Monday, 26 August 2013

Belated July 2103 Instagram-y Post

I am so late with my July Instagram post but better late than never right?

As most of you know I was in Austria for most of July.
Part of the reason why I am faithful to the Mayr clinic is partly due to its location.  If the clinic was located in Buckinghamshire, 
I will admit I would not be as loyal. Nothing wrong with Buckinghamshire perse but I just love Austria.

The view while eating my last substantial meal before the cure.
My favorite Austrian beer, a schnitzel, and a salad. 
Took this picture right after dinner but 
before my first dip in Lake Worthersee.
I never, ever get sick of this sight.
Wild flower meadow.

The path leading to the woods at the back of the clinic.
Lots of different paths to choose from.
Wild hydrangeas.
Most of us may be intolerant to it but there is something so wholesome about wheat.

One of my favourite trees in the world - this one is 500 years old.

Every path leads you home.
There is a golf course that you cut through. 
I still haven't learned the Austrian word for "Fore!"

Every house in Austria has an immaculate garden.  
Orange lilies.
There are fruit trees everywhere - these ripe cherries look better than the ones I see at Waitrose.

The Karawanken mountains in the distance is actually in Slovenia.
Don't know what this is but a cute huge barrel.
Tennis isn't too popular around these parts.

Can you get a better pastoral pic than cows grazing in an apple orchard?

I never knew cows had attitude.
Ready for the close up?
Plum Sykes wrongly said that the Mayr clinic was in the middle of nowhere in her Vogue article.  Shame on the researchers at Vogue.  Lake Worthersee is the St Tropez of Austria.
Lots of different architectural styles.

Can you make out the triangle house below?
Love a Huf Haus, don't you?
Always reminds me of that Grand Designs episode.
This barn is ripe for a conversion no? 
But in Austria, there are still barns left unlike England where they are get developed.

But my top two favorites are these two.

This little lake house is just next to the clinic.

Actually so is this one but much more traditional in style.

Loads of action around the lake shore.

That is the Schloss Hotel in Velden - which is half traditional on the right and ultra modern on the left.  

But this is my spiritual home in Austria.
But I had to visit the Viva Mayr clinic for your guys to get a real image of the place.
Remember that photo in Vogue?

Via Vogue.comWell move over Mario Testino. 
This is the CSI version of that photo.
One thing they have over the one I go to is that 
they have special water.
Ever heard of emoto water? 
Well now you have.  It's water that has had special positive energy put into it or something like that.  
Our water was just normal bottled water which I miss because it was dotted everywhere in the building.
They also have a lovely outdoor eating area.
The indoor pool area.
I nearly bought this.  
No I didn't. I lied. 
I nearly cried with laughter and horror.

Back at my place.
The family of ducks didn't get the memo that none of us have food to feed ourselves! Let's tweet it. 
Who the hell has spare bread at the Mayr?
Well that was July in pictures!


  1. That snake balls necklace is truly weird.

    Love the beautiful scenery, looks so peaceful.

    Love your last meal too - like the ones they order on death row the night before execution..... xx

    1. I am going to ask if that snake necklace got sold...a severely hungry bored delusional person might have succumbed! I always feed like a pig before slaughter when I go!xx

  2. I think that being surrounded by such beautiful scenery would have helped you cope with being on starvation rations...I say YOU, because I would have held the owner of that cafe hostage until he fed me!

    1. That is the only thing differentiating it from woodworm scrubs! Is it wrong I would love to see you live on CNN for a hostage crisis and then the interview afterwards?!

  3. I love the pictures - I really want to go to Austria now! The only thing about the clinic I find odd is that they have bottled water everywhere, as opposed to pitchers of their water - seems less than environmental, which seems odd of them! Although I guess people need to be encouraged to drink especially during exercise! Me - I would be all over the schnitzel! Your pictures have made me feel so peaceful this morning!

    1. Thanks Wendy! You would love Austria, I nw always says it is the most underrated country in Europe. The food and scenery are amazing!! But I know what you mean but they also have glass bottles but they encourage water everywhere as a reminder.

  4. Love your pics darling! Have a great monday!

  5. Not sure what happened to my comment- but am doing Austrian twirls looking at that schnitzel! I love the idea of the Mayr clinic- but do they include child care?

    1. The crazy thing is that Austria has such amazing food...
      But I think they can arrange it but you have to prearrange it but they do cook for children but I think yours might be too young to eat that stuff and join the camps for kids nearby. Having said that I have seen people bring their kids along while they do other activities and the parents get on with it. Best would be if you could find someone in Oz to babysit or wait until yours gets a bit older.

  6. Very lovely pictures. Thank you. Austria indeed is a place worth visiting, even if not going to the clinic.
    Quite expensive though, but then is everything here in Finland too .

    1. Thanks Mette but I think the euro has evened things out in Europe - I remember when Spain was soooo dirty cheap although even with the recession there things are still quite expensive...

  7. Those cherries do look good. Loving the cow pics! xx

    1. I didn't get to taste the cherries as it is raw food which is banned during the cure but I also love the cows!xx

  8. I nearly bought I didn't. Ha! Naomi, love your photos. What an awesome sight to see for July!

    1. Isn't that necklace hysterical though? Imagine wearing that on a first date??

  9. Ha ha, we are nearly in September and you're doing a July Instagram-y post - love it, time just passes by too quickly doesn't it!!

    I've never been to Austria, but it does look beautiful, I can see why you like to go back time and time again.

    Oh my goodness that jewellery - I do like things that are a little bit unique and quirky, but I think this may be a step too far? Just trying to think where I would wear it, as a joke if nothing else.

    Hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend Naomi xx

    1. Tell me about it!! It's almost September? Time vacuum or what? Isn't that snake necklace hilarious? I physically yelped when I saw it where everyone else was zen and I was like What!!??? Yes it is so beautiful and I must say that Austria is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Hope you had a nice break and ready for the "school year" xx

  10. The view is part of the whole treatment package! Who wouldn't get better just being surrounded by such beautiful views? That cow should model for Vogue! I agree with Heide, the last meal was like preparing you for execution. Haha. Haven't heard of emoto water, but it's probably something like what the makers of La Roche Posay derma products add to their cleansing range. Maybe it's psychological but it works for me! Love Austria, too! x

    1. Yes I know how those inmates in Death Row must feel and I really love schnitzels! Yes the view and beautiful nature is part of the cure...I think you can emoto your own water by the way! You should try it and tell me if you feel any different :) xx

  11. Your last substantial meal (I can never resist a real well-cooked schnitzel!)looks so good and those views - wonderfully serene. The lake houses are so pretty and the architecture of the Schloss Hotel really appeals to me as I love both traditional and ultra-modern design.

    1. Yes it is truly serene and I think as a seasoned traveller you would definitely enjoy the lake and the hotel. I think it is so clever to have such a dual and contrasting architecture so you can adapt to your mood!

  12. Love your last supper - I would have had the same! Fried something, a bevvy and salad on the side! You'll have to tell us all about the cure and if it did!

    1. The cure sure did work! all that self denial is great for you :)

  13. Looks like it has been an amazing travel adventure for you! Love the Vogue shot, its amazing what a team of photographers, make up artists, etc can create :)

    1. Yes the Mayr is an adventure mentally :) Isn't it amazing what lighting does?


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