Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Best of British - Jubilee products.

Besides the Queen, dependable breakfasts, and the guarantee of a cold winter, the U.K. is rather modest about its beauty industry.  
We hear endlessly about great finds in Australia and France - don't worry, I will get to those but Great Britain has its own products that tourists make sure they go to the high street for.

Here are my faves!

Espa pink mud

This is one of my theoretical desert island essentials. This makes the hair so lustrous that the next day after using it, I have my great hair day without having to go to the hairdressers.  It is also doubles up as a skin mask.  The mud remineralises and cleanses while the apricot kernel oil nourishes and this makes a perfect marriage.  I have been using this since the mid nineties when it had just a small concession in Harvey Nichols.

Boots Soltan Once Invisible sunscreen

This range is dependable and consistent.  It has five stars, the highest possible in the sunscreen range.

It is both protected against UVA which is against wrinkling due to the sun and UVB which is the rays that actually burn the skin.  You spray it once and it is easily rubbed in and doesn't leave a sticky uncomfortable film that five sunscreens a bad name.  A must, not just in the summer but for those serious in the fight against sun damage - all year round.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating night cream

This is sublime.  Moisturizing, light, soothing and a great mix of aromatherapy and medical ingredients.  I tend to buy night creams and just look at them guiltily because I can't bear the floppy feeling but this just sinks in!

Allergenics non steroidal cream

I found this as I had a patch of eczema and wanted an allergy tested and preservative free moisturize. When I looked at the ingredients, I realized it is something I would cook up if I were devising my own cosmetic range. This also serves as a great base to customizing your own moisturizer.  I sometimes add a little lavender essential oil or frankincense to jazz it up a bit.  A staple in your cabinet.

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