Thursday, 16 January 2014

Elle Decor January 2014 Part 2

I always like browsing through the "Top 10" series in Elle Decor.
It goes through different styles and budgets and is a pretty good reference guide.

Ellie Cullman and Richard Shapiro also 
know what they are talking about.

I think if I ever did get this long double cocktail tray table 
( proper name for it ) someone would surely break it 
mistaking it for a bench.

This set of three tray tables is fair value.
Looks well made, simple lines, and decorative too.

I adore this bone and brass inlay tray table!
I have such a brass fetish at the moment.

I would love to get it but I am equally torn by this 
Bottega Veneta leather and steel tray table.
If it was brass and leather I would have gone even more bonkers.

The price point of this Fornasetti tray table confuses me because they are normally super expensive but for them this item is almost on the low side.  So if you are a fan of theirs, you should consider this which is almost the same price as one of their plates.

The trend report says it is all about tropical leaves.

Funny enough it was a motif I was considering because it is bringing nature in.  Here are some items they highlighted.

I love a screen...So much so there will be a post about them after 
I move back home.

Check out this great website called

Some more wallpaper choices.

On to some more featured editorials.

Now that is what I call a conversation piece / conversation sofa.
I have gotten the leopard print bug.
If you knew me in IRL, I am just not that person.
And yet perhaps because of this, I am so drawn to it lately.
So much so I might start a leopard print pinterest board.
I mean business folks.

The flat belongs to Sylvie de Chiree 
who is editorial director of Elle Decoration France.
Her flat is a typical Parisian flat in the Right Bank of the city.

The thing about classic Parisian flats is that most look good.
They have great bones and look great even empty.

If you actually dissect each element of what has been added, 
it isn't mind blowing and quite ordinary.

But all these things against a back drop of internally rich combined features of floorboards, cornices, high ceilings, and 
arched doorways makes it look so chic.

I don't like nor dislike the dining room.
But I kept the pic in so those of you who don't live in Europe can see what most European urbanites have to deal with in terms of space.
( And she is one of the lucky ones!)

The bedroom is nice enough but once again when you see each one ofthe elements, nothing stands out.

Love the Fornasetti bookshelf wallpaper on the commode below.
Something I am considering myself.

What is interesting about this home is that ultimately 
it seems to confirm the French ethos of style that they also practice in terms of clothing.
Basic good quality fundamental with a few chosen accesories.

Don't you just love a fusion? 

I am sure Tex Mex was considered rather avantgarde at one time, 
I wonder if Jap-Swedish will become just as common.

Although going by the pictures, 
I don't see signs of either influence...

The house is located in a Swedish farm but 
I think it could be located almost anywhere in the world.

And for the record circular outdoor doorways are Chinese in origin...
Oh well, was fun while it lasted.


  1. Ditto about the leopard, both IRL and URL I am just not leopard. was just about to post tomorrow personal struggle with learning to love the leopard (for myself, I like it on other people). What does it say about a person when they do not do the leopard? I put the shoes on and then take them straight off. And yet its a great addition to the wardrobe because it goes with everything.

    1. I might start in URL first but I have a pair of shoes and a jean jacket that was lined with leopard that i may get out and show y'all. Isn't it weird how one motif can be all the personal rage? I need to see the post asap Jody!

  2. I love the last picture. Never understood the tray table. Like I'm going to pick that shit up and move it. Just don't get it. Thanks again baby for the package. My belly is happy!

    1. BB- what are you talking about!!! I loooooove tray tables - i only have one. am so deprived. Yay for the postal service working! x

    2. The circular tray table took me all the way back to Egypt and some of the beautiful old circular tray tables I saw there; a bit like this one

  3. I love, love a screen too!!... can't wait for this post!... and love the tray tables above.. seems like such a necessary item to have in one's home - a proper place to place the tray of tea or snacks, instead of on top of the chair/ottoman!! xx

    1. Oh Jenny - dont you just? Do you have screens? I have two - just got one at auction for a bargain and now deciding what fabric to use. xx

  4. I like the bar carts and table trays! I have one and it's fun to use it for a variety of things and it moves around the house. The leopard is fun but the couch is crazy! That would definitely be a gathering spot;) I think a leopard belt or shoes is perfect.. love that look.

    1. it's like hippie group counseling or something! But it does have a sense of humor though I wonder how often it gets used??

  5. I have learned to love my leopard kikis, but never wear my leopard sweater, hmm I may try it for tonight's dinner party...

    1. You must wear it and model it for us Wendy!

  6. So true about classic Parisian flats. It's so much easier starting off wth fabulous design details such as cornices and high ceilings. Well chosen accessories with a few good quality pieces of furniture to create that effortlessly stylish look!

    1. Yes I do think a few pieces of furniture is important - you cherish it more and it makes you not clutter the home with things piled on top of more furniture!

  7. You are so right Naomi about those Parisian flats. Everything looks fabulous with those high ceilings. fab moldings and windows. Not sure if these rooms are all that or just looking as good as anything else on those walls! I'm also with you on the concrete- cold and frankly ugly. Loved that riad home and the tile!!

    xx Kim

    1. @Kim - That is why I think new builds are so much harder to decorate. I wouldn't know where to start with a McMansion funny enough - all that space with no delineation. But a riad is something I really want to tick off the list! xx

  8. Tray tables always remind me of my grandparents who would eat their dinner off of their tray tables every night in front of the television. They'd place their ashtrays and bottles of beer on them too, the room would be a haze of smoke and as a child I was always running into the tray tables, one of my earliest memories!
    That leopard sofa is very 1960's. Agree about the Parisian flats, my 11yo could decorate one and it would look fabulous!

    1. I love those tray tables too Dani!! I would love to see a reality tv show where they get all different types to decorate one!

  9. you had us at inlay tray table.


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