Sunday, 24 February 2013

Instagram - y post

I don't think I am going to open an Instagram account because 
I have password and pin number fatigue.  
I  just won't be able to remember another one so here is what my Instagram would have looked like.

I never thought about posting random pictures but I do find myself enjoying random pictures on other blogs 
so I am going to give it a go.  
I thought I had a decent camera but I don't have the skills to match the potential so here goes...

This is from this winter thus far.

London doesn't always have streets full of thugs.

He looks harmless enough -
 just hiding from someone so he could go skiing?

 This winter has been brutal - 
if I live in London any longer, 
evolution will prompt me to hibernate.

Snow in Berkeley Square
North and Side side

This will be forever known as the Christmas tree massacre of 2013.
Warning - botanical violence in next picture.

Allotments in the UK make me laugh but is sweet how people remain hopeful every year.

I am guilty of taking a photo of a bird only because bird watchers with paparazzi like cameras thought it warranted that machinery.

Bird was so small they needed the type of cameras that take pics of Kate Middleton on holiday.
The bird is so small but bang in center perched on the fence.  
This was right in front of the Diana fountain in Hyde Park for those of you who are bird watchers.
I asked questions but I think I just got in the way of all the "action"!

Some buds starting to bloom in the park.
"I promise to love you." by Tracey Emin
On my way to a lunch with friends, I came across this.  
Walking is nice because driving by, you never notice these things.
The owner of this house kindly shared with the public.
This is on the road leading to Julie's in Holland Park.

One of my favourite restaurants in London - La Petite Maison.
Great atmosphere, consistently good food, 
tapas style eating with French Provencal food is a great mix.

Everyone famous here.
I rarely drink wine now due to a misspent youth.
But I made an exception one night catching up with an old friend.
I adore tapas style eating.
La petite maison has the best burrata in London - 
pictured in background.
A Sunday staple for brunch. 
Get there early so you can eat without a reservation.

I don't have a regular thing I order - 
I eat on rotation but their pancakes have gone downhill.
Also, avoid the kedgeree but otherwise everything else is amazing.

One of the signature dishes called Meat Fruit at
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
This is chicken liver and foie gras made to look like an orange. 
If you go - you have to also order the pineapple dessert - 
it is going to be THE dessert of this decade.

There is a huge revival of burgers in London.
Sign of the recession?

Tommie's Burger Joint is in Marylebone Lane - very good.
Run by Icelandics and the clientele are mostly from Iceland.
No jokes please.

Rather tasty.
Brioche bun with great meat and yummy fries. 
But small menu.
This became a habit so then we went to our local Byron Burger.
Love the bright decor.

Everything is great except for their dry and tasteless
 chips/french fries. 
They need to work on them. 

Sick of Laduree?
Then this will fill the gap.
 Those are meringue balls with different coatings.
 These are a rustic type of brioche.

Love the chandelier - it is their trademark -
 all the stores have them. 

( For those inclined to read in French.)
 Head to Aux Merveilleux de Fred
It's on Old Brompton Road in South Ken.

Also when in South Ken, never miss Gilding the Lily...
Went to the Manet exhibition at the Royal Academy.
They found some paintings from eclectic museums like one from Missouri and a lot of private collections. 
It ends the 14th of April. 

The only thing I was allowed to photograph.
I like the quote on top.
Worth going - no camera is every going to replicate Manet.

Went to a talk about life, death, and old age in the Royal Academy.
But seriously - have you noticed the orbs in the picture???
The panelists - my favorite was Daphne Self, 
the 83 year old supermodel who has been in the Dolce Gabbana ads with Monica Belluci.  
Another fun panellist was Ari Cohen of Advanced Style
Was not the best talk overall so I will spare you.

 I can safely say that my friends and I needed a drink after it - 
not the most uplifting talk I have been to.
They must have known to offer drinks.
The big Cinderella shoe in the shoe department in Selfridges.  
If you fit into it - you get all the shoes free.  ( Just kidding)
I have yet to buy a pair of shoes there because you get inundated with shoes that you are sick of it halfway through.
I love the Connaught Hotel - the poor cousin of Dorchester and Claridges no more! So underestimated and underrated.

A quick drink with a friend on a school night. 
I usually go to the Connaught bar at the back but now like the Coburg Bar in front better.

Got lucky and got a corner table to see all the flirting.
My first cocktail.
It was the Delicious Sour.  
Yes, it was both.
Yes, it is £15 but you get a comfy seat and unlimited amount of potato chips and olives so it actually works out.

I had an appointment in Wapping but arrived too early so went walkabout for a bit.
What the...?
This is rare in London.
I stepped on the sandy bank of the Thames.
Nice surprise - No bones.
Canary Wharf in the distance
The foundation for the warehouses.
Was so thankful for the peace and dose of nature in Zone 1!
Was a mini holiday.
Converted warehouses turned into flats - love the window shutters.

London's attempt at an atrium.
Lovely respite.
Nosy parker I am - a house in my street completely gutted.
Stripped down to the bare bones - can you see its ribs?
They don't know it but I will be updating you all on its progress ;)
But I don't feel bad because 
they are hard nosed property developers.

But these two are not so hard nosed.
The cutest dogs in the mews.

The winter is so brutal.  Saturday lunch in Mayfair- 
everyone is at home.

 Had lunch inside instead at Princi in Soho.
 Who can resist the flowers at Liberty?
 Quick stop at Brown's - love the building.
 Poppy King did a lip reading at Selfridges on Saturday.
This is the lipstick she chose for me. 

