Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blogger trouble...Paris pharmacy post take two!

Hello everyone.

Blogger must have had a technical issue because it hadn't updated my latest post so I am posting this again with a link below.  

I would have just copied and pasted except 2 people already commented on it by accessing via facebook or bloglovin.

She has seen it now - what next?

Many thanks.


  1. I agree that there must be some problem for blogger, my font size e.g has changed, but I didn't do it...
    xo Caroline

    1. I think they might be phasing out the google reader slowly before July the 1st Caroline! xx

  2. I've never been that keen on Paris, I had a great trip a few years ago but that was my 10th visit and it was grudged!

    1. I bet you had great company, mind you I had a great time in Liverpool so buildings aren't that important to have fun!


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