Thursday, 29 August 2013

Vogue September Issue 2013 Part 2

Grace Coddington styled this editorial.  
Don't you just love Grace?
The unexpected breakout star of The September Issue
I haven't read her book yet but am saving it for the winter.

I love her stories behind her shoots.
I always wonder when looking at the editorials which pictures or dresses didn't make the cut!

I would have the reverse problem of the model below.
My bum would split the dress...
As much as I envy her problem, 
I am surprised that this angle was shown...

But then again, Anna Wintour devours hunger.

Can any mums out there please buy this mask and wear it on the school run?
A whole blog could be dedicated to a year of morning school runs to school with this on.

The dresses are nice enough but no real statement pieces to remember...

A princess with common problems.
Her back is acting up.
Now she can slouch now that everyone has gone home...
Move over Rodin, this is the new thinking pose.

One of the features of the iPad issue is that the page literally comes alive.
The center picture was of the model twirling.
Rather neat.

Jumpsuits are the passive aggressive way of saying look at me, 
don't you think?

I think a lovely silk pyjama top with piping with nice trousers or jeans are the most that civilians can get away with.  Otherwise you are a celebrity with a stylist who will most likely get fired the following day or you are running from a kitchen fire at home.

I thought this outfit was J Crew but 
it was the much more expensive version.
Now I can see why J Crew is so popular.
Now I think we all understand the power of brands.
It's a simple and equally complicated subject.
Mercedes itself isn't good enough anymore?

It's the Carine Roitfeld and Stephen Gan version...
Wow. A super brand.
What does this even mean? 
Carine is going to start driving you everywhere?

I love bracelet stacking - absolutely adore it.
But I am not convinced with Vogue trying to peddle me this.

The following pictures are just stood out at me 
with their sheer beauty.
Who says we don't have proper beauties this decade?
They haven't seen Natalie Portman.

This is her fame doppelganger, Keira.
Personally, I prefer Natalie but I thought this whole picture taken by Mario Testino was frame worthy.

Laetitia Casta seems to be working a bit more now that her children are school age.
She smolders more than ever. 
Age suits her.

Whatever your political inclinations, 
you have to admit that Hilary looks great.

Gosh this takes me back...

Remember that time you were the head of new robotics division at the edge of the world thirty years from now?
Good times.

I climbed the corporate ladder the good old fashioned way.
I whacked 'em and walked over the dead body.
Friendly fire.
They even dressed up to get shot with my eye laser gun.
Yep, looks like everyone is dead.
That makes me CEO...

I got quite excited when I saw this feature was shot by Mario Testino.

This romanticizes the gypsy lifestyle and enacts it in a perfect world.

Has Mario not watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?
Mothers with children, please make them watch that after they flip through this magazine.

Makes me want to run away and find the nearest gypsy camp.
I mistaken went to one once that is just next to the Ikea in Wembley.
Tell you that story another time...

Ireland was definitely the theme for this issue.
But this feature was shot by the Annie Liebovitz.

I love her sweeping vistas she manages even 
in relatively close up shots.
 I love this model called Daria.
She morphs so well into different characters judging by her portfolio.
 Oh my gosh, it's that guy from Girls.

Actually, he looks quite handsome and rugged but this is why actors can't replace models.
I keep thinking of him in his crap Brooklyn apartment 
being a total loser in his onesie.
 This should be the new official Irish tourism ad campaign.
 The final shot is stunning - almost makes me fancy the guy.
I said almost.
Not only do they credit the clothes but since 
when did Vogue become so highbrow?
Quoting Yeats darling... 
Ooh, raahther.

I might have to subscribe now...


  1. Yeats and fashion. I've seen it all.
    Love that last photo in the tree - just stunning, and as you said all those images are beautiful from that story.
    That merc is just weird - what have they done to it? Coordinated the leather interior in some special way?
    That Miss Dior ad is sublime. xx

    1. We might see an editorial based on the Grecian urn next issue! At least it gets the teenagers googling Yeats :) Love Miss Dior all over again myself! xx

  2. Back in the 80's I lived in jumpsuits, I had 5 and wore them in rotation, they made getting dressed so easy. Then someone asked " why do you always wear boiler suits?"

    I like the 'green up a tree look' a lot actually.

