Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Vogue January Paris 2017 - The Karl Lagerfeld Issue

Yesterday was the Chanel fashion show with the two featured on the cover in the show finale.

Karl and Lily-Rose Depp - the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp.

I had the post done and then my inept handling of the still very foreign sign language of my Macbook somehow destroyed it and so now this will be just a simple sharing post!

Gloves are most definitely synonymous with the Queen, Michael Jackson, and of course, Karl.

He does love to read and seems to have the most beautiful libraries in all his homes.

The article is in French but the names translate easily for your viewing.

He loves Emily Dickinson.
I would love to see a collection based on what Emily would wear if she were meeting up with her lover in Paris for a weekend.

Coloring crayons are something I still have a penchant for but mine go unused.
Karl has his own range of coloring pencils don't you know.

I love how he says I roll in Rolls - he's got that pimping thing going on.

These are the glasses he always wears if you are interested.

Like most gay men, he has his posh girl muse.

Princess Caroline has got both minor European royalty plus old school Hollywood glamour heritage so no surprise that Karl would love her.

Her daughter is a spitting image of course but doesn't really seem to do the whole social circuit.

Speaking of daughters of famous people...

This is the daughter of Will Smith.
She is stunning and I thought she was a genuine model.

Back to Karl, he looks so pre revolutionary Dangerous Liaisons here.

He looks like a Bond villain here.

In the pics below, he looks like part of the disco heyday 1970's arms dealer off-duty playboys.

He is such a chameleon.

This month's jewellery feature was dedicated to what Karl would do with accessories.

I would love it if someone actually would wear a Chanel jacket back to front in public.

This is so strange and taking pattern clash nowhere.
I shall not yield on that stance either.

Isn't this image of a Chanel strewn women possibly on the sofas of Rue Cambon the fashion version of chicken soup?
So comforting and reassuring - sartorially.

I remember when Vogue spreads were consistently like this -
fans blowing hair and models looking happy.

This issue went old school.
But I found myself looking at who the blouse was by rather than flipping the page.

But how can you go wrong with a Chanel jacket in black with jeans?

Except this blazer is actually from Louis Vuitton!


  1. Thank you for posting this. You always pick out the very best highlights. I'm a sucker for a pets in couture photo so loving that one. Karl is fabulous. I know he rankles the masses but he seems true to who he is. And I love a man who builds a good library! xo

    1. I had more but then the pics got jumbled and everything was out of order but I thought it nice for Karl to have his own issue. He is a legend for sure xx

  2. Hello CSW, I have no idea what is going on in this post, so I'll just report that I saw the Taiwan Tatler at my dentist's, and can confirm that it is written in Chinese and the articles are mostly about Asians, although a few articles seem to be leased from the original. No whimsically dressed animals, but lots of photos of expensive-but-hideous furniture, jewelry, watches and clothes.
    P.S. Happy Chinese New Year this weekend!

    1. Too funny! Sorry about the edit.I have flipped through Taiwan Tatler but I don't think one reads that for the articles. Happy CNY to you too Jim!

    2. p.p.s. When I said "I have no idea," I was referring to the fact that I know none of these people--I even had to look up Karl Lagerfeld. I am pretty much oblivious when it comes to fashion. Your mix of photos was entertaining as usual!

    3. Karl Lagerfeld is one of those figures that in that world is like POTUS. But in other terms, I can't actually see the effects now that I try and think about it!! ;)

  3. Wasn't Celine Dion panned for wearing a tuxedo jacket backwards to the Grammys a number of years ago?

    1. Indeed you are right! I forgot about that. Geez, I don't think it was the best look on her but someone walking into a bar would give the crowd something to talk about right?

  4. HIS book collection looks like a NEWSSTAND!
    I just watched the SHOW..............pretty but where on THIS EARTH would we wear those dresses?JO said on IG the other day we need to bring back the SUPPER CLUBS!!!!!!!!I would LOVE if PEOPLE dressed..............I:M still seeing BUTT CRACKS falling out of pants are YOU over there?SO TIRED OF THAT LOOK.........GOOD GRIEF it has been at least a DECADE of this RIDICULOUS TREND!TIME to PULL up the TROUSERS............and get OURSELVES PULLED TOGETHER...............FUN POST!I ADORE KARL..............saw him once in PARIS.AT A NEWSSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Butt bracks are very distracting. Karl would never show his butt crack. He does go out on the streets a lot and he seems so civil too.

  5. What a fun post. I love the jewelry part of course. You can never go wrong with pearls and brooches! Will Smith's daughter is very pretty in these photos. The American press makes her sound like an insufferable brat but she does look like an honest-to-God model in that spread. How is Millie? xx

    1. Isn't their jewellery section the best Yes - she could well be a brat but she could be a model on her own merit - though her looks were inherited:) Millie is great- she says woof xx

  6. What a fun post! A friend of ours asked her decorator (interior designer) to give her den/library bookshelves more visual appeal. The decorator suggested mixing in some old leather-bound sets with the best-sellers and reference books. Friend okayed this and came home to find a yard of the collected works of Galsworthy, each volume bound in leather and translated into Swedish.

    Love the jewelry on Karl. He has the height to carry of the Christmas tree look.

  7. I love the old school style fashion spread. I do miss that, and feel some of the spreads are really not particularly aspirational. Arty, yes I guess.
    Will Smith's daughter indeed does model well. Much better than Olympia of Greece, whom I see is attempting modelling, but looks so awkward in all the photos that even the best photographers seem to have problems getting a good shot.
    Karl's pencils remind me of being about 12 and desperately wanting a box of Derwent 72's. It was all the thing at school, and no one would actually use theirs as they didn't want to wear any down from their rainbow hued perfection! x

  8. Why doesn't he ever smile? Bad teeth? Muses are interesting things, aren't they. If you gave Caroline grey hair and style à la Karl and put on the same sunnies he wears, they would look identical. Twins. As a photographer, I notice these things and also about attraction.
    PS: In my slimmer model's figure days when I had a fantastic back and small boobs, I too wore fancy jackets backwards, but only on very special occasions. It caused a stir too! LOL. I loved being cheeky.
    I'm a fan of classic elegance. Can't beat it.


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