Monday, 26 May 2014

Vogue France May 2014

Do you like Sophie Marceau?
I adore her.
She was my teenage girl crush.

She didn't make it huge in America but she was all the rage in Europe and Asia with her film, La Boum.
Can you believe she is 47?
I love women who give growing old a good name.
Okay okay...I know she has had a few fillers but 
I have known people to have proper nose jobs to no effect so 
I won't hold a few fillers against anyone.

Not that Valentino need that much marketing but I love the simple and graphic element of these ads.

There is a Dior exhibition in Paris for those who are in the area.

Vogue France don't mess around when it comes to jewellry.
Whereas other countries' edition of Vogue reserve fine pieces to a special edition or issue, it seems Vogue France have a monthly editorial dedicated to bling.

Say what you like about black but it does show off most things to great effect and yet does its best to hide other things.
  I love it.

I only added this picture because I love this image of a beautiful blonde in a leather jacket on a motorcycle and yet I am hardly the demographic for this image otherwise.

We all know that Parisian style and chic is revered.
I like it too.
But I thought this editorial was sooooooo Parisian and sooooooo chic that it was almost a pastiche of the stereotype.

The "Ooh la la, I am sitting on my desk with my thinking fedora 
( cap for everyone else) on while smoking my gitanes cigarette that smells of Cire Trudon while composing my chanson" look.

The " I don't know how I get anything done while I am constantly puffing away on my ciggies especially in this very un-ergonomic styling while the carefully draped over the shoulder jacket keeps falling off " look.

The " I will stop smoking to tell you all of my favorite things 
but I need my cigarette otherwise I get anxious and 
as you can see I bite my nails " look.

 I know what you are thinking...
Gosh Naomi is tough, what a &^%$*!
It's partly true.
But sometimes one has to be able to laugh no?
No one is safe but to be fair I take the mick out of myself!

I like and understand this editorial based on a tribal theme but 
I do find the make up rather predictable.
I think they could have played on the notion of tribes but then it is a fashion magazine and not a nuanced editorial on society.
I should lighten up.

Daniel de la Falaise is the Jeffrey Steingarten of French Vogue.
It isn't a studied exploration of food but more of a recipe and mood.

This editorial reminded me of the Harper's Bazaar ballet editorial the other month but Ms Alt added her flair and edge.

It's a bit Flashdance-esque.

I used to wear leg warmers when my legs weren't cold and 
I wasn't in a dance studio.

All these people are so darn cool that the mood overtakes the individual outfits though.

Except for this otufit.
I probably won't see this on any outfit of the day selfie soon.

There was another editorial that was an homage to pop culture.

Wasn't Thelma and Louise so groundbreaking?
I remember going to the cinema twice in one week to watch this.
Although these ladies look quite privileged so 
I don't see the motive.
Maybe all dressed up and nowhere to go syndrome?

Normally one packs too much for trips but 
these ladies have made the most of overpacking.

Here is another Helmut Newton image reference of Lisa Taylor in a similar position.

This is what the world thinks Sydney-siders do.

This Chanel swimsuit has my name all over it!
But I wouldn't want to get it wet so I wonder if I could wear it as a "body" and put a cardigan over it.

If you see anyone dancing around in a swimsuit like that it is a fashion shoot or one of those staged shoots for the Daily Mail.  
No civilian does this.

I added this editorial as I thought the props were fun.

Celine is known to be the wardrobe of real women and yet this looks like a project runway episode outfit that was a homage to a freezing Madonna meets Jean Paul Gaultier.

Just to let you know that I won't be doing a June US Vogue review.
While it wasn't offensive it was rather dull so I hope you enjoyed browsing French Vogue.


  1. Well I'm glad you acknowledge how fabulous black is because I do seem to still live in it ha. Sophie, 47, wow, she looks easily in her early thirties. Perhaps she maintained her youth because she didn't have to succumb to Hollywood life, maybe.......
    Those swimsuits are darling although I find one pieces make me look a little shapeless but then I've never tried on a Chanel one, unfortunately! Have a good week xx

    1. I think black has been slightly forgotten and people dont wear it as much but I noticed your outfit on today's instagram and I really liked it. And some people wear less like a uniform. I also she hasn't aged so much as she has fantastic genes and a great dermatologist hehe! I think you could pull anything off Colleen xx

  2. Sophie Marceau looks great and had no idea she was 47. I've never understood tattoos especially on women; for me it's like graffiti and diminishes everything it touches.
    With all the Pinterest, Instagram, and massive fashion content available online and the backlash regarding the Kardashian cover, I sense Vogue's influence and relevance is in free-fall.

    1. Fear not. The tats are on the appendages of Terry Richardson, the photographer and standin model for the Valentino shots!

    2. The June issue was polite but dull...

      But tattoos are a funny one that I can't have a definitive opinion about - I like on certain people but just never on me!

    3. I knew that was a man's arm but it still tainted the otherwise great looking shoes.

  3. Sophie has a sense of humour, which I appreciate. Have you seen she's with Christophe Lambert now.

    Don't you find the layout and typography of Paris Vogue sodding awful! Irritates the bejesus out of me.

