Friday, 15 February 2013

Dear Victoria, please explain.

It's New York fashion week.

For civilians - it means bad traffic and jammed restaurants.

For fashionistas - this is like the couture playoffs.

For fashion designers - this is make or break time.  
There is pressure to out shine and set trends 
and make the headlines.

One who fits the bill is Victoria Beckham.

Have you seen her in the last few days for New York fashion week?

Victoria carrying her tote bag at NYFW.

Victoria carrying another of her new bags 
from her collection during NYFW.

But this looks weird or is it me?  

It's not a clutch bag - none of them.  
They both have handles so why on earth 
is she carrying her bags like that?

I know New York is a big bad city.  
But the city is actually quite safe especially since 
Mayor Bloomberg was elected.

But she is usually surrounded by bodyguards.

And she does have paparazzi or is surrounded by guards so it can't be because she's afraid of being mugged 
and holding on to her bag for dear life.

  What on earth does she need a bag for anyway?

She has staff around her all the time, a husband, and four kids.
Someone can carry her bag. 

So in that way she is a bit like the queen isn't she?  
That and being posh of course.

Even the Swedish queen is wondering what on earth 
Queen Elisabeth is carrying in her handbag...

But I suppose she likes handbags because I have seen her collect and carry her other brand name bags before.

She used to carry Hermes bags before she ventured 
into her own bag collection.

Victoria carrying her crocodile Birkin bag.

 Victoria carrying one of my favorites, the classic Kelly bag.

Then it made me think- 
is she pregnant again and trying to hide her bump?

Grace Kelly tried to hide her pregnancy bump with her Hermes bag and got that style of bag eventually named after her...

I have seen her carrying a bag the way it should be held.

Yes Victoria, that is how you carry a clutch.

So it wasn't just a fluke because she did it again.

But then I realized well she must be promoting her show during fashion week.

She does "design" a fashion collection.  
She oversees her own brand and has a fashion line to manage.

These are some pieces from her collection this season.

This is so VB.  
I can see her involvement in this design.

I have to admit I really like her designs.  The cut is unbelievable.  
I am no Tim Gunn but she "made it work".

Hang on a second.

She is even making her models carry the bags like she is?

Is she trying to set a trend?  

Oooohhhhh, that's what she is doing.

But it looks weird on them as well.

The thing is, she is a bit of a trendsetter in somethings.

She was the first proper WAG.  
( Wives and girlfriends. )

The couple when they first got together.  

You can tell this was when they just started because 
she is wearing shower flip flops in public 
and being photographed smiling.

David is wearing underwear with no socks. 

She was in a ground breaking girl group.

Every girl group since them aim to be like the Spice Girls.

Even before Cheryl Cole and her debacle with Ashley, 
she had her marriage's public laundry aired.

 Don't worry, Tori, that's not Rachel.
David is trying to sneak a peek tho...

Even before Brangelina, 
Posh and Becks already did W magazine.

I have no idea if this is part of the W magazine shoot or
 if it's just them hanging out on a normal Wednesday night.

But there are some trends that she has tried to start 
that just never caught on.

The bag with its own tail / 
professional microphone never took off.

The huge hipster medicine bag didn't take off either.

This looked really clunky and she was still using the back pocket of her teeny tiny jeans to carry her phone instead of that bag.

So I think she should stick to her best accessory:
David and Harper.

Yep, it really isn't working for me.

I would probably give this specific bag carrying trend a rest.  
That and her tennis elbow.


  1. What a great post! She looks great all the time and this bags! She is the bag lady in a good way!

    Ali of

  2. Is that not the most stupid look ever?
    Are you a writer? You know how to turn a phrase.

  3. J. Crew had a model doing same with a big orange bag. Maybe some sort of secret NYFW moneybags ritual - or simply too much carpal tunnel from all the tweeting?

  4. had me laughing out loud this morning. And yesterday you had me all knotted up about women and what we do & let be done. Hilary Mantle is a wonderful writer and her weight is not an issue other than as it pertains to her health. Posh is fabulously fabulous, but drop the bag honey or hold it the right way. Picturing me, slaving to fashion trying to carry it like Posh, while juggling car keys, groceries, puppy leash & kiddie hands...I daresay a normal clutch is difficult enough under those conditions. And I do think that was them on a regular wednesday night..and watch out her 'people' may be after you for posting the photo with the smile & rubber spa flip flops. xo

  5. She so glamorous but the way she holds her bag is kind of a body language message that she's protecting herself. That's how I read it. Have a great weekend!

  6. Her bag holding style ruins the whole look. They're too wide for her stick thin body, or anyone else's for that matter. They just look like a suitcase with a long handle. Dumb.

  7. Ok this is just awkward - why in the world is she holding it that way? Maybe handles aren't strong enough and trying to hide it - strange!

