Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy new year!

Happy new year all!

I am happy that it is a new year but everyone makes it like 2016 was the year of the plague.
When you think about it - 
it was nowhere near as bad as 1666.

But I am excited for 2017.

Did you have a good holiday season?
I finally decided to do a Xmas tree for the first time in ages and got a 2 foot tree and decorated it with some decorations that were left in my mother in law's attic.

It's nothing to write home about but small steps for me.
I put it on our coffee table as a gesture.

I decided to finally get a tree because I saw that even a car mechanics garage was decorating and realized I am such a scrooge sometimes.

Then one afternoon, I went over to a friend's house and did a jigsaw puzzle with Christmas carols in the background.

Churches are so welcoming this time of year.

My life in December has been so centered around dogs as I was dogsitting for my brother who was away for most of the month with his GF so we were looking after Millie.

Christmas day was spent with friends and 5 dogs - the Italian greyhound is not pictured.

Millie was rather jealous of this rich bitch's hair blowdry.


A friend ordered a stuffed bear but didn't realize it would be lifesize.

I took Millie to a new groomer's before my brother came back but most groomer's were booked out like they were Nicky Clarke or something so I took her to a pet cafe/groomers.
The place was such good entertainment value.

I really didn't get out much except for the park.
Aren't these 3 trees so in sync?
Did you know that trees talk to each other?
Long story but they do have their own language it seems.
Sounds hokey pokey but once you read about it - 
there are millions of articles.
Try googling it.

This was New Year's eve day with horses and dogs getting along and demonstrating interspecies peace. 
And yet some people think they are THE best species...

This dog's eyes haunt me because she was a spaniel who was recently rescued because a couple had a baby and wasn't interested in the dog anymore. Apparently she is still a bit sad.

Then I started doing what my parents would tell me but I didn't believe them which was telling Millie how lucky she is.
She ignored me and did the canine version of Netflix and chill which is sit and watch the squirrels taunt and tease her. 
So close but so far away.

I love the east end of London because there is a certain living history there that is not all memorialised.
When the east end was being bombed in the war, some churches moved some items to be safeguarded but was never put back in place.
So they languish around Shoreditch unappreciated and incognito.

I don't really eat much meat but I had proper southern style ribs at this now very formulaic masculine restaurant decor.

Many people still ignore graffiti as angry and frustrated verbal nonsense but I tend to agree with those people with spray cans.

In the spirit of Faviken and Swedish chefs, the same crew who went with me to the restaurant decided to try out Hedone restaurant that is run by a Swedish chef.

This was on their drinks menu. 
I didn't really look through it because we did the wine pairing and let the sommeliers do their work.
I really don't drink so much but that makes up for my eating.
I don't know if my taste buds are changing but truffles didn't really do anything for me.

When do you think they will stop with the spuma on oysters thing?
It was a lovely restaurant and as it is in Chiswick and not central London, it tends to be neglected but apart from us everyone was from out of town at the restaurant.

This was Robert Kime's window.
I took a picture of it because there were some alabaster candle holders for sale which were exactly like the ones I bought from Restoration Hardware 10 years ago.
I miss the old RH.
Opposite Robert Kime is this pub that normally is covered in flower baskets most of the year.
They are so festive and a treat to the eyes.
They serve the usual ales and mediocre Thai food in case you are wondering.

Hope all is well and wishing you all the very best for 2017 x


  1. Huge fan of Robert Kime. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too. So intriguing, all those bits and pieces of Old London just lying around. Makes me want to visit the city again in order to explore.

    1. East London seems all the more charming due to its neglect and default preservation of recent history. Hope you have a great 2017 Jim!

  3. Happy New Year!!! We have been watching Chef's Table, thanks to your post on Faviken. So fascinating. We were hoping to try N/Naka in March when we visit my dad in the U.S., but they are booked solid until April...

    1. Don't you love Chef's table? I love seeing hard work appreciated and shown plus it involves food. I hope you get a table somehow -just email them again and again. Have a great 2017 Louise!

  4. Happy new year my friend. Sad about the spaniel but great that she was adopted

    1. Happy endings are always welcome - all the best for 2017

  5. Agree re dogs and horses and gave annual compliment to my Estella as she's a whiz with both as is QE2 who gave my Midlands Galpal & I a scare with holiday glad she's now out and about.

