Friday, 7 June 2013

Elle Decor preview bonus issue

I got this issue for free on my iPad and it had some great editorials so I thought you might also like to browse.   I thought this was a stellar issue and will be filing some of these looks and wanted to share this issue with you guys.
Sharing is caring right?

I have noticed that the photography in Elle Decor now often has the Vermeer lighting effect.  The light is always filtered by windows and while it is lovely I find that it can create a biased perspective though I would love it in my house as it might hide dust.

I adore the bejeweled and Asian/ Moroccan motif on the dining room walls.
The kitchen is faultless and clean with its large subway tiles and white kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes I wish I could commit to wallpaper as it looks a solid backdrop to the office.
 The owner of this flat seems to have used greys as a base color and injects a little deep red in the room which unexpectedly goes well.

Now onto the bedroom which probably has been pinned a lot and is great fun and creative.  I think this works in the flat as it is balanced out with simple lines elsewhere in the bedroom. 

 Now I know that the blogosphere loves France.  I think I am getting a little too jaded to idealize a country but in terms of beauty I think Italy trumps France in aesthetics.

Even in Italy, Sicily has my heart.  Nothing works and all the myths are true but I could easily spend a whole season there. So I might be biased with this flat.
It has been a while since I have seen a flat in a magazine that I am lusting over and this one has broken the dry spell.
I love the way that Italians have always effortlessly and seamlessly mixed different styles and period pieces.
People tend to be concerned about being consistent and things matching but personally I just buy what I love. Eventually those things align and just mesh which is what I think happens here.
I actually prefer tiles as it is better for allergies and air quality.
I am convinced that carpets trap all sorts of things but living in London I am forced to have carpet in my bedrooms.

I love things sometimes over the top and this bathroom hits that spot.
I think the garish gold coupled with muted green Bisazza mosaic tiles just balances out beautifully.  Italians know tiles.

The next editorial is a Manhattan home of John Robshaw who is a textile designer.

I looked at the pictures before I read that he was a textile designer and he sure does know what he is doing as the textiles create such a warmth to and makes you feel settled.

He also gets extra brownie points for neatly placing his throw!
Now this space is beautiful, useless and an extravagance in Manhattan but I think it must keep his mind sane, who needs another bedroom right?

You wouldn't think that French, Scandinavian, Palladian, and Florida coast would go together but it sure works!

Clean Scandinavian lines with that Florida light...

I like this designer's style but odd pithy statements do my head in. 
 I would choose food every time. 
What use is furniture if you're dead?
Outdoor fireplaces seem as weird as craters in the moon in my current London frame of mind.
I find that curtains and draperies often are overlooked by civilians, myself included. But imagine this dining room without the softness that the white curtains bring.

Out of the Million Dollar Decorators, 
Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the one I think I would hire.  
He just seems like the nicest and someone who you could discuss ideas with and his ego getting in the way.
Mary McDonald would be my second choice.
She's slightly bitchy but then so am I.

Now I know sometimes designers can over finish a room but there are things we can take from this room.
The outlining of each wall, the interest in the ceiling, and the mix of fabrics. I love the way he just really works with the room size.

I would love to have a proper dressing room, I am convinced this would solve my clutter and storage issues.
His kitchen is surprisingly simple but then again 
I doubt he rarely eats at home or at all.
He must have been influenced by Mary's use of chevron. 
Personally I don't know why he would use that motif in the garden but then again it does make the garden modern.

This house is a family retreat in Long Island, NY.
I like the simplicity and letting the wood shine through.
The editors must not like haphazard throws like me and it is folded!
But why is there a pommel horse in the bedroom?
Well, let's not go there.

I will be posting some great ideas from the June issue of Elle Decor soon but hope you got a few good ones from this issue as well.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I always wondered about rooms like these. Do they really exist in people's homes and since they are so pristine are people actually allowed to use them?

    1. Actually more than decor I am also more intrigued by the lack of stuff about!

  2. I am currently about to embark on curtain buying (2 years after we moved has taken a while, we have the most horrible vertical blinds in our room which need attention) so love the curtains in some of these photos.

    Very concerned about pommel horse in bedroom.

    My friend recently had her homestead shot for a magazine and had to do the hugest clean up in the world first - and her house wasn't even messy! I figure that under the bed with the perfectly folded throw there is a huge pile of shoes, magazines etc etc. Otherwise they are excellent at photo shopping.

    Like the window lighting too - if you did have dust at least you could lie on the couch and watch it make pretty circles as it floated in the light.

    The jungly chevron cushion garden is really lovely - would be a complete snake haven here though and I would be too damned scared to even sit on the couch in case a chevron striped reptile came out.

