Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vogue September Issue 2013 Part 1

I don't buy Vogue every month like I used to but the 
September issue sets the tone for the whole year; 
it's the preview yearbook for the fashion world if you will.

Do you remember when Vogue was one of the last magazines not to have a celebrity but an actual model on the cover?  
Even Vogue has succumbed to the celebrity craze...
I like Jennifer Lawrence but I miss the era of the supermodel.

An important part of the issue is the new ad campaigns that all the fashion houses debut. The ads are almost just as important and for some brands even more that being featured in the editorials.

Not every designer is going to be featured in the editorial for various reasons. The press department between each respective company might not get along, the advertisers might not have a huge enough budget to have precedence with the magazine to get chosen. There are all sorts of reasons. 

Kate Moss scrubs up so well.
For instance, this Versace coat didn't make and probably won't feature at all in any Vogue editorials this autumn so the only way to your psyche is a full page ad.  
The coat isn't on trend as the one below.

Little red riding hood inspired?
Berry colored coats are definitely the trend for AW 2013.

Chanel has a whimsical ad campaign...
 I don't fully understand the premise...
Did the Harajuku girls from the Gwen Stefani videos rebrand from pop to fashion and join Karl? Or are they killing time and knitting while they are on the Virgin Space Shuttle?

Well if you're making dinner...
Can I have my diamonds rare and pink in the middle?

In the past decade or so, celebrities have just really hijacked every aspect of media exposure haven't they? They are in the movies, TV,  talk shows, fashion, and music.  Nothing wrong with entertainment but it almost seems counter-intuitive to be so overexposed.
I love Eva Mendes but I don't think this is going
 to make me go to this store.
Jennifer Garner is lovely but she doesn't even look that happy and I don't see her as a Max Mara girl.  I usually see her "papped" in the Santa Monica Farmer's market after the school run in a makeshift outfit.  Plus Max Mara don't seem to have faith in her fame as they had to write her name on the ad...

Once again, nothing wrong with Kate Hudson but to me neither party seem to be benefiting very much from the association.

How much you wanna bet that these shoes are going to be on 50% of all the fashion blogs out there?

Vogue still has its pulse on all aspects of trend.
Jo Malone seems to have come up with a new fragrance line called Jo Loves.  
I guess her no competition clause is over with Estee Lauder to whom she sold her company to.
She was and is such a pioneer in the fragrance industry.  
Her Lime, Basil, and Mandarin was revolutionary wasn't it?
Can't wait to try out her latest stuff.

Jhumpa Lahiri is coming out with a new book.
Can't wait as I love her first book, 
Beauty and brains!

Matthew Williamson has upped his wallpaper collection.
He used to do one for Debenhams but I can't find it anymore.
Very nice and I like that it is very much his style.
You will be able to find it here very soon at Osborne and Little.

I do like to see what features on their "Index" list.
I like the clutch, the horn bracelet, and the straw Bottega Veneta shoes from the list below.
My favorite picture in terms of my own personal want list is the outfit below.  It is stylish but wearable. 
I am in love with those Reed Krakoff shoes!
I think that Carolina Herrera dress would last a good decade.

I know you can get around town in shoes but why do they have to cost as much as a twenty year old car?

Move over Tom Ford.
This is the new thinking woman's crumpet.
He isn't a model or up and coming movie star but an architect.
He's working on this skyscraper in Bangkok.
He also co-designed this iconic building in China.
I think we are going to hear a lot more from Ole Scheeren.

Jennifer Lawrence didn't disappoint in her fashion spread.
Dolce Gabbana rarely does either with this dress.
I think she is just so pretty but not in a fantastical way.

I absolutely adore this Rochas number below. 
I would just walk about aimlessly in this outfit all day.

Now I understand that Vogue tells us how to dress but now it has started telling us where to wear what we should be wearing...

Apparently this coat is for the Edgar Allen Poe exhibit.
This is for Radio City Music Hall...
That means everyone will be wearing this at London Fashion Week...
Lean in, I gotta tell you something.
Wear this outfit if you are climbing the corporate ladder 
via the elevator.
Going to the FIT annual luncheon?
The ballet?
Now they are getting really niche and not realizing that women 
in Kansas and Brazil also buy this.
The amfAR annual Milan benefit..? 
Anyone going?
I had to split up the issue as there was so much so 
I will bring you part 2 tomorrow!


  1. Dying laughing. You're hilarious!! My September issue has yet to thud onto the doorstep, so I'm enjoying your recap.
    I too long for the days before actresses graced the covers of fashion magazines... actresses aren't models, and nor is a model an actress (as proven by Elle McPherson several times over). I also find all this celebrity endorsement snore inducing. I don't want to be Kate Hudson, and if I had a particular dislike of her in her movies, it would immediately put me off buying the stuff she's endorsing. Better to rely on a strong image using a model than an actress not everyone aspires to be/look like. Or are they marketing to the teenagers who do find this appealing?

    Aren't you going to the amfAR benefit in Milan? I'm so pleased that Vogue has solved that problem of what to wear for me. I'm now just concerned that everyone else will be dressed just like me. xx

    1. Oh and more seriously I'm So Happy to hear Jo Malone is making a comeback. I hope she's now doing Eau de Toilettes or Parfums now instead of Colognes though.

