Wednesday, 23 July 2014

British Vogue August 2014 Part 2

This was the second choice of the cover featuring Victoria Beckham.  They rarely give choices so I think Victoria's team wanted two looks.

What a difference almost a hundred years make.
An illustrated cover might make a nice refreshing change.
This was the cover for the July 1918 issue.

It says that the difficulty in obtaining a copy is due to the
 "Kaiser and his Junker!"  And I don't think they were referring to Karl Lagerfeld...

I wonder if people a century from now will view our present issues and think how twee and terrible all at once.

Instead of telling us about the latest polish they were discussing the "potatriot". At that time matters of farming dictated the crucial trends.

A lot of brands seem to be chasing and emulating the crafts and handmade nature of Hermes bags.  Every bag now seems to have 5000 stitches sewn by vestal virgins or 80 year old men who have a skill passed down by 5 generations of his forebears.

This Louis Vuitton bag uses a specific craft called tuffetage 
( see pronunciation above) to justify the latest attempt at being the 2014 it bag.
How do you pronounce 'belle tentative'?

Charlotte Olympia has inspired other brands to do humorous and gimmicky bags.
And I think she still leads the way if you want an accessory that doesn't take itself too seriously.

I really like Celine. ( Who doesn't? )
It is perfect for the woman who doesn't want to faff about with fashion but acknowledges that appearance is important to a degree but doesn't need to prove anything.

The trousers need tailoring but the jacket is simulataneously 
sexy and serious.
Zara can try to copy it but it's these seemingly easy designs that just don't translate into the high street unfortunately.

Prints are great but I always feel like they are for people with tons of clothes or the very wealthy.
This blouse is £7800. 
How many wears could you get away with until people think you only own the one blouse? 
The same goes for this painted leather jacket from Fendi.

Christopher Kane is great but it is more of a favorite of fashion editors who get free samples and massive discounts.
To be blunt, at that price point I couldn't justify this brand.
Apologies to the British Fashion council.

I know bloggers are notorious for wearing capes.
But I might join the tribe because Valentino is doing some amazing cape coats this season.
I saw a grey cashmere double breasted cape coat that is on my wish list. ( Tried to find a pic but it was in last months Vogue.)

You could achieve this look by dyeing those fluffy wool rugs and then taking it to a seamstress rather than hand over money to Gucci.

While I like the London look and non chalance that permeates British Vogue I find it falls flat in this picture.
I would be very upset if I were working 
for the PR office of Dolce and Gabbana.  This brand bluntly put is the antithesis of this model's look.   Anemic and androgynous figures with lanky hair do this dress no favors.

Casting models is a very important job.
This girl looks like she is wearing her father's leather jacket from the 70's to a theme party.

Now this is when a photo editor and stylist and model didn't do their job well.  You may make fun of America's Next Top Model but Tyra taught me that you have to find the USP ( unique selling point ) and show it off.
Huge fail! 
The captions says the jacket as plimsoll laces but you can't see them.  It's 70% of the design. It is supposed to be "THE" jacket of the season and most copied on the high street and yet the editors chose this picture?

I love this Chanel jacket but just don't like the rest of the look that is normally compiled together.
Fashion companies normally have a "look number".  
This means that there is a full outfit composed together and most likely was sent off that way in the catwalk.  So some stylists just order the whole ensemble if it is a big shoot. 
But this coat would be amazing with another outfit.

I never knew that Versace is going to use the bias cut for the first time this season! I thought it was standard?

Now onto Victoria's editorial!
They gave her soo many pages.
It didn't start well for me because the first picture was that tired, I mean, tried and true Vogue formula of dressing someone up in a ballgown doing a menial or domestic chore which has been DONE.

But it was actually fun and I have never seen her look so beautiful.
( I know she has been retouched but who hasn't? She used to be retouched before but I never thought she looked that nice.)
But let's be frank, these editorials are for rebranding or adding a new layer to her image and they pulled out all the stops.

Hands up - who else does their flower cuttings this way?
No I am not talking about the dress but that pose.
She looks like she is posing for a still life art class.
How cute is that puppy though? 
Reminds me of my brother's dog.

The photo editor decided that pictoral consistency was not the order of the day but making her look great was the priority hence the black and white zen shot.
The "I am actually really vulnerable" look turned out well.

This is more of a classic VB and how I "see" her.
Practiced pout with the lips a few millimeters apart and neck pulled up and back.

My first reaction here was what are you doing Vicky?
Then I realized this is the unmarried Regency girl pining for her gentleman caller about to faint from the pain of separation then promptly to be revived with smelling salts look.
I know some of you can explain better because it is just odd.

The "I am carefree and I am not as stuffy as you think I am look."
I doubt she would run even for her life.

This is Victoria getting dinner.
For the whole family.  
Harper is not going to be allowed to be chubby for very much longer...
( don't look at me like that cuz you thought it too!)

Then out of nowhere, there was this collage of various objects.

