Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Life faker

Please click :)

It is a side chain to my social media issue at the moment.



  1. Too too funny! Thanks for the laugh (I needed it).

  2. Hilarious. Why slice your own avocado...

  3. Hello Naomi, It is a bit concerning to see people presenting fake lives on the internet. It might seem an amusing joke at first, but some people get to believe it. I am thinking of some blogs, one by a fake Rockefeller who ended up arrested for stealing papers from a real Rockefeller in his search for proof and documentation. Another blog was by a "New England lady" whose story turned truly bizarre as she ever-more insistently tried to prove her patrician roots and lifestyle.

  4. so funny- even my pets are happier !!! xxxx

  5. yours are the best comments i've read! hope to see you in a few weeks! xoxo


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