Friday, 28 December 2012

Beds in "bedrooms" is so last millenium

I am such a water baby, I could easily sleep here but are those side lamps really necessary?

Hey Swamp boys, Miss Havisham wants her bed back!
If Ikea made outdoor beds.
Swinging in bed taking on a wholesome dimension.

I got shipwrecked and then I thought that back home in California, this view would be beyond my budget so I'm staying.

This could make me go camping.
Reform boarding school for agoraphobic delinquents.  If you pass, you get - see below.
Congratulations - you have passed your exams. Upgrade...
OMG, I had this dream that I was sleeping on the edge of a cliff...Haaang on a minute.

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  1. Woah I absolutely love the bedroom in the middle of a Pool! Such a cool idea.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I haven't noticed these colours from Chanel having that fish scale feeling, they feel very creamy when I rub my lips together. Perhaps mine don't have as much sparkle as the ones you have though =)I'll have to try them out with more glitter and notice!


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