  8. This is heeelarious!! I'm all for making a fashion statement, but I have to agree with you, I'm not sure this statement is looking quite right; it does just appear really awkward. But, I'm sure she has achieved what she set out to do: get us all talking about it!

    By the way, I can't promise you won't see me wearing a butch bag like this in a future outfit post - of course just for fun and to pay homage to this post!

  9. How hilarious! Victoria is carrying her bag just like the way we carried our school bags. We were not allowed to put them over our shoulder (stupid rule), and they were shaped like her current line as well, quite boxy (this was before the school backpack in the 80's), so we used to lug them around just as she did. It was too awkward to hold them by the straps as they'd knock into your legs as you walked. I'd say her bag would be the same. Love that pick of her with Becks smiling in the ugly shoe. I'm pretty sure she's had a spiky heel welded to her feet since then! xx

  10. Because she's so, so special and unique, of course! (In HER head, anyway!)

  11. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  12. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  13. Looks ridiculous! She's trying to hard to be cool. Fashion editors are carrying their bags like that...Reminds me slightly of elderly ladies clutching their bags..


  14. Haha that does look weird! But also laughing at those awful flipflops she's wearing in the early photo hehe xx

  15. Very interesting post and point of view! I enjoyed very much. You are a great writer!

  16. Hahahahahahaha this is hilarious!!!! Love it, xxx

  17. I really like her. Have a great day.

  18. I know exactly why one would carry a bag like that cuz I've done it myself! If you put too much in the bag, and it weighs a lot, you the handles will break from the weight! When I do this, I feel really awkward and ridiculous! Ha Ha!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  19. Oh I am going to go to Reiss and look for that coat, it's a white one that I want, let's be Katey look alikes together.

  20. I've seen this way to carry a bag on the catwalk but this obey at fashion's rules is sometimes really absurd!

  21. Thanks guys for letting me know what you think about this as well.

    @fashionisha and @Lauren- i never thought of it that way...

    @Heidi - if she starts wearing vintage chanel - she is style stalking you. i will let you know!

    @Bourbon and Pearls, Tabitha, as I mentioned you made me week. You write like the UK Dorothy Parker.

    @mysoufulhome,@colleen,Angela- glad it gave you a chuckle!

    @sultry kitten - I read that post of yours about VB and it was hysterical.

    @Iris - thank you so much.

    @getfresh - yes carpal tunnel - tennis elbow. some ailment right?

    @Ali of Dressing Ken - poshest bag lady there ever was. minus the supermarket trolley. :)

    @a well styled life,@sian,@Kim at Northern cal style @Nico - yes I completely share your questioning her bc I couldn't get a grip the first few times either!

    @Denis - I like her too - but it's all in good fun.

    @Monika - I have visited your blog - its very cute!

  22. Wow! That is such a weird look. I could let it go if there was only one photograph with her holding it like that but multiple photographs beg for an explanation. Tweet her! - She might reply :)

  23. I read about this posture in the Sunday New York Times, but had visualized it with a considerably smaller bag. And as I see Ms. Beckham holding the bottom of her bag, I can only hope that she sets them down on a pillow of clouds, so that she doesn't have to wash her hands 25 x a day . . .

  24. seems way too complicated. Already a pain carrying anything with the handkes.

  25. Yup, she's starting a trend. AND it's catching on.:) But I like her (not the trend, I think it takes the handy aspect away from hand(y)bags). But WTF do those people put in them???:D
    P.S.: Did you mean this:
    Because this is... INSANE.

  26. I think it's because we are so used to seeing her moulded to different coloured/skins Birkin bags that anything else looks alien beside her body

  27. Beautiful Pics! You got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from Poland :*

  28. Becks is carrying her bags like that because they are laden with freebie goodies and they weigh a ton! (Do I sound envious? You bet!)

  29. hilarious post i love your sense of humor. "Hold on a second" howling. Lovin your blog!
    Robyn from sis. :)

    1. Hi thanks for coming by again!

      Glad you liked it - but i was being dead serious ;)

  30. As one who enjoys having lots of options I consider Victoria's style of holding a large bag something to at least try. Now we have the shoulder strap, handles and the clutch style to option. Victoria looks good even holding the oversize doctor's bag. Fashion is not always practical that is for sure, still I think it is something to play with and try out. I would be inclined to carry the bag this way on the train, bus or walking on a busy street.

  31. As one who enjoys having lots of options I consider Victoria's style of holding a large bag something to at least try. Now we have the shoulder strap, handles and the clutch style to option. Victoria looks good even holding the oversize doctor's bag. Fashion is not always practical that is for sure, still I think it is something to play with and try out. I would be inclined to carry the bag this way on the train, bus or walking on a busy street.

  32. I've been wondering this myself and so happy to see I'm not the only one! It doesn't even look comfortable how she's carrying it. Is she just ahead of us and this is how we are all going to carry our bags next year? ;) xox

    1. I think by the time we do that she will have a bag on her head or something!! :)


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