Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why you love who you love - apparently...( take two! )

I am still knee deep of slowly unpacking boxes and while sifting through all my things I found this book.

Love at first sight by Suzi Malin
Then this past weekend, Tabitha from Bourbon and Pearls 
did a post about couples who look alike which prompted me to do this quick post.
Please bear in mind I don't adhere to all the theories and I am sharing some amusing pictures.
Of course no romance book would be complete without the relationship of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
 The author had a theory that there were three types of attraction.
The first being Harmonism which is when people share similar facial proportions as was the case with this couple.
 As it had the benefit of hindsight, it tried to explain why they perhaps didn't have a harmonious relationship by saying that they didn't have "harmonious" enough features.
Of course, the other royal couples were not spared facial dissection.
Prince Andrew and Fergie
 One couple may still be married and the other divorced so harmonism doesn't seem to equate with a relationship lasting.

The Wessexes

 Now isn't this the question that has been raised for decades?
What is it about Camilla that Prince Charles has had such an attachment?

 This is a picture of Prince Charles with his first and favorite nanny called Mabel Anderson.

He has publicly stated his affection for her and it is one that lasted as she is included in some private family affairs.
 At first glance, they don't necessarily look alike until one dissects their face as the author does with everybody!

The theory for this attraction is prima copulism which is when a person choose someone who resembles the first attachment one forms.
This could explain why the prince of Norway married a single mother whose ex was in prison for drug charges and known to be a shady character in the underworld.

 His now wife is the mirror image of his own mother.
So basically it's the oedipal complex.
The third type of attraction is echoism which is when one person chooses someone who looks familiar and mirrors themselves.
 Apparently, famous people and celebrities tend to favor
 this sort of relationship most likely due to a healthy ego and 
some involving narcissism.
 Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley

Guy Ritchie with Madonna

 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

 Paul and Linda McCartney

 Napoleon had the pick of any woman in Europe and yet he was infatuated with Josephine which was basically himself..!

Remember the whole Monica Lewinsky saga?
Many wondered why Bill would risk such behaviour in his position.
 Well not only did Monica look like his beloved mother but they also had harmonious features.
 Even when they were grumpy!
I hope you found this as amusing as I did!
P.S. Sorry about the technical issues but I am having issues with my home computer and while using the Blogger App I swiped the delete button twice by accident so apologies to those who left a comment as it got deleted too.  So please be careful for those of you who intend to use that app!


  1. I did!

    I've been wondering why I'm attracted to about the men I'm attracted to.. This has made me think :)

  2. This is fabulous, I am grateful for that new phrase, 'prima copulist" - sounds so pervy!
    Almost every one I have ever dated has had narrow slanty eyes, I noticed it years ago, looking back at old pics.

  3. How funny! You know I'm going to be fetching a photo of my guy along with scissors and glue now!

  4. Those pictures are supremely creepy!! Interesting concept, and aside from the Royal family stuff shown here there are so many people you see that could pass for brother/ sister or clones of one another.

  5. @Dawna - I have been trying to find the link too!

    @Tabitha - bad branding isn't it? I mean it is Oedipal right??

    @Jen - That would be hilarious and would require explanation to someone who sees what you are doing!

    @Heidi - It is creepy right? The Clinton and Lewinsky one made me laugh out loud!

  6. I just do not see any resemblance between hubs and I. Maybe if I let my 'stache grow out we'd have that. I am also trying to figure out which pup I look like...Maggie, Minnie, or Peanut.

  7. It does not surprise me in the slightest that Prince Chucky has mummy/nanny issues.

  8. Hmmm..... barry and I both have curly hair (and now double chin!) but not a lot of facial symmetry. But I absolutely cop to the fact that when I met him he reminded me of my mother's best friend's son, who I had a huge crush on when I was little!

  9. This is creepy and fascinating at the same time!

  10. @BB - maybe hubs looks like your kindergarten crush?

    @cilosophy - doesn't he just??

    @Wendy - yep you are prima copulist! hehe

    @Pigtown design - there needs to be an app for this theory!

  11. Hilarious stuff N.
    Clinton+mummyClinton/Lewinsky, just nasty!

    I especially liked the photo of Charlie boy and his nanny...he looks like Desperate Dan with that chin.