    2. Dare I say I almost even miss Naomi Campbell! So true about actresses, when I see Kate now all I can think of is her character in Glee and her as a groupie - I want a blank canvas like Kate Moss. She morphs so well. I see her around town and believe me she doesn't look anything like herself funnily enough! No I am not going to Milan but even if I was everyone would alas be wearing the same thing so it's a lost cause in many ways...I can't wait to go and smell Jo's new stuff either xx

  2. "Can I have my diamonds rare and pink in the middle?":) I don't care for diamonds, but I do care for this line, it's frigging clever! And I'm kind of missing the supermodels too. Come on, that's their job - to model. Actors have a different one. Besides, those two shots of Eva and Jennifer are pretty horrendous, they don't do the "models" nor the product justice. But unfortunately the name is the game in our society - the brand's or the person's - so who cares how the ad looks, people are still going to buy the name.

    1. But remember those amazing models in the 1940's and 1950's but I don't any of their names and yet they evoke such a mood and look and it is easy to project ourselves on to these models as opposed to an actress who plays many roles. I just wish people would just like actresses for what they are and have models do their job properly...

  3. Haha! I agree that celebrities as models are not very appealing.
    On a more positive note, I'm so glad I now know what to wear for all those events I'm going to!!

    1. Yeah but Ruth if you wear that sequined coat to the ballet then what am i going to wear??

    2. I suggest the leather sweatpants that Wendy just mentioned in her analysis of Falls's Must-Have items according to Refinery 21!!!

    3. I wonder which celebrity is going to get on Daily Mail wearing that although if Kate Moss wore them - everyone will be too!

  4. Interesting.
    I don't buy it regularly now either, I prefer Harpers or Tatler, they just seem to have better content. I think Jennifer Garner looks amazing in that ad, but yes, it is just not her look.

    1. I usually just read it at the hairdressers or at a friends but it was the september issue so I bought it. Jennifer is sweet and seems a great family woman but doesn't have style cred yet...

  5. I love reading Vogue sometimes! So many stunning styles!

    1. The September issue is always a great one! xx

  6. I've gone through mine in a mad frenzy and now I need to have my second look. Loving the ads for the most part, but I found the MaxMara ones generally blah, camel on camel... seen that a million times!

    1. This issue will take several flips through it for sure. Yes camel shouldn't even be mentioned except for blue jeans and white shirt. We all get it already right?

  7. Totally agree, VOGUE Sep issue is a must have every year! Love fall fashion! Hope you´re well! xo Caroline

    1. Yep- they even made a documentary about it right? :) Looks like you had a great summer xx

  8. my copy won't arrive for ages but I always look forward to it. I long for models on the cover too x

    1. You could try ipading it FF - the quality is superb and they have mini movies on it as well! x

  9. I do miss only models on the covers of Vogue, but Jennifer Lawrence is an exception because she is so down to earth and beguilingly beautiful!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Mind you I think she was a model as well before she turned actress right? x

  10. I almost never buy this anymore. But when I do, it lasts me weeks. The ads are better looking than most of the fashion spreads. And yes, Kate Moss does clean up nicely:-)

    1. Ads are half the fun for sure - it takes as much work and are much more expensive than the features...Kate Moss is seriously a chameleon!

  11. I buy Vogue every couple of months, for some reason I feel obligated to - go figure?

    It's so true, the actresses/actors and now even sports personalities are taking over the fashion world and have been for quite a while. I would love to be a fly on the wall when all the supermodels get together and discuss this new evolution of 'models' gracing the fashion magazines and debuting their fashion lines - how frustrating....for them. I'm not deeply upset or affected about it to be fair. As long as what they are advertising and promoting looks good and touches my lust nerve, I'm not particularly bothered and I guess that's how the editors feel too. I might have to delete this sentence in a minute, but I'm more 'turned on' by what the Kardashians wear than the supermodels, I feel I can relate more in some strange way.

    Perhaps they just need to mix it up a bit more, include 'celebs', but don't forget about their roots.

    I'm not a big fan of J. Lawrence, but she certainly has done a good job with these shots! xx

    1. Me too - I feel the same way! But I am enjoying the ipad version because they have all the extras but then I feel bad for the newsagent. I am torn Colleen!

      I know what you mean about product placement on "civilians". I suppose the appeal of the Kardashians is that they manage to look even if one is bigger and not the average size 0 that stars are. But I find it hard to imagine myself in the same clothes that I know are stylized and lit from a certain angle. I think that is why blogs are here to stay! xx

  12. Thank you Naomi once again, for sharing the September Vogue ( this time ) with us.
    I´m saving €€´s, and the magazine arrives here always late.
    Liking the idea of concentrating on the ads, as they are, in some, a part of the whole concept, telling a story of their own.
    It is a bit odd, that celebs do the modeling, but these days, one has to have skills in more than one profession.
    My favorite is Jumpha Lahiri ( her hair, looks ),
    The last model, with the short hair and makeup is too 60´s, ugh!

    1. Pleasure to share with you. The press departments gear the less obvious portion of their budget for the September issue other than Xmas. I adore Jhumpa as well - she is just so attractive and such a great writer. I must agree that I am not too partial to the styling of the last picture either although I don't normally mind 60's!

  13. Looks like a good issue. I think I might have to get myself a copy...

    Just an aside - I read an interview with Jennifer Lawrence somewhere where she said that she was drunk for the whole of that shoot, lol!

    1. JL looks like she would do something like that! She seems like she has got a wicked sense of humour...

  14. I don't know why, but the September issue is so intimidating I usually don't even end up reading it. I loved the photo of Jennifer in the plaid coat with scarf and tore it out for my inspiration board. I loved the girl from Netherlands too.


    1. Kim - the tip is to see it in morsels - as Anna would!! x


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