Friday, 14 December 2012

To Vitamin C or not to C

There always seems to be a buzzword every year that sets a trend for women of all ages. Lately, anything with Vitamin C is grabbing the headlines of beauty lotions.

It is one of the most recognizable vitamins the public know of but it is known for fighting infection and boosting your immune system. 

So what does it actually mean for skin?

It is an antioxidant. This means it neutralizes oxidants that come into contact with skin.

The classic example is an apple cut in half left on the kitchen counter.  After a few minutes, it will turn brown. To prevent discoloration, one can squeeze vitamin c in the form of lemon juice and it will stave off discoloration.  I cut an apple in half and squeezed lemon juice on one half and left the other one.  I let the apples sit on the kitchen counter for 24 hours.  I think you will be able to guess which half had lemon juice on it.

Do not start squeezing lemon juice on your face because the vitamin c has to be in a stable form to be soluble and absorbed into the epidermis.  If you think of doing this, you will only increase photo-sensitivity! This means that you will increase sensitivity to the sun and you might get a rash, hives,or sun spots.

This is why sometimes you will feel a slight sting or a tingling on your skin when applied.

Remember that either way you should be extra vigilant with sunscreen because of the increased photo-sensitivity.

There are various serums in different cocktails mixed with other vitamins and natural active ingredients that cost varying from single digit price points to three figures.  You have to remember that if you buy a high street version, it might take longer to see the benefits because the active ingredient is not concentrated.

Here are my favorites...,default,pd.html

But remember that vitamin c tablets taken daily are a great beauty tip.  It is well known for fighting colds but it is essential for collagen production which are the equivalent of the coils in your mattress and will support your skin from the base.  All the vitamin c serums would be useless if you weren't taking enough vitamin c internally!

Orange juice anyone? 

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