    1. Ha! But I bet you make it look like Princess Lea whereas most people look like firemen...

  3. Ha, great post, you always make me laugh. Adam Driver's apartment in Brooklyn as depicted in 'Girls' is gigantic, let me tell you. You wanna crap apartment in Brooklyn, fuggedaboutit, I got your crap apartment right here! (Imagine that said with thick Brooklyn accent!). I am afraid of the September issue of Vogue. It's too big for me to deal with so thanks for this mini-version! XO, Jill

    1. I had a feeling that an out of work poet affording an apartment with a proper separate bedroom a bit rich!! Don't be afraid Jill - Anna is safely tucked in her office ;) xx

  4. Hysterical! I've been so busy being back at work and traveling that my new vogue sits unopened on my table. Thanks for the overview and commentary. Loved it! Yes, the guy from Girls--scenes of him from the show overpower fashion shots any day.
    I agree!
    xx, Heather

    1. I just always see him in his onesie Heather!! Even Annie couldn't erase that image for me no matter how beautiful he was shot...;) xx

  5. Oi! I agree about the gypsies! If they'd ever been to an actual encampment, it won't look anything like this!

    1. You can imagine teenagers in a small town somewhere now wishing they want to go to Ireland and become a gypsy!!

  6. No wonder you had to have two parts! A great overview here. The Miss Dior ad is perfect and those shots of the Irish countryside are stunning - what an advert for Ireland! I still have images of the Caroline Herrera dress from Part 1 in my head - you are right it would be a dress to last and therefore worth the price tag over time!!

    1. I think the issue IRL is three pounds or something! Isnt the Dior ad just gorgeous? If I manage to find that CH dress on sale I might just have to get it and justify it :)

  7. Thanks for the review of the magazine. I always rush out every year to buy the September issue of US Vogue, and when I saw your posts, I ran to the pharmacy to buy my copy. I have only gotten through the first 20 pages in the magazine but just from that first look, I can see what you mean about the celebrities popping up in every other advertisement. I am not a fan of the new "it" models, Cara Delevigne and Edie Campbell. Both look like angry, pouty teenagers, not what I would consider good avatars of womanhood. However, I was glad to see Christy Turlington (my favourite supermodel) back in fine form in the Prada ad as well as the current Calvin Klein underwear ads.

    1. There is a lot to get through isn't there? I had to delete some stuff off my ipad to download it...I don't get Cara either! OMG - thank god I am not the only one. Christy is still such a stunner and I am so glad she is otherwise I would start feeling really old!

  8. Oh I do love Grace! And Hillary!

    With Louise on being tired of celebrities hawking clothing and not living the IT girls yet...Oh I still miss Christy!

    1. Have you seen Grace in the new M&S ads? She does have a style and was such a great model herself when younger. I miss Linda as well!

  9. Ahhh, Naomi, you always make me laugh even when I feel sort of crabby. Just got onto the bandwagon and watched two episodes of Girls, but I can't decide if I like it enough to go on. Yes, that guy definitely makes me jolt back to his awkward role. What if he stays glued to that character forever? Like Napoleon Dynamite? :(

    And try not to laugh too hard, but I have to admit that I sort of like that rump-dress with the weird angle. Why do I want to draw it so much??

    1. True...Us viewers can be too harsh on actors and never let them grow up a la Harry Potter! I can see why you want to draw it though bc of its silhouette. I would love to see if you do decide to draw it. Hope your day ceases to be crabby! x

  10. I certainly agree with you on some of the "poses" in Grace's styling. I wonder if I'm getting too old to go for all this? Nope! It's just ugly. Personally, I really got bored with this issue.

    1. No you're not getting too old Marsha! Some issues are just more memorable than others is all :)

  11. I LOVE when u "do" a mag. I picture us sitting side by side with something nice to sip on flipping through...commenting & LAUGHING from cover to cover!
    If the slot is still open I volunteer to do a year's worth of kid pick ups ( and drop offs ) wearing that mask.

    1. Kelly, if we did this IRL - I would be a lot ruder ;p But yes - you would make a perfect post about the effects of the mask - how about just for a week?? hehe xx

  12. I kept looking out for the best Vogue to grab asking my husband--"have you seen the September issue? Let me know if you see it anywhere!!! (note of desperation in voice). I love the ridiculousness of the September Vogue. So thick! So many adverts! Such agony that went into its production! But I do love sorting through it with someone who loves a good fashion spin. My take--grab a few architectural dresses, a few romantic Ralph Lauren frocks, hang on to the menswear, and you're good!