Then this picture followed.
I like she can take the mick out of herself too.

Now this was a flagrant attempt to show us her different sides.
But it just reminds me of a Japanese high school girl trying to be cutesy and only shows us she does botox.
Or perhaps she wants to branch into acting and this is a way of showing her different expressions?

She does hats really well. 
She looks great even when looking bored.
But the outdoorsy English housewife isn't really her look is it?

Gosh, I wish I could look that good sleeping.
No wonder David is still with her!

I would be lying if I said I have always been a fan.
But I love how she has evolved.
She isn't the same girl as the one who wore purple matching suits with David to cut her wedding cake and ate them while sitting on their thrones.
I love seeing her come into her own and wish her well.
Hope you enjoyed the UK issue! x


  1. Does anyone really believe that Vicky is a 'fashion designer'?

    1. No I think that has passed but she must be the one to give her input and she does work and do a lot of department store tours at the ground level so she does work for the brand for sure.

  2. I have a soft spot for Victoria, though I caught a glimpse of her in spice world recently and she looked chubby in comparison to this skeleton she has become. I hope she does eat for harper's sake, though I doubt it! However, she is the perfect mannequin and these pictures are gorgeous. Am about to rethink my weeding attire!

    1. She has come a long way. I think she has been around for so long that she has become one of those people who just are there and opinions don't really matter anymore. She will never eat. I just worry that Harper might have body issues in the future. I would tell her to enjoy being chubby and eating whatever she wants while it lasts...

  3. Beautiful issue. I'll have to pick it up when it makes its was overseas .

  4. First time I went into a Kate Spade store she was selling an artificial grass purse. Do not get the stupid, sorry should that be whimsical, purses. Get a cereal box, shellac it, punch two holes at the top, get some string, there you go. Sorry, I just don't get capes either. How do you carry your purse? Does it stay on the back of a chair when you go inside for lunch, or does it slide right off? The Spice Girls were never quite the thing over here. VB is more known as the skinny chick married to a soccer guy who seems to be doing quite well but never smiles. Do you think she laughs when somebody farts?

    1. People always want something new and gimmicky and charlotte olympia is now the queen of gimmick. There are capes that are designed with an arm hold otherwise they are non functioning. I can't wait to show you the cape coat by valentino - he has worked out the kinks and it is superb i tell ya! You would be surprised that VB is now known for her sense of humor over here and apparently very funny though you wouldn't think it at first glance.

  5. Thanks for your most amusing review of Vogue. Paled at 7800 quid shirt and laughed at old Posh with the rhubard (?) stalk. I must admit I respect Victoria, she is one hell of a smart cookie and has created a phenomonal brand. I like how she dresses and looks now too. xxxx

    1. It is inspiring that you can look the best you have ever looked at 40. I never found her anything but tacky and blah but she has rebranded superbly but funny how she is back to posh spice again but without the shtick! xx

    2. That's called Chinese funding which pays for a top notch marketing and creative team. She's just the face of.

      Zahia Dehar is another example of the same effect.

    3. Is it Chinese? I thought it was Simon Fuller backing her. But yes not many designers don't necessarily design but are the creative directors.

  6. Not sure I like VB too much, but the photos in Vogue were excellent. V similar to the Grace Coddington/Victoria Lockwood pictures in an English country garden from a million years ago (don't remember the photographer's name).& I still like seeing people doing the gardening dressed like the Duchess of Devonshire. Hmm: Charlotte Olympia? I don't really get her at all. Her bags (and shoes) are massively expensive for what they are (i.e wear a couple of times and get bored), don't you think? Don't mean to sound gripey. Your cape sounds fab. I'm off to google it. XXs

    1. I think she has grown on me. 20 years is a lot of time! ;) Yes the styling is a formula that Vogue relies on quite a bit. Charlotte olympia was good but I did say a few instagram posts ago that she is now relying on pure gimmick rather than design. I did like the kitty heels and was on the waiting list for them but when they rang me 5 months later i was over it!! I need to find a pic but its not on the websites yet and not in stores yet either. But only thing that has tempted me in ages...xx

  7. I have no words for that horrendous LV bag. Or the other "witty" ones. Your commentary is hilarious N!! Agree with you about that dire model in the D&G dress. I love what D&G is doing at the moment. I still pine for the $15,500 leopard print coat I tried on in Melbourne. The Victoria photos are the standard English Country House meets High Fashion shoot poses really. I agree with you that she's come a long way since the appallingly tacky wedding. I wonder if they use their Disney like family crest much? xx

    1. I can't wait to see the tuffetage upclose and examine the workmanship. I love Dolce so much. It's my fantasy life, sicilian hoochee parallel life look. The way things are going and David Beckhams close relationship with Prince Wills I think they will get a proper crest in about a decade or so! xx

  8. That was so entertaining to read. I love your insight and commentary on the photos. Your witty remarks made me finally be okay with not "getting" most of the clothes and accessory designs. I am with you on the cape, though. The one you showed is infinitely more stylish and beautiful than the capes of the past. Thanks for the great preview.

