Friday, 10 January 2014

US Vogue January 2014 Part 2

Cate Blanchett suits the golden theme very well.
These dresses would match the Oscar statue as well.
Hint hint...

If you look close, you see this dress is quite risque for Armani.
But she pulls it off without looking slutty.

The Nina Ricci tweed suit is nice but somehow seems a bit of 
a wasted opportunity not to wear a statement dress 
because this doesn't have any visual impact.

Vogue always likes to introduce to the audience at large someone who might be better known on the New York Social Diary.

But Vogue needs to come up with a new photographic formula rather than the becoming ever so mundane combo of doing a sporty or quotidian activity in a formal dress with carefully choreographed children and dog strewn everywhere. 

Very tastefully decorated home in peaceful palettes.

Vogue did some really choppy fashion editorials.
 One editorial seemed to be no relation to the other than the presence of Prada everywhere.

 It was picturesque and very Gaugin-esque. 
But I am afraid the clothes got drowned by the lighting and 
the beauty of the surroundings.

Is it me or do Conde Nast need to have an overhaul meeting?
This "Tinsel Town" spread made me feel like 
I was reading Vanity Fair or In Style.

I love forecasting and betting on the next new young bright star as much as the next person but I don't think Vogue is the place for it. 

Love the Chanel clobber this starlet is wearing though.

This "More is More" was probably the most disjointed and non consistent fashion spread that Vogue has done in a long time.

Nothing flowed.

If you are trying to flog a sweatshirt with beaded handiwork for $2390 then at least show me someone who is having fun wearing rather than someone who is experiencing buyer's remorse.

I understand the more is more thing but looking like a model out of work / mid-class hooker is neither here nor there.

Where did these two models come from? 
It doesn't even look like the same fashion story.
That Prada patchwork coat is so DIY.
Gosh, I miss Prada in the 90's hey day.

So now the photographer decided to go outdoors and 
shoot black and white.
Looks like a Goth reunion.

So unoriginal - shooting Chanel in the way Karl does in the ads.

This is sticking to the more is more memo but so out of context.

I do like these two pictures with the 1970's style bright sofa.
It fits the theme and is graphic.

There is nothing wrong with the two dresses below. 
Lovely in fact. 
But is this a reject photo from another shoot 
they just pasted together?

Disappointing Anna.
That's rightI'm talking to you.

I don't mind a collaboration.
I don't mind a union of the different arts but half the time it looks like the model has been photo-bombed.

I love Chanel, I really do.
You can ebb and flow with the 2.55 bag but how many other bags besides the Kelly bag can be coveted for that length of time.
 But this bag is for the hardest core of brand whores.

Have a great weekend!