  12. Very funny! and interesting. There is definitely something to it. I've always found a romantic (but not sexual) attraction to women who resemble my mother when she was young.

    1. Also, I feel those are genetically induced impulses and not external environment induced. I don't necessarily think those genetic impulses are determinant but do cause inclinations.

    2. @sjv it is funny but sometimes I believe things are really simple but perhaps that supposed feeling is just familiarity and dejavu

    3. @gsl this brings us back to another age old question tho. Is it nature or nurture and why does one choose echoism over primo compulsion? I am still getting all my exes photos out!! Hehe

    4. that is an age old question but I think it has been tilting heavily towards nature for quite some time but in the case of marriage one isn't always allowed 1st preference and must settle for what's available

  13. I did find this amusing and thought-provoking as I started to think about some of my past boyfriends. I don't know whether I should say this publicly, and I'm sure I've read this somewhere as well, but my boyfriends have mostly seemed to model my dad eeeek! xx

  14. I did enjoy this post... Interesting theories ;-)

  15. Wow! spooky possums - love this post, its the most original thing I've read in ages!!! the Charles nanny similarity is eery. I look the opposite of my husband, not sure if that is good or bad

  16. @cc so you and prince Charles have things in common! Lol

    Lecomptoir I think they are interesting and they should continue their studies

    @ Jody you may be opposite but perhaps you have harmonious features or he looks like the older version of your preschool crush? ;)

    1. Ha! that is food for thought, actually I used to more go for redheads (spookily now I think of it, which is like my family, we have a lot of red hair, so the Kevstar is still an aberation). He is opposite also to CarlyBoy who was my first love next door, though he was a year younger and I cast him off when I went off to primary school. He seemed to recover within a day or so

  17. What fun! We've been married 41 years so likely have morphed to be identical!

  18. This book is a hoot. Wow, isn't it interesting how closely some resemble their mate? I'm going to take a better look at the hubs. Hope you had a restful getaway at the clinic. xx Kim

  19. Intriguing, but I look more like my dog than my husband. :(

  20. Very amusing indeed! I will have to try a side-by-side with my husband!

  21. Mrs. CSW
    How does the whole “opposites attract” thing work into why you love who you love? This is a question that is very important and very personal to me. I hope that that doesn’t make me sound too much the narcissist, which would lead to theory three, but that can’t be because of the “opposites attract”. Oh, the endless circle, the endless humanity of it all!

  22. @Mary - there is a strong theory but no reason why people morph but I have seen it too!

    @KIM - this is a real hoot - the pictures tell a thousand words no?

    @silkannthreades - you must be a real cutie pie then! hehe

    @two birds - i hope you find something!

    @TGFarmer - I think the opposites attract theory is about diversifying the gene pool no? My husband is from an island and I think he only went with me because he wanted a difference or something. But of course there are so many other reasons for marriage other than attraction which are two different things. I think gut instinct and our primal brain kicks in somehow.

  23. Dear, Dear Naomi
    Of course, your husband went with you because you’re you! Screw the whole gene pool theory! So are you saying that marriage and attraction are two different things? Good Lord, does that mean we might marry when we are not attracted to someone, like maybe for money, or power, or a new refrigerator. If that is the case, can someone please explain (excuse the pun) the ins and outs of the old prima copulist? I am so confused…

    1. You me make me laugh!! Oh you truly are by name and by nature the gentle farmer... Perhaps I am too medieval and urban but I have seen some marriages out of sheer attraction but they don't tend to last and divorce once things fizzle in the bedroom. I waited several years to make sure my husband was suitable as I wasn't gagging to get married so why do it unless I was sure. But I have seen many unions based on security and status. I think a fridge might be a carrot in some countries I kid you not!! The prima copy list theory is kind of like when ducklings mistake a pig or dog as their mother. It's a war fuzzy feeling that one doesn't get with a great pair of boobs or legs. It's something that isn't easily achievable hence Camillas hold and everlasting allure for the prince!

    2. Ha
      Now I get it! Mrs. GF often considers me a pig, and definitely tells me so, though I console myself that her sentiment developed over time…

  24. Thank you for this. Something else to talk to my therapist about. :-)


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