 Jean Queen by Lipstick Queen - never went to see her when I lived in Melbourne but I finally made it and she was so nice. 
She got distracted by my handbag and kept trying it on 
but I happily let her though!
I quite like my Lindy as well. It is the most useful bag.
There was a lot going on so I forgot to take a picture.
She analyzed my friend accurately and a little more in depth than myself but still all rather impressive.

So there you have it - my version of instagram.


  1. Goodness, where to start? You have been busy! I used to LOVE walking around London and looking in everyone's windows at twilight. I am nosy like that though, there was some lovely Interior Decoration in certain areas I used to walk through. My husband is going to London next week, I'll tell him to pack his coat. I went with him this time last year, and it was freezing then too, and I also bought some shoes in the Selfridges Shoe Gallery although I know what you mean, it was all slightly overwhelming. But I Pushed On, as we are so starved for choice here, and Shopped for Australia. Then had to cart the enormous bag all the way down Bond St, knocking people out on the way and getting stuck in airlocks until I got back to our hotel (sadly not Claridges). xx

  2. My blog got nothing compare to yours :-(

  3. @Heidi - too many pictures perhaps?? I don't think I will do too many of these - maybe once a month so wanted to give you your bang for the buck lol. Tell your husband to bring thermals - honestly this is one of the coldest winters I have experienced in London!! I might use your trick and walk around with tons of bags so all the people get out of the way. Yes, I am a total interior decor peeping tom :) x

  4. @ Martina - Dont be silly - I loved the last video you posted - i wish i thought of using it on my kindle post xx

  5. OMG! What a fab post. I am virtually 'high-fiving' you as I type about your Instagram comment.

    oh I miss London. I lived there for 3 years whilst at uni, but where the hell did you find that sandy bank in zone 1! I could have done with going there on a number of occasions for peace and tranquil.

    When I had my flat, my bedroom window was backed against a huge allotment. Everyone said I was crazy for living so close and not growing my own especially being a nutritionist - blah blah blah!

    I love the Cinderalla shoe - of course lol!

    London is at least 2 degrees warmer than Birmingham, for sure!

    This is way better than instagram! x

  6. Nowhere like London in the winter...come to think of it, nowhere like London any time of the year!

  7. wow.... so many cool photos.... amazing.


  8. I'm never getting Instagram either... I mean... Do we really need somewhere to post words, somewhere to post pictures, somewhere to post just short messages, somewhere to... COME ON. And then the endless lists of usernames and passwords.
    I love walking around cities too, mine is unfortunately to small and to boring to be this exciting but London... You're very lucky.:) And I'd love to go to that Manet exhibition!!

  9. Hi again.:) I just saw your comment on my blog: What do you mean when you could?! Can't you always shave it? I'm planing of shaving it again some day.:D

  10. great photos

  11. I love all these photos! Especially the foody/drinky ones. I really want to go to Heston's London restaurant, I have been to The Fat Duck twice xx

  12. WAIT. Did I already know you live in London?? Well, I'm using this post as reference for our trip there this summer! I thought Laduree was the best...well, I've heard it's the best. Haven't tried it yet! And why did I think there was only one in Paris?

    I'm full of questions today, obviously.

  13. @Colleen - isn't it crazy? wapping station turn right about 40 m and on a narrow alleyway on your right and there are steps leading down to this little beach - it was insane! thought you might like the shoe! x

    @Jacqueline - actually the way I am feeling London only three seasons minus winter! It is soo cold.

    @ivlovlaugh - the food pics are nowhere near as yummy as yours!

    @Peet - I have a feeling you make your city interesing ;P

    @Airin @loving-Evelyn @Milex - thank you!

    @Sian - Thank you - I loved Fat duck but only been there once - lucky you!! Dinner is totally different - based on tudor/georgian etc recipes so the flavours are simple but hope you get to go soon and remember to order those two dishes x

  14. @Danie - There are stand alone shops of Laduree in London - and they are so pretty - i will post pics for you next time - but if you come to London - you have to go to Pierre Herme - its like the Pepsi challenge - or perhaps you are too young to remember that? x

  15. Hey girlie.
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other?:)
    Please let me know. I work from home, so I follow back right away.

  16. Wow, this is a mega post for "a few random pics" :-) It's always great to see London through somebody else's eyes/lens and there will always be new things to discover. I clearly need to get out more... Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. That pink house is one of my favourites to take pictures of in London. Have a great week xo

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment. Your blog is so original and inspiring. I really like it! You have a brand new follower. Nice day!
    laura from Rome

  18. @Mademoiselle Poirot - thanks for coming by - still amazed to know that door is in London!

    @Melo - thank you

    @ordinette - grazie

    @Irene - thank you

  19. Love so many of these! And you should still totally get on instagram ;) I never have to log in it's automatically logged in on my phone - and so fun!

    1. Really? But then I will never be able to change my phone! :)

  20. Ahhhhh these pics of London are so fun. I was there during the holidays this year. We were lucky in that the weather cooperated nicely. Thanks for stopping by Stylemindchic and yes, my post on how dry shampoo saved my trip to London was a bit tongue in cheek, and yet, so true! Here's to good humor! ;) Cheers, Heather

    1. Honestly, that post is one of those universal experiences we all have had isn't it - maybe that is why it was even funnier! Thanks for visiting as well! Yes, humour will never get wasted with me :)

  21. I loved this post - adore London. Was there last year so probably won't get there for a while. Sitting on a farm in Western Australia right now so it was lovely to see all your photos for a virtual change of scene.

    My favourite photo was of the dogs though - we have a much loved dachshund so think the photo was gorgeous.

    1. Hello Farmers wife! It's funny bc I would love to see pics of country Australia so grass is greener right? Yes those dogs are my neighbours and the short hair is only a few months old but they make a great team!


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