Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Architectural Digest June 2014

Yes, I know.
Nothing for a while then like buses two come at once.
But I didn't want the May issue go to waste so it's there
 if you feel like it.

Those of you who are on Pinterest know that I love leopard.
But I don't know if I love it enough to spend $902,000 on this chair.
I reckon I could buy a patch of land and raise a couple of 
live leopards for that amount.
Hasn't Art Deco and mid century furniture just shot up in value more than the homes it furnishes?

Another case in point is below.
Mind you with names like Gio Ponti and Fornasetti this dining suite was bound to go for more than estimate.
I do wonder how much more it would have gone for it the color was more neutral.

I only added some tips about outdoor living for those of you who are lucky to live in applicable climes.

I loved Beaches and that hit song of her involving wings. 
Apparently so did the rest of the world because check out her house in New York?

The interiors look like any other well furnished and luxury apartment in Manhattan.
Nice color palette, a few antique and vintage pieces...

The bed and decor seems out of sync with the rest of the house but sometimes you don't want a bed too decorated and stimulating.  
It does seem like it is a genuine place of rest.

I love Asian bathtubs.
In fact, I like them so much that I had one similar in the house 
I lived in before getting married.
However, if you have any ideas about getting one then please keep in mind that it is meant for soaking only.
Those tubs are designed for people who have already washed and just want to rest.
Not practical for western bathing rituals.

Looks like a library that gets proper use.

Then there is this view of the reservoir in Central Park!
Yes the view is nice enough but living in such a crowded city the open air and unobstructed vista is such a relief.

Odd to see bare floor not cramped with furniture near the staircase.
Real estate square footage being unused is so rare.

Now the flat shows that it is truly special.
Looking at this dining area I would never have thought it was in Manhattan as it is so airy.

The only giveaway you are in the city is the tops of buildings peeking out below.

I always said that I ticked the New York box and while I love to visit I don't think I would live there again but if Bette Midler needs a house-sitter then I would change my mind.

There were a lot of editorials but I chose this casually elegant American style decor by the designer Steven Gambrel.

I love how Americans design their living and sitting rooms in a way that makes you want to sit and chat with a cuppa.

I also had to include what was touted as never before seen photographs from some of the homes of the late philanthropist Bunny Mellon.

I have fallen in love with this latticed vestibule and all those baskets!

I just fell in love with this peaceful nook with that stunning art collection above.
I could imagine sipping tea and unwinding.
Isn't that what a space should do at the end of the day?

What a library!
My local library is about the same size.

Hope you enjoyed browsing the pictures and I plan on pinning some images that didn't make it to the post on my Architectural Digest Pinterest board.


  1. Yes Mad Men has really injected a lot more dollar signs in front of anything that is remotely mid-century. And yes I love that leopard chair but thing you could haul a similar chair home from Portobello market and get it covered, just trying to think - any fabric stores near you? Re the Mad Men thing, we bought a green chair, the white one was featured in Roger's office in Mad Men (against the dotty wallpaper) and then they started selling it for six times the price we bought it for!!!

    1. I think it is the media and movies playing a big role too! Plus I think the real antique stuff doesn't even fit into most doors so it isn't even practical. I have seen some Victorian stuff at cheaper stuff than IKEA for that very reason. I wish I had the foresight to buy up all those 60's Danish things before they became so trendy!!

  2. Replies
    1. That bathtub is nice but has to be part of a whole onsen ritual otherwise you end up with dry knees!

  3. I liked this issue so much better. Simpler. Still trying to wrap my head around the 62.5" diameter egg. Never been to IKEA...we just have Walmart and The Brown Squirrel (I know, but that's what they named it).

    1. I can't believe you haven't been to ikea!! Just you and queen Elizabeth!!;)

  4. I managed to read this yesterday, so we're in synch. I really liked this issue - Bette's house was so nice. It really didn't seem New York at all with the planting, I would live there in a flash (Obviously). I thought it funny she said they hesitated at buying a painting because it was so expensive. And I LOVED seeing Bunny's house. Divine. She could do no wrong. Everytime I think I'm going to cancel my subscription, they pull out a good issue and I relent. Remember the Horror that was Will and Jada Pinket- Smith's house? It even made the cover. I still can't get over it....

    1. I feel the same way about AD! That issue is the kk equivalent for AD... But bunny was fab and she is a great American benchmark I enjoy so much. But Bette has some fabulous real estate and it's funny bc it might sound odd but the house doesn't match my imagined persona of her. Does that make sense? Xx

  5. A lot to like in this issue-the outdoor spaces are lovely. Our outdoor furniture includes three chairs and a firepit. Outdoor kitchen would be nice but that kind of hardware would never survive our winters. We just get up and walk inside for our drinks, like peasants..
    Love so much of Ms Midlers apt. The kitchen especially looks like its in the suburbs. Best of both worlds as I am one of those people that would live in NYC, at least part of the year.

  6. ps: I laughed out loud at the leopard comment. Startled the dogs

    1. My outdoor area even if it were big wouldn't allow too much entertaining due to the weather! I must say that her penthouse flat is the homies tone I've seen so must give her credit. I still like ny but as I get older I like secondary cities and dream of charleston and New Orleans.

  7. Love that chair but the prices are so crazy. Bette's house is divine (but of course!) Thanks for the summary and excellent commentary as always!

    1. And in the May issue: those pearls!!! Adore.

  8. thank you for your lovely comment! I'm excited to start my blog again!


  9. I could live in New York again if I had a view like that.

  10. If you need some assistance for house sitting, let me know...


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