    1. I hope we get to see more of you Curator! You've been missed.

    2. Agree with GSL - I miss your pins Curator! They layout is basic and yet they seem to put more thought into the editorials than the US team for sure. Interesting point about the typography because sometimes by mid issue I did notice it got a bit heavy now that you mention it! Yes Sophie and him make an interesting couple who seem to handle their fame well but perhaps i say that because they dont get much press over here.

  4. What a second. Sophie is 47? Where does the time go? This was a fun romp through French Vogue. I loved the photo of the ballerina with the cigarette. So true. I used to dance and a lot of the dancers smoked to stay thin. Crazy, n'est-ce pas?

    1. Sad thing is that a lot of women still smoke to stay thin. Unfortunately it does seem to work for whatever reason...

  5. I only remember Sophie Marceau in her turn as a Bond girl in "The World is Not Enough" - terrible movie, but she was (and still is) gorgeous. I had to laugh at your assessment of the Vogue fashion editor as cliché of Parisian chic - in the editorial shot of her wardrobe, there are those pointy-toed kitten heel shoes with the ankle strap, worn by no less than 2 of the Vogue editors in the photo that Tabitha posted last month (link to post here). Thanks for the peek at French Vogue!

    1. Bar the last Bond film - most of them are just movies one watches for tradition sake I find and I also found that one she was in lacklustre! There are some shoes that just go viral though and I think those definitely were one of them!

  6. You are so funny: "The "Ooh la la, I am sitting on my desk with my thinking fedora (cap for everyone else) on while smoking my gitanes cigarette that smells of Cire Trudon while composing my chanson" look." Perfect!

    Love Sophie. I was one of the 5 people who watched the otherwise painful Lost and Found.

    1. Even I didn't see that hehe!! You get dix points.

  7. I love so much reading your Vogue reviews... I never really liked Sophie Marceau, she gets on my nerves... I love your comments... Thanks for taking the time to write this post.

  8. I had a fringe until I was 35, every time I tried to grow it out, I would see Sophie M, then each for the nail scissors 15 minutes later.

    1. @Tabs - I actually cut my fringe again and there is only about a week that I like it but it is normally too short or too long!

      @FSteph - I can see she could get on someone's nerves but she hardly gets any exposure here so when I see her I feel like a teenager again!

  9. Hello Naomi,

    We love your waspish humour, especially when applied to the fashion press. So good to not take it all too seriously.....after all, there is real life out there, somewhere, and, from what we see on the pages of Vogue,real life is far more entertaining.

    Darling G hits the nail on the head in our view regarding tattoos. They are akin to graffiti and they do reduce everything they touch to a rather nasty, basic level. We bemoan this fact every time we see 'tags' covering the most splendid C19 architecture in Budapest and why anyone would wish to 'decorate' their bodies in this way is quite beyond us.

    Still, as for black.......we are never out of it. But bling we have little of and what we do have is fake. Vive la difference (apologies, cannot find the accents)!

  10. Sophie Marceau is divine, and a very elegant woman indeed!
    Thanks for your witty (as ever) look at Vogue.
    Love the black and bling, and the oh so very Français girl with her cigarettes.
    As a Sydney-sider, I can confirm that we often romp around in our swimwear!

    1. @ruth - she is elegant without playing the media game relentlessly either which is refreshing.
      Black and bling go so well.
      Yes don't you go running in your off the shoulder swimsuit with a scarf wrapped around your neck?!!

      @JL Hattat - I think a dose of humor is so important especially in a subject that should have some levity and fun. Lately people take it like it is a balkan war conference. Tattos are a funny thing and like everything else such a statement with many implications that depends on geography. Indeed in some places it is a status symbol and I suppose this just makes sociology that much more fun!

  11. Oh help! It must be my post-47 old age, but everyone looks so thin.

    1. It's because they are starving or 6 foot thirteen year olds who have just gone through a growth spurt!

  12. Naomi, Love your French Vogue reviews. I was cracking up with your comments about what that girl is thinking...So true. As much as I love the more glamorous editorials I hate the smoking. It's almost like they look for opportunities to add cigarettes. Saddens me and makes everything seem dirty. Not unlike tattoos as GSL said.
    Le Weekend layout was gorgeous and I also loved the Calvin Klein swimsuit with the scarf. (Only the French!) So agree the black is beautiful !

    1. Yes I agree it is one thing to advertise cigarettes but another thing to glamorize it and I think that is much more damaging long term. I do wonder where they heck they got this scarf around the neck while wearing swimsuits business!! xx

  13. So glad you reviewed this since I only buy French Vogue maybe once a year. It's just too expensive. However, I find it so much more glamorous than American Vogue (sorry Anna!) and I love that they seem to devote page after page to fine jewelry every month. American Vogue never does that. I just got the June American Vogue last night and I was bored after 5 minutes. That has to be the worst (and most boring) picture of Charlize Theron ever, which seems sad since she was glammed out to the max at the Oscars with that black Dior dress (divine!) and the diamonds. Great post Naomi and that part about Veronique and her cigarette just made me laugh and laugh. I thank you for brightening a very gray day here in Brooklyn! XO, Jill

    1. I am glad you like going through French Vogue too. I also thought that the June issue was just so darn dull that I went blank. But just to let you know that if you buy the French Vogue in your ipad then it is much cheaper than the air freight mags! xx


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