  6. Happy New Year, Naomi! We spent Christmas etc with our family and their new puppy. She is adorable and we're all totally besotted. The poor spaniel's sad eyes above remind me a little of Ellie's beautiful dog, Teddy, when she was trying to find a good home for him. I often think about Teddy and hope some nice family has adopted him.
    Have to admit to loving truffles. The Wonderful breakfast chef at the hotel where we always stay in Aix en Provence makes the most fabulous truffle omelettes. At her suggestion they're usually served with a glass of champagne (it's included in the set price breakfast menu if you want it - which is not v expensive). Don't normally have bubbles for breakfast but who can say resist occasionally. Also there's now a little truffles corner in BHV which is just down the road from the apartment where we always stay in Paris. They do a set price lunch - appetiser, pasta or an egg dish and then desert. Everything has a little - or quite a bit of - truffles. There's even a truffled salt dispenser on the table - as well as regular salt. A great meal - and also very reasonably priced. But you have to like truffles.

    I guess we were lucky as 2016 seemed to be a good year for us on the whole. Lots of travel overseas and in Oz, weddings, reunions, birthdays etc.

    But so many bad things did happen - all the violence and killings in the Middle East, the plight of the poor refugees risking their lives to escape from it all, the terrorist attack in Nice, and on a different scale - Brexit and the US election results. Not looking too promising for the French elections this year with the rise of the populist rightist demagogues in Europe and the US.

    Are you planning on adopting a puppy yourselves - or is Millie enough? Warmest wishes, Pammie

    1. Welcome to the new addition of a puppy!how exciting. Yes I remember the looking Teddy's eyes too. I normally l love truffles but I guess like most things you fall in and out of favour with things. 2016 was momentous but I think most are confusing it with a bad year. At the moment Millie is enough -she i s wonderful but was surprised how much she impacted my daily schedule so it was an adjustment for sure!

  7. Happy New Year Naomi! Lovely post and what could be better than hanging about in parks with Millie. The language among trees reminds me of Tolkien's Ents. Kind of spooky really.
    So interesting about the church items lying around the east end of London. I hope this year brings you lots of happiness. xx

    1. Apparently trees also have families and will share nutrients if you are related! Hope you make visit over here soon and wish you a great 2017 xx

  8. Happy New Year! Have you ever tried a Wasji? Mum and I have done some in the past. Also Mum did get one for Christmas..

  9. Happy New Year Naomi. I hope all is well and you had a nice Christmas. I enjoyed the festive period in my new home but spent Christmas day at mums for the dinner. Looks like you had a pleasantly eventful festive period. All the best for 2017 and stay excited! x

    1. Happy new year to you Colleen! Wishing you all the best and am so happy for you about your new home too! xx

  10. Happy New Year!
    My 13 year old's on a mission to get a dog. Good thing he didn't see me reading this post. But my husband & I are still traumatised by the ducklings we raised that he brought home from pre-school. Nine years haven't erased the not so good aspects!
    However whilst going for my walk a couple of days ago, I made way for a couple walking their dog at the wharf. The woman thanked me & said their dog has to walk to the end of the wharf. I smiled and thought that's the dog for me as I have to go to the end of the wharf on my walk too. So you never know, but I know who would end up cleaning up after the dog every day - me and who would have to walk the dog whilst school is on, me, so I'm figuring out if I really have the time.
    In Sydney, they're cutting down trees it seems at the rate of knots. Am missing the giant trees that have gone.
    Am learning to just use the PS4 pro console & the controller & just uploaded your blog onto the TV screen so I read it on the big screen. Kids yelled noooo, as they know when my eyesight has gone I can read everything on the TV. FYI, Your photos look good on the big screens. Den xxx

    1. I need to learn how to use the TV as my computer screen. I really don't like the small screens nor typing on my phone. I adore dogs but I can't seem to maintain balance and my whole aim is to make sure Millie is ok and alive. I had a scare with her once and I am still traumatised by it. I don't know how mums do it. the worrying is exhausting! I wish y ou a very happy new year too Den xxx

  11. WAIT I thought MILLIE was YOUR DOG???OR is it YOUR BROTHERS?
    DO you have RH Over THERE............?ANOTHER question do you HAVE NORDSTROMS over THERE?
    I will BE AT CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW on MAY 24............want to meet UP?

    1. Yes she is my brother's dog but I love her like she's mine. no Nordstroms! but we have Harrods and Selfridges. I am going on the 23rd by the way but yes lets meet!

  12. Happy New Year! I hate New Years so much and am glad this dark cloud of new has almost cleared. Millie is so adorable and I love her name. I always think of my GG's best friend Millie! I've been on a truffle butter kick but have to admit I don't love shaved truffles. I think the butter is just enough. Also so much easier.

    1. Happy new year to you!! Millie just rolls off the tongue. I prefer truffle oil but we all ate the fresh truffle for the health benefits :)

    2. Health benefits!!? Didn't know truffles had special health benefits. Wonderful! Will return with bells on to our fave truffle places in France! Or was this just tongue in cheek? Pammie


      It's no garlic but it does have some benefits!

  13. Happy New Year! Good ol' Millie, glad you got to spend Quality Time with her. I hope your January is off to a good start!


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