Saturday, 25 January 2014

House Beautiful December /January 2014

There was a combined December / January issue of House Beautiful so I thought I would just share for you to browse over the weekend.
Hate the thought of it going to waste!

Huge fan of Kate Ridder here.
So I was happy to see she is a fan of 
I am going to be using that on the walls of my kitchen.

Sam Allen was discovered partly with Martha Stewart's help.
He was featured in the NY Times as a wunderkind 
and seems to be flourishing.
Perhaps peaking too early is only dangerous for Disney stars.

Designers sent in their cozy corners.

This company makes tiles from your chosen image!

Nice tablescape if you have someone you don't like so you can seat them opposite the floral centerpiece.

I love lacquered surfaces so enjoyed this home.

I must object when artwork is so matchy matchy with home decor.
Plus that tableau is hung a bit wonky IMHO.

Love the library/study.
Everything about it.

It is so luxurious to have a bed canopy though they cost a fortune 
as it takes so many meters of fabric.
But all that material lends such a comfy feel.

Lately it is rather rare to see white walls in editorials.

I would love so much storage in my kitchen.
The cupboards are faux drawer fronts.

Look at that sassy wallpaper.

That bookcase with the books turned the wrong end 
is so pretentious.
Serves no purpose and looks ridiculous.

Now that is a very interesting piece of furniture.
I hope it comes delivered that way because it would be very confusing to know if you assembled it correctly.

Oh HB, sometimes you do need to proofread your magazine 
before you hit that publish button.

That closet did not deserve a space in your pages.
It would not even have made the cut in an IKEA catalogue!
Have a lovely weekend!