Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Latest Vogue Paris 

I need to get a new iPad but this is the reason why I can't reorganise the pics.

This was the French interpretation of Princess Di.

Every person in the Commonwealth knows she didn't ride.

I do wish this editorial wasn't so literal.

It would have been nice to have a French version of Di.
This just seems a bad version of the truth.
We all remember the sad Di - but it is almost as if the French are saying that they are happy they had a revolution.

Good hair, small earrings, gentle cream turtleneck with a beige/camel coat.
So classic.

This is where French Vogue goes all fetish.
Necrophilia much?

What a waste of skinny models to make them lie down.

I don't like excessive photoshopping.
And yet I feel guilty because I am in magazine mode and not used to shadows of any kind so paused at this photo.

The rest of the magazine was rather dull.
But nice excuse to say Hi! x


  1. I love your comments that cut through all the blarney, but I have to admit that fashion magazines always evoke a ?????? response in me!

    1. Jim, me too! I used to love it but now i am so inundated with images i can't take it seriously anymore - which is a pity.I miss my former innocence.

  2. The Di stand-in is more beautiful and far more intelligent looking than the original. That OTT outfit up top must be a costume designed for this shoot as I don't recall those frilly bits being quite so extreme but the '80s were the worst thing to happen to fashion since the chastity belt.

    1. I do love Edie Campbell. I still miss Di - i know she was flawed but she is responsible for prolonging the royal family - so actually i think i should be mad at her nowLOL. 80's had an identity - the times after that - nothing to speak of!

  3. OH! They completely missed her in every single possible way! Did you even see one glimpse? Nothing. OH well. She is like capturing a moonbeam. Difficult.....at best. Why try? that was a terribly pathetic attempt......if you ask me!!!!

    1. I think they got her pensive ness and hair and that is about it.

  4. The look on her face; and her eyes were always fetching and appealing! These models look dead in their expressions.....Pathetic. Fire the editor!!!

  5. Naomi
    I must admit that Vogue is not on my regular reading list, though I do appreciate you giving me the Cliff’s Notes version, and, of course, I look forward to any excuse to say hi…

  6. So many magazines have been doing a bit of a Di Homage thingy lately- why? What's it all mean? Love it that you've popped in x


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