme

Which one is she?

Imagine this.
Purely for illustration purposes and I am not in anyway accusing her of possibly acting in this way, ok?

You are in Paris, in a cafe.

 You think someone who looks like Ms Alt steals your bag.

You go to the police for a line up.

And this is what you get it.

Need a closer look?
Still can't pick her, can you?

And here they are - getting away scott free...:p

So guys, while I think she is chic and has a great uniform,

I won't be drinking the fashion Kool-aid.

Photos are either from Sartorialist, Stockholmstreetstyle. 


  1. Interesting post. I think a lot of the fashion personalities have become like celebrities and they can wear whatever they want and do no wrong. Even if we think it's uninspired or ugly. Whatever!

  2. So entertaining and interesting! I do agree with you about the Parisian style in general and that 95% of the women look this chic, it's what makes them French! Hope you have a great day! xo Caroline

  3. Funny post! I believe that sometimes people emulate celebrities with a bit too much enthusiasm for my taste.
    Catherine xo

  4. HAHAHAH that is so funny!! You are definitely onto something. It reminds me of Gossip Girl season 1 & 2 where the girls at school dress like "the queen". it's almost like how if the boss smokes the people under take up smoking to spend more time with the boss and hope to get further up in work?

  5. This is a really hilarious post! Loved it! You are getting to be as interesting as Man Repeller! Ha Ha!! Love You!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. Chuckling at ever paragraph. You are right, she does look very chic, there's no denying that, but would I rush to find out what she is wearing (e.g. in the latest glossy or to a fashion event)like I do with some 'celebs'? The answer is no, her style does not excite me to that extent.

    What's funny is that every time I see her now, I'm going to analyse her outfit (which I would never have done before) and think of this post.

    I might actually try that part tucking the shirt in the pants thing - is that sad?

  7. Love the line up photos - you're very funny! She looks chic, but hardly earth shatteringly original. I also can't help but feel that if she was a little bit heavier, and not quite so giraffe like tall, she wouldn't be quite so widely feted. xx

  8. Great post!So much inspiration:)Thank you for that:)
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    xoxo Veselina

  9. holy cr*p your right - they totally have a 'uniform' - but if i was THAT skinny and tall i'd prob wear those outfits daily! - ok wait, no i wouldn't wear the SAME thing everyday - forget what i say - i never wear an outfit twice so nix that

  10. You're totally right. So chic. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. xo

  11. Yes this is an interesting article. People let success go to their heads. So stupid, when you have SO MUCH and lose it over stupidity.

    Ali of

  12. interesting post! i didn't know much about french vogue actually

  13. Carine reminds me of Iggy Pop in that photo. Is that a compliment? :-) My Grace Coddington autobiography arrived via post today and I can't wait to tuck in . . .

  14. :D That's exactly what it is - a uniform!! I've never even considered this, you always see her on these street-style blogs and she looks great and different from everybody else, but when you put her pics together, it's actually a copy paste kind of situation.:D And I laughed out loud when I scrolled to the photo of her and her junior editor.:D
    P.S.: Your comment made me think - are my taste buds really dead?? I have to look into that!

  15. Thanks for all your comments!

    @Pop Champagne - yes it must be a little bit like that!

    @Lauren - thanks doll - will def check out Man Repeller!x

    @Colleen - I always love your honesty! I will await your post with the new half tucked tee x

    @Heidi - I think her body really is her best accessory! x

    @Miss Cavendish - you hit it on the nail - Iggy Pop!!! LOL.

    @Peet - No,I very much doubt it!

  16. This post is awesome...i love how you managed to work in a photo from Austin Powers!

    1. Thank you, I have never seen the movie though but only know the inference!

  17. I love your posts!! Always something to comprehend instead of just pointing out a particular "look." Your point about the stolen purse line up made me laugh. :) Oh, and Where's Waldo...

    1. Danie, thanks so much. I try and give original content as if I wanted to copy and paste I could do ten posts a day!

  18. This was a really entertaining and interesting post. There is no doubt about it, she is chic but as you say many French women are equally stylish. It was a lovely surprise today to see that you were following but you have now disappeared from my list - strange!

    1. Thanks miss b, and I follow blogs on bloglovin as well bc GFC is acting up recently!

  19. Just to let you know that everything seems fine now and you're back on GFC! Thanks for your comment and for following on Bloglovin' too.

  20. this plate makes me hungry

  21. Great blog.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Parisian Style'.


  22. I happened to stumble across your blog last night, first read the posting about victoria beckham and then this one. It totally made my day (night?)!! Soo funny and entertaining! I was sitting in front of my laptop in my student residence room and especially when I got to the police line up thing I was laughing loudly with tears in my eyes! Thanks a lot for this!

    "On topic" I really like her style but it does look always the same and sometimes I find it amusing how people write about her as if she constantly reinvented fashion, like that "altfit" blog post on garance doré. In the end I think I prefer her over all those people that try to be even more spectacular every time they attend a fashion event. I just wouldn't idealise her too much.


    1. hi Cato, thanks for dropping in and also for your generous comments! sl glad it made someone laugh although i was being serious ;)

      i also feel better that i am not crazy in not worshipping her!

  23. i love this woman. she knows what she likes and knows what looks good on her. how awesome is it that a woman with all of her fashion power; where's the same outfits and accessories.

  24. Funny! Esp "juxtaposed against white shoe capri wearing pedestrian" yes her style is very roast chkn n salad. i have to admit i like it tho the understated look. Tres chic. I imagine it takes work to achieve a "not trying too hard" look. props to her!

    1. I just saw this...yes that do and don't was very Glamour wasn't it??

  25. how did we miss this one?!

    thank goodness you did a surreptitious and most helpful internal-art-icle-link.

    very funny.

    and we know of what you speak considering where we used to work. *coughs*

  26. I missed this one too and I loved it! Hilarious and spot on Naomi!

  27. OMG, from a US point of view, she's a mess! To me, she always needs to wash her hair for crying out loud!
    A Fashion Editor for Vogue to dress like this is craziness. She does not inspire anything except the need for a good bar of soap. Carine R. was asked to leave because of the hideous anniversary party she threw for Vogue, where NO ONE except models attended. Not society women, no advertisers, not even Karl. So you can imagine how the Newhouses felt. I'm following. You're great.

    1. Too funny!! Carine was apparently also doing some things like showing samples on preview only to competitors and supposedly taking perks to sway editorials so I thin she tried the patience of many...But still laughing re bar of soap.

  28. So that's whose picture I clipped as reference for wearing white jeans in the winter! I remember thinking it was odd both women had the identical look as if in uniform, I had no idea one of them was the queen of chic. Very excellent analysis, Naomi, and funny too. Loved it and love that you said it!

    1. She is Parisian chic in herself but I wonder if anyone mentions at Monday morning editor meetings - wow we are dressed all alike even though we get free samples from all the best designers in the world - we are wearing the same thing...AWKWARD!

  29. Hihi, so funny. It's true that she does not take any risks!
    Emmanuelle really is the queen of basic chic.
    As a personal stylist I have recently been asked if you could pull out a look "à la Alt" as a curvy girl. Here is what I answered:

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