    1. Oh I thought I was just out of it and questioning myself too! But shows you can't buy into the emperor's clothes eh? I just know i am going to cape it even if I am fashion victimy ;). x

  9. Wow, she has a very pretty pointy face, but even in that slight smile she never does a tooth smile.
    I would say with all the rumours about David (even down as far as NZ and not rumours) that it is amazing she stays with him. Oh well, turning a blind eye can work for some

    1. I think a blind eye has served them well. Those stories don't seem to phase her - tough like Beyonce and shows these stars are made of sterner stuff!

  10. I like Victoria so much better now than I did when she was dressing super trashy and had that horrible blonde hair. I also like it when the magazine presents the side of her that I know she still has in spades: the incorrigible collector. When Vogue Paris did their piece in January on her, my favorite picture was of all of her Hermes bags lined up. I was like, Finally! Let's be honest, she is a shopper and she likes her Hermes! XO, Jill

    1. The worst bit was when she went through the proper WAG phase and it was so tacky. I am glad she eased up and accepted herself more. I bet she misses all her hermes bags now that she has to carry her own brand bags!! xx

  11. I LOVE your funny comments re VB and I agree- Harps will soon be THIN! esp at Tori will be offering her Rachel Zoe portions. I reckon VB would be quite funny in real life. That's what I've heard anyway. x

    1. You just know Harper has a few years left before she does yoga and pilates. I have heard she is super funny too xx

  12. Thank you for your perceptive and insightful comments, I'll be smiling the rest of the day!

  13. Hilarious - Tonkath

  14. @wellfedfred and @Tonkath I am glad to have made you smile!

  15. I've seen her on Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton and she's actually quite funny. She seems like she can have a good laugh at herself... all the way to the bank!

    1. I am going to youtube it bc i missed those - but yes they ain't short of a bob!

  16. Mrs. CSW
    Has it really been a hundred years, my, the world did change in July 1914, did it not? How hard it is for us to recognize those days. Can you imagine what it would be like for them if suddenly they ended up in our time?

    I never really paid attention to the Spice Girls. Is it okay to admit that? The only thing I can comment on regarding Victoria “Posh” Beckham is that sometimes it pays not to try too hard. The one singular emotion that comes from seeing all those pictures of her, “girlfriend, you really didn’t need to do all that”.
    It all adds up to being simply awful. At some level, I guess you can’t blame Mrs. Beckham, but the editors, honestly, the editors should know better.

    Okay, the other thing I have to know. It looks like there is a tattoo down her spine. Ouch, and what is up with that?

    1. So much has happened! This past century has been one of those spikes on a graph no? Totally ok to admit that you weren't into the spice girls. I was bombarded with them as I lived in London when they were huge and you couldn't not listen to the radio or watch tv without their presence felt. I was not a fan of them but like most people who stick around long enough now she is part of the furniture!! I think and needs to be confirmed but did she get that tattoo as a his and hers with David after he cheated on her?!

    2. If a cheating man is the reason for her tattoo, well, that is just over the top awesome, though the fuddy-duddy in me keeps wondering what all these tats are going to look like forty, or fifty, years from now when gravity creeps and surgery can’t do a thing.

    3. I just don't like the commitment of having a tattoo for the rest of one's life! Also laser hurts and ix hugely expensive...

  17. I agree VB has grown on me too, in fact the only reason I didn't warm to her initially was simply because she appeared to have no personality and never smiled; she still doesn't as far as i'm concerned but you can't but respect what she has achieved with family life (they're still together and appear happy without too many cracks) and her fashion empire and for that reason I refuse to say too much of a bad word about her.

    I spot those Olympia bags everywhere on Insta and I do love a gimmicky accessory but I'm not sure my regulatory body for nutrition would approve of me sporting a corn flakes, frosties or macdonalds bag lol

    Colleen xx

    1. She was photographed wearing flat shoes a few months ago and I nearly fell off my chair and thought she is loosening up a bit! She must be tough bc the rumours about him still persist very strongly. She seems like a good mother though. You should get CO to do a quinoa and chia seed bag hehe xx

    2. I'm off to patent a quinoa and chia seed bag!! x

  18. Mrs. Beckham has zero appeal to me. Her face never changes and that face just doesn't register as pretty or interesting. And on top of it, she reveals her grammar to be singularly off. Posh? No.

    1. The posh thing always made me laugh and I do understand your sentiments bc I felt like that until about last year when I now just accept her if that makes sense? But I have a feeling that they will be lord and me lady before the decade is over bc of their closeness to Wills and that would be quite the ironic full circle then! ( even though I know title doesn't necessarily mean the same thing...)

  19. I hope I am still around by the time there is a Vogue editorial featuring Lady Beckham; should be interesting.

  20. You have nailed it with this commentary. Individually the pics are beautiful, but we just know too much about VB for any of this 'story' to quite work.


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