    1. I am looking out for curtains as well though I don't know when they will ever come in use at the rate of my renovations...Yes the pommel horse concerns me as well. Ah - you know my routine of viewing dust as I do clouds - I can see animals and all sorts. I reconsidered the chevron in the garden and I suppose floral fabrics would be too obvious.

      In LA, snakes are not as big a problem as it is in Oz. I remember your snake story so I suppose foliage like that would just attract the snakes to lay eggs so wouldn't be a great idea for you!

  3. Thanks fro sharing Naomi...I LOVE Martyn's red kitchen! Mine is red too!! I also need that lighting all the time in every place I am.
    Have a great weekend my friend!

    1. Thanks and have a great weekend Kelly xx

  4. Thanks for sharing all these photos. I like flipping through Elle Decor on occasion. The Italian flat is really spectacular. My favourite interior design magazine is Sköna Hem from Sweden. It always features beautiful Swedish country homes and I love the Scandinavian design aesthetic.

    1. I am really liking Elle Decor again - I am liking its polish. I also think the Italian flat is fabulous!! I have seen that Swedish mag but I might try and see if I can get an iPad subscription - thanks for reminding me about it!

  5. Interior design is one of my passions ( one of the three ).
    I agree - Italian design beats all others.
    However, through the years of decorating, I´ve reached the point, where functional i.d. pleases me most. It does not mean I´m into minimalism, but I wish everything I have around, is used; gets used. No clutter, no spectacular arrangements.
    I wish the inside of the house to match the outside and the surroundings.
    Seen, experienced Scandinavian design, so these days I have very little of it around.
    I like sliding i.d., might be understood as a mix, but it is not the same. Our new addition of the house has modern furniture, then there are a few old ones. But I´m not liking the old as such, its got to have a meaning for me.
    The above pictures are nice to look at, but contain, imo, too much of everything. Some interiors are quite dark.
    I like an " unfinished look " in just about anything.
    The pictures in the magazine are too complete to my liking. However, there are some details, I might try in some projects in the future.
    Thank you for the post. I really enjoyed it!

    1. Yes i know what you mean, One finds one style to suit and what is beautiful doesn't mean that it fits into your lifestyle. I waver though between complete zen and a Victoria hoarder! But I suppose magazines are there for you to get a few ideas and edit accordingly. Elle decor is always good value and glad you liked it!

  6. I simply adore the apartment in Sicily as well as John Robshaw's home... what a fabulous colour he used on the walls. Of course, since finding out all about Newstand on Ipad, i have yet to locate my ipad... imagine my irritation! Lovely review and thank you!! xx

    1. Yes those two were fabulous. Well, when you find your ipad go slow as it is very easy - almost too easy to sign up for everything like I have! xx

  7. Amazing pics.... great inspiration!!!
    I love the garden!!!!!
    Happy WE my dear!

    1. Yes the garden is modern and looks a great place for a party! x

  8. This is my favourite magazine, our local shop only gets two and there's always a rush for me to get there before some interloper makes off with my copy.

    1. I love Elle Decor as well. I used to have the same problem at my local store and so it was a relief when I got my ipad and I can just buy it for much cheaper on line than in the stores. sometimes it is almost £6 at the shops!!

  9. Hey, love your style and love your blog...following you! (:

    Participate and win a Free pair for yourself. It ends on 14th of June. x

  10. CSW - love this sneak-peak - will have to go grab this online - I love the whole online magazine thing - takes up so much less space! I am besotted with the Italian spot. Everyone around here is very modern in their tastes and I do not have a modern bone in my body, so is hard! I love the old world sensibilities at play there!

    1. Yes online mags are great - I wish I could scan all my old decor mags!

  11. I am so in love with French decor!! But Italy is my new close second!!! These photos are breathtaking and so elegant!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. I think French decor does suit California better than Italian design - but I do love the photos that Elle Decor do as well x

  12. AMazing pics! Great interiors:)

    1. They do take really lovely pics with great atmosphere!

  13. Oh I'd forgotten how much I love Elle Decor! Think our imminent renovation must justify the purchase of it over the next 6 months or so.
    That Sicilian flat is magnificent - those floors! Those ceilings! I would LOVE to live in it.

    1. I actually didn't buy the last few months and think that is why they offered me a free bonus issue! But I bought June so I will post soon on it. I adore that flat as well - I could see myself there as well :)

  14. I love Elle decor so much!!!
    Always pretty houses and deco :-)
    I'd wish to be able to do the same in my home!
    Kisses darling

    1. I love French Elle decor as well but they tend to do only French houses so I do flip through it but one can always get inspired to try things at home where ever you are x

  15. Wow, This was a fabulous issue. I am in love with John Robshaw's home and the Italian one as well. Martin isn't bad either. Elle Decor is always so good at having eclectic homes like these. You are so right. Buy what you love and your home will eventually all meld together into something you love.



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