    1. Yes so much agony that a movie was made about it :) I am sure there was pain in this. I see Annie's feature was a bit later than the other two so there still must be a strict pecking order...I like your curated wardrobe - decisive and classic. I now realize I am missing architectural dresses but I already look the size of a house anyway so...

  13. PS Daria W looked a bit harsh to me without any softening makeup...

    1. Yes frankly she does but I think it sort of suits the celtic warrior off duty look doncha think?

  14. Liked the Irish stuff best. Mainly because they mentioned stout walking boots which would be about the only thing in the whole magazine that would fit my lifestyle... I like the blue dress to go with the boots too. Having said that I studied for a while in Ireland when I was 22 and did not spend a lot of time walking around windswept, rugged landscapes in evening dresses or climbing trees quoting Yeats. I did, however, spend a great deal of time in pubs and seem to remember the whole country in being in a Guinness soaked haze... (The haze being of my own creation.)

    Must admit the rest of the magazine left me a bit cold.

    Hope all well with you.

    1. I am wondering what the Irish thing was about and how that came about - they need to do a september issue documentary ever year I reckon. I think you spent your time in Ireland the way most people do - I don't think Yeats went around talking like that anyway ;) Not the best September issue you're right...Wishing you perfect weather in WA!

  15. Yup Grace's book on my list.
    Great shoot, by wintour and Carine has designed a car? Huh? Pj too yes, whole outfit NO. I would call the fashion police (who I dearly wish I was, so much work to do) and jumpsuits? Tempted to wear one around The City. Just for fun. In high high heels. Bankers, bankers, look at me. Please?
    Awesome round up N x

    1. Yep Carine is now the purveyor of taste in all matters!! Do you watch Fashion Police? Joan is hilarious. I admit I wear jumpsuits when I ski but for aerodynamic reasons hehe! I am sure bankers look at you anyway Karen!xx

  16. Lucky you did these posts because September was not my month to buy Vogue, but I don't feel like I've missed out.

    A lot of these ads and editorials do leave a lot to personal interpretation; like you say is Carine going to start driving us around in a Mercedes lol! Your interpretation of the Final Frontier images made me chuckle too.

    Yep agree about the jumpsuits, similar thing with dungarees and I've experienced the stares when I'm out in my dungarees (AKA overalls).


    1. Yeah but dungarees have that innocent sexy chic thing going on - like pigtails. very school disco thing going on!!! :) xx

  17. Quoting Yeats is never a bad thing.

    1. Anna Wintour is trying to compensate for giving in to the celebrity thing!

  18. Great stuff!

    Never got jumpsuits myself...

  19. I finally had the time to follow the September Vogue you have generously shared with us.
    The first section, showing the " red carpet wear " , for whom is it meant? Not liking the thin-thin models.
    A great picture of Mrs. Clinton.
    Would have preferred the Mercedes without the model.
    I examined the horse pictures with the eye of a " pro " and sadly have to admit that those models have no idea of a horse.
    A gypsy camp - really?
    I am awful when I write that I don´t like the looks of Jenna Lyons a t a l l . Well, perhaps she has brains, despite her looks.
    The views of Ireland are magnificent, truly great.
    In whole, this magazine has covered lots of themes - perhaps a bit too many.
    For once, it would be interesting to see one issue, where everything were built under one theme only.
    Anyways, thank you for saving me the €€´s!

    1. I have to be frank and say I agree that I don't think Jenna is styling very well lately...I think themes should be so divergent or consistent but two Irish themes and others seem odd...There must have been an editorial meeting where things got cut!

  20. masks! mercedes! models!

    you are a genius reviewer.

    it's impossible to read a magazine now without imagining your witty and wicked commentary......


    and that's a Very Good Thing.

  21. I just love Mario Testino, he's a god!!!

    1. I wonder if he would finally be the one to take a decent pic of me! hehe x

  22. LOL "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" and wearing the crazy mask for school pick ups.

    1. But wouldn't you read that blog about mum who wears couture for school run ;)

    2. I definitely would!

  23. Finally got through this issue. A beast. I have to admit nothing inspired me though I loved the Irish feature. Beautiful photos, but the guy was not appealing!

    Love to hear your take!


    1. It is a monster Kim! But there wasn't that iconic memorable thing about this issue which is surprising considering there were so many...But that guy definitely improved over his Girls appearance :) xx


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