Monday, 19 May 2014

Architectural Digest May 2014

I was going to do a May issue but then the June issue came out the same day so I thought I would just do both for your viewing.

I gotta tell you that I am obsessed with trays.
Can't explain it but I am not sure if there is a branch of psychiatry that helps solves these riddles.
Half the inital joy of watching Downton Abbey was to see all those trays everywhere...

While I understand that not everyone will share my fetish for trays  I know some people who don't like pearls!
Some are rather superstitious about this precious object and wouldn't dare use it as an engagement ring.
This pearl necklace did rather well at auction by 25 the estimate!

I don't understand Jeff Koons but that didn't stop him for selling this egg for 20 million dollars.
Imagine how much the omelette would have been?

I chose two homes that had some individual merit and history and wasn't designed by one of the brand name interior super stars.

I love the picture of this gate - 
reminds us how lucky we are to have a tour of a location that would have been mostly viewed from outside the gates.

I was surprised at the very pastel and pristine palette.
It is like a doll's house on steroids.

While the kitchen is lovely I do feel that the  mood and decor of the area looks like an ad for a home for sale in the home counties. 
 I think most British readers might concur. 

I love the bedroom. 
So restful and yet entertaining to the eye.

I wanted wallpaper in my bathroom as well and would only work if you didn't install a shower like below.

Well this is a home that is very much a remnant of the Grand Tour when English gentleman would tour Italy.
It is owned by an English musician as pointed out but he is also known as the 7th Earl of Durham.

 I don't have strong opinions of gardens as I like them all.
However, I absolutely adore cypress trees in Italy.
I think those trees dotted around Rome account for 5% of the charm of that city.

While I know that 99% of the population purchase IKEA, I would have thought that the editorial team would have offered information about the cushion fabrics or figurines on the consoles instead of telling us the source of the jute rug which is essentially a jute rug...

My initial reaction to the dining room is why one earth one would eat inside with gardens they have!

While the top two bedrooms are grand and traditional to the region, this bed in the library just seems like an after thought and a last minute solution to gate crashing weekend guests.

There is something about that kitchen that evokes such a convivial atmosphere that is crying out for a cooking show to be filmed in!

As I am publishing both May and June issues of Architectural Digest at once all comments will be turned on only for the June post.

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